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How do you feelabout the human race? Empty How do you feelabout the human race?

on August 24th 2011, 11:48 am
Haven't made an interesting thread for a while so here is something at the top of my head.

Pretty straight forward question: how do you feel about humans in general?

how do we compare to other life on the planet?
are we good or bad? (sounds very childish I know but its not supposed to be!)
Does our impact on Earth show our true nature? (destruction)

One of my favourite quotes:
"Aren't we all part of the same disgusting species?"
what do you think about this quote?

^ just some things you can reflect on when answering my main question...

Your replys will help me write my college report on this stuff.

How do you feelabout the human race? Kero_s10
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