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Splashing Onto The Wii U eshop!

 photo f442e115fd8b9d6b05d8f70ca0184624_large_zpsc1b37088.gif

Alonso Martin's upcoming indie title Heart Forth Alicia has managed to reach its Wii U stretch goal today, meaning that the game will definitely release on the Wii U eshop! The 3DS eshop version's stretch goal might not be reached as the game's campaign is only at $204,000 of the $245,000 of funding needed to make the 3DS version a reality at the time that this article was written.

Heart Forth Alicia is a Metroidvania platformer with strong RPG elements. This game looks to be one of the most polished Kickstarter games that we've seen in recent memory! Checkout the video below for some footage of the game!

Official Kickstarter Trailer:

Current Status of The Campaign:

Will you be backing this campaign or have you already backed it? Also do you plan on supporting Heart Forth Alecia by downloading it once the game releases on the eshop? Let us know in our comments!

Kickstarter: Heart Forth Alicia Reaches Its Wii U Stretch Goal And Will Be Headed To The Wii U eshop! Rukiafan7
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I didn't back this game, but it looks awesome! Very Happy
Even Megatron would approve of this game!  Megatron Happy 
This game looks so beautiful! I love you
I love the art direction and the gameplay looks so fun! I love you
Any plans for a release in EU?
I hope game release in Japan! Smile
And people say that no more third party games are coming to the Wii U. Razz
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