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Rayman Legends delays Wii U and goes multi platform 600866_501357419903315_1837308416_n
Dream getting a Wii U retail game this month, shattered.

Ubisoft makes an illogical decision by delaying Rayman Legends for the Wii U and releasing simultaneously on all current hardware platforms this September.

Releasing the once Wii U exclusive title Rayman Legends to Xbox 360 and PS3 is not the upsetting part. The most upsetting part that Ubisoft decides to postpone the already finish Wii U version. How is that good marketing wise for both Wii U and Ubisoft. For Wii U means another month drought for the system (please save use Zen Studios). For Ubisoft, by the time Rayman Legends finally release on Wii U, there will be true, more appealing, exclusive titles available for the system such as Wind Waker HD. Also, good luck selling a lot of units after the eventual announcements for the new Xbox and PlayStation console

I was considering getting Rayman Legends when it was suppose to release in just a few weeks. Sorry Ubisoft. Oh well, I'll just continue enjoying Fire Emblem Awakening.

Are you seriously upset about the Wii U delay for Rayman Legends.

Source: Rayman Facebook Page

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February 7th 2013, 1:26 pmKokorOtaku
I'm not a Rayman fan, but I was looking into ZombiU, but because of this it's a no show, I really wish Nintendo got all the multiplaform games instead of half baked ones and none at all. I'm interested in games like MG Rising, Anarcy Reigns, Lolipop Chainsaw, KH BBS, RE5 and 6, Bayonetta, and many more I wish we're on WiiU or 3DS
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