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Unofficial Atlus Fan Club Empty Unofficial Atlus Fan Club

on July 27th 2013, 3:55 pm
Atlus fans unite! To discuss the latest Atlus games you've been playing, or chat about some of your favorite game's developed by Atlus.

I'm currently playing through Shin Megami Tensei IV, but Devil Summoner: Devil Survivor (DS), Orge Battle 64: Person of Lordily Caliber (Wii VC) were the first two Atlus games I've owned. SMTIV has to be my favorite of the three, so far. If you're also playing SMTIV, I'd like to discuss strategies and such. I've been taking the game very slowly, and haven't even defeated Orthrus yet. I've been building my party with the available demons from the first & second stratum of Naraku, leveling them up and fusing them together until I get a demon with resistance to fire. I also just purchased my MC armor with resistance to fire, and he's at about level 10 now. So I should be just about ready to do battle, once I finish leveling up another demon I want to fuse. Does anybody here at WiiWareWave know what level a demon (if applicable) needs to be before their skill's have the ability to be enhanced?

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