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The Joker Gets The Last Laugh!

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Those of you who own a Wii U and purchased the season pass for Batman: Arkham Origins will be disappointed to hear that the new campaign DLC has been cancelled by Warner Bros. Games supposedly due to the poor install base of the Wii U console. Nintendo has quickly acted to reimberse everyone who purchased the season pass by refunding the $19.99 plus tax as eshop credit!

While this news is unfortunate, at least nobody is out $20 due to the cancellation of the DLC. How do you feel about the loss of the expected DLC for the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins? Let us know in our comments!

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Has Been Cancelled On The Wii U. Rukiafan7
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Bull$#!%. I friggin Pissed.

Edited by an admin for the reason: Please don't use the four letter s profanity or F bombs we have many young members and viewers. Wink ~Rukiafan~
@KingreX32 Dude be careful what you say, we have young kids who view these pages, I'm pretty lenient, but the S bombs and F bombs are a no-no. Neutral
I'm PO'd this is like a blow to the face of Wii U owners.
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