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WiiWareWave Trended For The First Time!

WiiWareWave Gets Noticed By Twitter Users! Wiiwarewavetwitter-1

WiiWareWave has finally been noticed by a large group of people as #WiiWareWave trended for a very brief period of time at Twitter yesterday! Another impressive fact is that during the roughly 30 minutes we were trending roughly 20,000 visitors came to WiiWareWave, although most of those only visited our portal before leaving, but some stayed around for over 2 hours based on our forum stats!

Let's hope that this will give us a large surge in members over the next few weeks and WiiWareWave can finally reach the point of activity and popularity that allows our website to sustain itself, so we can start focusing more on mass content and a little less on constantly advertising to keep WiiWareWave alive!

Remember to post about WiiWareWave and tell your friends about us on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and N4G, which we have accounts on!

WiiWareWave Gets Noticed By Twitter Users! Rukiafan7

Funniest WiiWareQuote of August 2020!

GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?
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RWBY Yellow = Yang
September 4th 2012, 12:36 pmRWBY Yellow = Yang
Thats awesome Very Happy
September 4th 2012, 3:00 pmTasuki
Congratulations!!! That is a big milestone there.
September 4th 2012, 3:46 pmGuest
This is such fantastic news that WiiWareWave is getting more popular! I love you
September 4th 2012, 4:56 pmKingreX32
this is great news. This is real great news. Im so happy for the site.
September 4th 2012, 5:15 pmKomicturtle
Wow, neat. After a year of being around, WiiWareWave is really picking up steam.
September 4th 2012, 7:31 pmFM_Alchemist
WiiWareWave is starting to create a ripple in the video game industry! victory
September 4th 2012, 7:34 pmNintendoPuristForever
Congratulations, Rukiafan! I hope things continue to pick up for your website. Wink
September 4th 2012, 8:55 pmTowafan7
Thanks Everyone. Wink
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