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Biorn the Viking
Biorn the Viking
Capcom's associate online/community specialist Yuri has confirmed that only the WiiU version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate can go online. 3DS on the other hand is limited to local multiplayer.

Capcom: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Online Play For WiiU, Not Nintendo 3DS Monster-Hunter-3-Ultimate

"Glad you're excited about the game! As for the online support, we've announced the Wii U can go online. 3DS has local multiplayer only. If that's something you really want to see happen, head on to the MH forums and start talking about it there - then I can bring it up the chain with some supporting evidence. =)"

Source: Click here

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Not gonna purchase this for the 3DS myself. I'll just wait for Monster Hunter 4. Which WILL hopefully possess online multiplayer features in the 3DS version. Come on, Nintendo! If I want cross-platform play, I want it for online multiplayer cross-platform connection as well. I hope when and if 007 Legends arrives on the 3DS it will possess online multiplayer & cross-platform connection features. A GoldenEye 007 game with 3D stereoscopic effects w/online cross-platform connection would be a must have game for me. God! I would be pleased to receive any 3D FPS title for the 3DS, as long as it possesses online multiplayer features, voice chat and is completely hacker-free. Which shouldn't be at all difficult for Nintendo, since the 3DS receives regular firmware updates.

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Are the sub species going to featured in the second Monster Hunter Tri game?
I'll go with the WiiU version. May pick up the 3DS version.. Maybe. Unless they have a special discount going on. Imagine getting 50% off of the 3DS version through the eShop if you bought the WiiU version. Madness!

Not going to happen though.

Oh, and I guess I was right about MHTri coming to America in another forum.
I'm going to camp out at my local gamestore to get the latest Monster Hunter game! Very Happy
I hope I can transfer my character and all items from Monster Hunter 3 to Monster Hunter 3U.
And I hope online is still free.

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