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The Land Down Under Is Left Out Again.

Australia Is Not Getting The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct! 650x_110

Activision is launching The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct on the Wii U next month in North America and Europe, but unfortunately fans of the hit TV series who happen to live in Austrailia will be missing out on this title.

Activision has confirmed this with Australian site Vooks after online listings for the game suddenly vanished.

"As with every game release, publishers decide which platforms to release based on customer demand. Unfortunately it wasn’t there for the Wii U SKU on The Walking Dead."

What are your thoughts about this game not being released in the land down under? Let us know in the comments below!


Australia Is Not Getting The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct! Rukiafan7
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If the demand really isn't there, it would appear as if those Australians don't know what they're missing out on. This game was awarded the GOTY award! And I love the show! But Netflix really needs to upload the third damn season already! Evil or Very Mad
The same thing happened with Aliens Colonial Marines for the WiiU, The Developers say its still coming to the console, but theres no trace of it on Gamestop or EB games websites. I dont understand.
this game looks like crap.
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