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Generation VI Pokémon Fan Club Empty Generation VI Pokémon Fan Club

on November 23rd 2014, 3:10 pm
Which Pokémon do you like to train in the 3DS Pokémon adventures? Post them here so others can share theirs too. Share the achievements you and your Pokémon have made. But remember: if someone brags, brag right back! Pikachu

In Pokémon X, I started my journey with a Froakie which I named Foamy. Together with Scaly the Bulbasaur and Phoenix the Fletchling, they made up my core Pokémon party. In Central Kalos, I also befriended Sheen the Honedge and Fuzzy the Swirlix.

Then when I journeyed to Coastal Kalos, I caught Potassy the Hippopotas and Glowy the Ampharos; the fossil researcher even revived my Jaw Fossil into a Tyrunt, which I eventually named Baron.

Finally, in Mountain Kalos, I caught Popsicle the Bergmite and Turbo the Poliwhirl, rounding out my party prior to the Pokémon League.

When I became Champion, I decided to change my party around. I began by adding two new Pokémon to my party, Pincher the Scizor and Mahou the Abra. I then expanded to three separate parties by building up the Fossil Squad (eight different Pokémon revived from fossils or bred from fossil Pokémon) and Team E.V. (all eight evolutions of my favourite Pokémon, Eevee).

In Alpha Sapphire, I'm still working to build my party of Pokémon, though I currently have a core party of two: a Grovyle named Greenweald (GREN-weld) and a Sableye named Rogue. I also currently have two official Contest Pokémon: Thundermaw the Poochyena and Dustwing the Dustox. My Cosplay Pikachu is named Kisekae.

In both games, I have quite a number of Pokémon per party. Most people train no more than six at a time, but I'm content in training many. How can I choose a mere few when there are so many choices? Plus, it's handy training the right Pokémon for each situation. Smile

Chromaicora Adventures - "It starts with a Zed..."

What happens when you take an animé series written by some random dude from Down Underland and abridge the Brocc out of it until it's a hilarious, muddvak cheesy, spoiler-fuelled self-parody that puts even the Butt Mode Super-Shorts to shame?

Well, you get... whatever the Brocc this mess calls itself... Generation VI Pokémon Fan Club 1625187496

Crystals of Silveria Abridged
: Now "broadcasting in syndication" right here on WiiWareWave! Generation VI Pokémon Fan Club 631737971

The writer takes no responsibility for any split sides, tear shortages and lack of walls of the fourth kind. Seriously, the entire thing is one giant SPOILER WARNING, so click the above link with caution. Razz
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