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Hopefully you didn't blink

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Late last night at around 9:00 PM PST/12:00 AM EST many Wii U owners were undoubtedly surprised to see that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD was only $29.99 on the eshop in a unannounced sale. However the sale only lasted for less than three hours and the lack of an announcement leads us to believe that the sale was an error. As some of you might recall there was an accidental flash sale at the European Nintendo website last year where customers were briefly able to purchase first party Nintendo games for more than two thirds off the retail price from the official NoE store.

Did you take advantage of the brief discount? Please leave a comment below.

I'll be king of the pirates! ~Monkey D Luffy~

eshop: Surprise Wind Waker HD Sale Briefly Graced The Wii U eshop in NA On 4/05/14 Opb10
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I got the game at the $20 discount. I'm glad I happened to be shopping at the eshop when the game was $20 cheaper! Wink

edit: lol stupid spell-checker. lol!

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I own the Wind Waker HD WiiU bundle, so I already have the game.
Golden Freiza
I would have jumped at the opportunity to download the game for 30 bucks!
I had the game already, but I did see that the game was discounted.
I was shocked when I saw that a first party game was discounted tbh.
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