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Written by KingreX32

“Project Cars Will Showcase the hidden power of the WiiU” ProjectCarsWiiU_zps6ad0376b

In a time where major games constantly skip the WiiU one developer stands out from the rest. Slightly Mad Studios gorgeous looking game Project Cars has made Gaming news headlines for its amazing attention to detail and focus on realistic graphics and gameplay. Many Nintendo Fans were shocked when they heard the the game was also coming to WiiU. In an interview with Revogames back in April Creative Director Andy Tudor stated that all versions of the game were being made at the same time (no ports), and that “the WiiU version is not the worst one”.

It’s January 2014 and gain Mr. Tudor is answering fans questions about the game. In an interview with Gaming Bolt when asked if the WiiU’s lesser specs would go against Project Cars main selling point (graphics) he had this to say…….

“No, if anything I think it’ll showcase the hidden power that the WiiU has. There’s no equivalent of Project CARS on WiiU, yet we hear the shouts from Nintendo fans loud and clear that they can’t wait to get their hands on this kind of experience so we hope to make them proud with the quality of the visuals.”

As much as this is good to hear, let’s not forget that we have heard this same statement before from another developer whose game ultimately didn’t even come to the console.  Nonetheless Project Cars is a Great looking game and Mr. Tudor has reassured us that the WiiU version will take advantage of the consoles unique controller giving us Nintendo gamers a different experience than the other consoles.

Project cars will be released Q4 2014 on WiiU, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.



Nintendo Network ID: KingreX32


“Project Cars Will Showcase the hidden power of the WiiU” Captaincanucksigcopy
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The graphics of Project Cars look so beautiful! I love you
One of the few games that has me interested in buying a WiiU.
This'll be the closest thing to Forza and Gran Turismo that Wii U owners will be able to get so heck yeah I'm looking forward to this game Very Happy
This is a racing Sim though. I usually suck at those. But i will suck it up for this games sake.
I just hope the Wii U port doesn't get cancelled at the last minute.
indeed, like another game whos title i will not mention. Actually two games whos titles I wont mention.
This game looks so good! Smile
I already pre ordered this game to show my support! Very Happy
This is my most anticipated game believe it or not! I love sim racing and don't own a sony system anymore. Visuals aren't everything though as i hope the whole package comes together nicely! Really wish Wii U had an analog button!
ToughGamer wrote:I just hope the Wii U port doesn't get cancelled at the last minute.

Love that avatar! That's in my top 5 anime of all time!

I just can't believe that this is an indie game!
It looks so high-end. Smile
Sonic The Hodgepodge
January 23rd 2014, 2:52 pmSonic The Hodgepodge
This game was actually the reason why I upgraded to Wii U!
Project Cars looks better than the recent Gran Turismo and Forza games! Very Happy
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