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Grood ps4 review

Ok so let’s start this review. So the game Grood is an indie 2.5D old school shooter sort of like the bullet hells type of games that camera goes in one direction, in this game you go to the right while enemies either run into you or shoot you with missiles, the graphics are modern low poly, particles and has some heavy metal music which I think goes well with the type of game it is. As you play you will go through different environments and different weathers even changes from day to night. In the game you are a little robot sort of looks like a flying tv with a machine gun, as you play you will get power ups and different guns, you also get a slow motion feature that you can activate after the bar fills up for shooting down enemies. After a certain time you fight a boss, however I haven’t been able to even get to the boss, im kinda bad at this game, but it works well, it even has local co-cop to play with a friend. The game seems to have different difficulties however I can’t seem to access them, there’s 3 options but all options just say hard mode, maybe in a future update they will fix that. The game also has a leader board if you into wanting to be number 1 in the world.


1. It’s a simple good shooter game

2. Has good heavy metal soundtrack

3. Has local co-cop


1. The difficulties are only hard mode ( maybe it will be fixed in future update)

2. The game pretty basic nothing to special, but if this doesn’t bother you then go for it.

As for the rating im gona give it a 3.5 out of 5 cause its not bad but its not that good either. If you like heavy metal music and old school shooters go for it. Its a good time killer at the very least
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