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Crystals of Silveria Webisodes - By GamerZack7 Empty Crystals of Silveria Webisodes - By GamerZack7

July 17th 2014, 3:34 pm
Yep, Crystals of Silveria is getting its own webisode series. The purpose of these short episodes is to detail what some of the major recurring characters get up to either during the events of an episode, between episodes, or just replaying scenes from a different perspective. The first such webisode will detail what Thobrun did during the events of "Bright Lights, Big Citadel", in which he only appeared at the end. Other episodes will detail many things, important little nuggets of viewing which aren't necessary to read but help to expand the content in the series, and provide additional reading between episodes. So, without further ado, here is the first webisode! Smile


Webisode 1: Tales from the Bottom of a Meady Mug

In this webisode, Thobrun recounts one of his party's greatest moments while downing a mug of his favourite mead. A "crowd" of people gathers around to hear the tale of this Goldwaldunian paladin.


Thobrun sits at a table in a tavern, his mug half-filled with dwarven honey mead. Two people, who appear to be a female human warrior and a male human hunter, stand from their table and approach the dwarven paladin.

Warrior: Oi-oi! My mate 'ere says you felled an alpha arbour beast without breaking a sweat.

Thobrun: Ah, tha' takes me back. Sit doon, lass, and I'll tell ye a tale.

The warrior chuckles.

Warrior: Oh, this oughta be good!

The warrior and hunter take a seat as Thobrun swallows some mead.

Thobrun: So there I was, a young dwarf, just turned 45, an' I-

Warrior: Whoa, back up. "45"? Isn't that middle-aged?

Thobrun: Ah, ye haven't met many dwarves, have ye?

Warrior: Well...not really, no.

Thobrun: A dwarf male reaches maturity at 45. It's the equivalent of a human reaching maturity at 17*.

*Note: In Ornoposia, humans are considered young adults at age 17, and full adults at age 20.

Warrior: Oh, I didn't know that. Please, continue.

Thobrun: Thank ye. Anyway...


We cut to a scene featuring a "young" Thobrun, who is only a few years younger than he is today, and thus looks virtually the same apart from his beard being a faint stubble growth.

Thobrun: I was off exploring the local area, when I happened upon five individuals, each a member of a different race. They seemed ta be looking fer someone, so, naturally, I decided ta help 'em.

Young Thobrun: Mornin' ta ye.

Elf: Good morning. My name is Amethyst Moondew, and these are my companions Mak and Emily-

Mak: Hey.

Emily: Good morning, sir.

Amethyst: -my friend Alekzander Stormshroud, and his apprentice, Kendall Silvertooth.

Alekzander: Greetings.

Kendall: Does anybody else smell honey?

Young Thobrun: I drank a mug of my favourite mead last night...your nose is sharp, lad!


We cut back to the tavern.

Warrior: Whoa, back up...how can she have two companions, a friend and her friend's apprentice with her without them all being her companions?

Thobrun: Well...it's complicated. Anyhoo...

Warrior: But-


Thobrun: It seemed that they were seeking somebody they called the "Tawny Crystalbound". I didnae know anybody by that name, but I agreed ta help them.

Young Thobrun: I'll help ye find them.

Mak: We didn't ask for your-

Young Thobrun: Say nothing of it! The Paladin's Code decrees that I help anyone in need!

Mak: But we don't need your-

Young Thobrun: And Alistair Goodheart himself declared that nae dwarf, young or old, should even contemplate ditching anyone who needs assistance!

Mak: Are you even listening to me?! We. Don't. Need. Your-

Young Thobrun: Therefore, I swear by my oath that I will nae rest until I find-

Suddenly, a gigantic beast crashes from the trees, sending wood splintering in many directions.

Young Thobrun: -the biggest arbour beast I've ever seen in my 35 years!


Warrior: Whoa, whoa, whoa. 35? I thought you said you were 45!

Thobrun: Well, until I was 10 my brother made me believe I was a figment of my own imagination.

Warrior: This story is ridiculous...go on.

Thobrun: As ye say. So there we were...


Thobrun: ...facing a monster of a dilemma.

Kendall approaches the arbour beast.

Alek: Kendall! What are you doing?!

Kendall: I studied arbour beasts. The bark of a wolf is enough to scare them away.

Kendall "barks" viciously at the creature, which lets out a bellowing roar. Kendall screams and runs back to the group.

Mak: I know about arbour beasts too, but from experience. Wolf barks don't work on an alpha, the leader of its herd. Plus, you're not a wolf. You're part-werewolf.


Warrior: This "Mak" sounds like a bully...and so hunky. Rawf!

Thobrun: Well, he is an orcborn.

Warrior: Figures...

Thobrun: So anyway...


Thobrun: I wasn't gonna let a kid like Kendall get bullied by a monster like that. So I did what I always do with nasty beasts.

Warrior: Slayed it and ripped out its heart?

Thobrun: What?! Nae, of course not!

Warrior: Oh, right. Paladin.

Young Thobrun approaches the beast and points at it. His voice raises to a bellow.

Young Thobrun: NAE! BAD BEAST! BAD!

The arbour beast whimpers and snivels.

Young Thobrun: Now GO HOME! AWAY WITH YE!

The arbour beast slowly turns around and walks into the forest. The others are dumbfounded, a surprised look on their face. Young Thobrun turns to face them, a smile on his face.

Young Thobrun: Never underestimate the power of the spoken word!


We cut back to the tavern. A crowd of at least 20 people have gathered around to hear Thobrun's story.

Thobrun: And so I said, "Never underestimate the power of the spoken word!"

Warrior: I know. You just said that.

Thobrun: Did I? Oh well. Anyway, they made me a member of the group, and I became the Tawny Crystalbound.

Warrior: You're a Crystalbound?!

Thobrun: Yes. I mentioned at the start of the tale that they, the Crystalbound, were looking for their next member.

Warrior: You didn't say they were the Crystalbound.

Thobrun: Well, not all of them. So, that's my tale.

Thobrun looks over at a man at a table, drinking a mug of water. A blue nanodragon is perched on his shoulder.

Thobrun: That man looks vaguely familiar. Oh well.

Thobrun finishes his mead and stands.

Thobrun: Well, I best be heading ta bed.

Warrior: It's 1 in the afternoon.

Thobrun: Did I say "bed"? I meant...uh...I have some "business" ta sort oot. He he...

Thobrun walks away. The warrior faces the hunter.

Warrior: That man spins quite a yarn, doesn't he?

Hunter: Agreed.

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Crystals of Silveria Webisodes - By GamerZack7 Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Webisodes - By GamerZack7

August 9th 2014, 2:47 am
Webisode 2: Lillian's Breakout Success

Jail time just won't cut it for Lillian. So what if he tried to take over a school? So what if he framed his identical twin brother? He has places to be, and no magic-deflecting prison cell is going to stop him!


Two guards escort Lillian through a dark hallway.

Lillian: You know, this really isn't necessary. Why don't I just apologise, and we can call this whole thing even?

Guard #1: Nice try, pal.

Guard #2: Your hearing's not till next Ki-day, so you may as well get comfy in your cell.

The first guard notices a bottle of purplish liquid attached to Lillian's belt and snatches it.

Guard #1: Well, well, what have we here? A bottle of Granrelmian Finest, if I'm not mistaken.

Lillian: If you say so.

The group reaches the cell door. The first guard unlocks it and shoves Lillian inside, then locks the door.

Lillian: You think you can keep me in here?

Guard #2: Uh...yeah. I have the key, and you don't.

Lillian: You will regret this.

Lillian pulls out his wand and points it at the guards.

Lillian: "Sleep!"

A pulse of dark blue energy flies from the wand towards the guards. It bounces off the bars and strikes Lillian, who slumps to the floor unconscious.

Guard #2: Fool! It's a magic-proof cell. Honestly, mages these days must be so dumb. I'm glad I chose to be a guard!

Guard #1: Okay, it's time for you to clock-off.

Guard #2: Oh yeah, my shift's over. I'll be back at midnight to take over guard duty.

The guard looks over at Lillian.

Guard #2: Hopefully this guy's still snoozing when I return.

The second guard walks back down the hallway. Lillian opens one eye and watches the guard walk away. The first guard catches a glimpse of Lillian's open eye and looks at him, but Lillian shuts it before the guard can see properly. The guard sits down on a chair next to the cell, placing the bottle on a small table. The guard twiddles his fingers and looks at the bottle.

Guard #1: I probably shouldn't. I am on duty, after all. But I am thirsty, and I forgot to bring a jug of water...and a cup.

The guard grabs the bottle, pulls out the stopper and guzzles the lot. He places the empty bottle and stopper on the table.

Guard #1: *BURP* That was the worst-tasting Granrelmian Finest I've ever had! Oh dear, I think I feel a bit...woozy.


The guard sleeps deeply in the chair. Lillian opens his eyes, stands up and summons his familiar, a bronze nanodragon. The familiar sneaks over to the keys and carefully snatches them, taking them back to the cell. It drops the keys into Lillian’s open hand.

Lillian: Thank you, incompetent guard, for this wonderful gift.

A cruel smile spreads across Lillian’s face. Lillian unlocks the gate and opens it. He walks over to the guard and picks up the bottle, examining it carefully.

Lillian: Well now, you consumed an entire bottle of sleeping draught. I would say you'll sleep for...about two days. Plenty of time to make my escape.

Lillian begins casually walking down the hallway. Just as he reaches the wooden door, the handle turns. Lillian rushes around a nearby corner, hiding in an alcove. The door opens, and the second guard enters, closing the door behind him.

Guard #2: I was just wondering if you want something to eat before I go. It'll be a long shift. Hello? You there?

The guard begins walking down the hallway. Lillian swiftly comes up behind the guard and wraps his left arm around the guard's upper body and arms, forcing a rag over the guard's face with his right hand. The guard moans and struggles.

Lillian: Try to relax. I have no desire to harm you in any way. I just want to be free.

The guard stops struggling as he slips into a deep slumber. Lillian places the rag into his pocket.

Lillian: It's a good thing I always carry a backup sleep solution.

Lillian begins dragging the guard up the hallway by his underarms.


Lillian positions the guards into a comfortable seating arrangement within the cell. He dampens the rag with more sleeping draught and ties it around the second guard's nose and mouth.

Lillian: We can't have you waking up and catching me before I leave, now, can we? Not to worry, I'm sure the next shift-workers will find you in the morning and allow you to awaken.

Lillian walks out of the cell and closes the gate, locking it with the key. He places the key on the table.

Lillian: Until then, sweet dreams.

Lillian casually walks out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Lillian: And as for you, brother...I'll be seeing you later.

Lillian smiles cruelly again as he walks away from the jail, the sky partly illuminated by a half-moon.

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