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Your Life Story (do not read if you think this is "too" personal.) Empty Your Life Story (do not read if you think this is "too" personal.)

on April 22nd 2013, 1:38 pm
I was born in Savannah, Georgia USA, in 1992 October 5th. 10 pounds, and healthy as an ox, I did not Cry or anything when I was born, I just looked around the room. I have 2 sisters, one brother. and both my parents were there for me. I remember the late afternoons in the low class part of town, but we where happy, be could pay our bills and eat till our hearts contend.

I started school when I was 6,the recruitment for the state was that I had to start at 5 years but I have a late birthday, so I had to wit a year. I was always teachers "Pet" but I did not tell on anyone or what ever. One time, when I was in 2nd grade I got beat up by a 5th grade kid just because I stood up for myself and my friend, because he was making fun of us. When I turned 8 when my father got a better job, that way we would have a little more money, but we had to move out of town. I was in 3rd grade at the time, I had 3 different teachers that year because we moved a couple times, the last one was a bit of a Kind Person to me, I don't know why really. Oh and I got my First Gaming Console Very Happy 1 Sega Genesis 16-bit with Phantasy Star III, Sonic the Hedgehog, Asterix and the Great Rescue, and kid chameleon!

When I finished that year of school, my parents decided to home school me via internet, we had the lovely Dial-up I love you and a computer that did not even have 1GB of ram and no virus protection. I did a year of school using a online program, but come to find out the school went under and I missed a whole year of school before we could find another home school program. I started getting good at using computers, since I had to fix my computer every week :S .

I started the new school year with a new program. A few years later,when I was 11, I got my first Guitar, it was borrowed from my grandfather, he was teaching my sister how to play, but she gave up on it, and i started playing it. I started getting taste in music...even though my parents both where into listing to music all the time. Music started becoming part of me, I learn how to play guitar by myself with some help, cords,riffs,all self taught. Arpeggios... well I got a book for that Razz but never got any speed. I went into my teens,and allot of "teen" things came up. Music always helped when I could not get it from family.

and some stuff happend...
My mother started getting worried about be me, because she saw some signs of depressions with me,she decided to take me to someone to get it check it out. My Family has history of mental issues like depression, general anxiety, and many other mental illness. Well the doctor said I was having normal teenage depression, I believed him, but my mom did not, long story short we went to many doctors, and I was told I got Generalized anxiety disorder, along with Agoraphobia, Anthropophobia. Wow, I actually spelled those words right xD.

Anyway I finished school at 17, got a job working for Gulf-stream Aerospace a friend of my father got me the job, rent a house at 18, got fired 5 months ago,had to move back in with my parents, got a job working at a shipping dock. Very Happy

Oh and I made allot of new friends via internet over the past month, they are super Very Happy

Your Life Story (do not read if you think this is "too" personal.) Empty Re: Your Life Story (do not read if you think this is "too" personal.)

on April 22nd 2013, 7:28 pm
Your Life Story (do not read if you think this is "too" personal.) 631737971 nothing but Bleep! victory
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