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Announcing... Empty Announcing...

December 29th 2020, 9:06 pm
Hi! Thanks to some Nintendo eShop credit I received as a gift, I was able to secure a copy of RPG Maker MV. Naturally, I’ve started crafting a brand-new adventure that is built around the concept of stories existing as fully-fledged worlds in their own right, and those who are able to visit these “tomes” in a literal capacity. victory

I’ll be using this space to document progress on development, and possibly drop a few breadcrumbs along the way... just don’t expect spoilers. Anyone who knows this author is also aware that I ain’t spoilin’ ANYTHIN’! Razz

—The Author—

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Announcing... Empty Re: Announcing...

January 12th 2021, 8:45 pm
And here is a list of the three “core” stories in the series (more details to follow soon):

Tomerydd: Episode Red
Tomerydd: Episode Green
Tomerydd: Episode Blue

The series itself is called “Tomerydd: The Spectral Tide”, and colour theory is the central focus as a result. What do you make of the title...? victory

Ready for new details on Zed's backstory? Origin of Zed: The Tenth Seed - Coming Soon!

What happens when you take an animé series written by some random dude from Down Underland and abridge the Brocc out of it until it's a hilarious, muddvak cheesy, spoiler-fuelled self-parody that puts even the Butt Mode Super-Shorts to shame?

Well, you get... whatever the Brocc this mess calls itself... Announcing... 1625187496

Crystals of Silveria Abridged
: Now "broadcasting in syndication" right here on WiiWareWave! Announcing... 631737971

The author takes no responsibility for any split sides, tear shortages and lack of walls of the fourth kind. Seriously, the entire thing is one giant SPOILER WARNING, so click the above link with caution. Razz
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