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The Attack of The Kongs!


Nintendo News: Castle Kong Releases on Nintendo Switch on July 4th! Image10

Publisher PR Hound has announced that the Donkey Kong inspired, Castle Kong will be releasing on Switch on July 4th! The game will feature four unique stages across dozens of levels with various differences between each level. There's also an ongoing contest for the PC version of the game!


Please visit http://www.drowningmonkeys.com/castle-kong-bounty for up to date Rules

Castle Kong will only become fully playable on June 5th. This is to keep people from practicing the later levels and winning on day 1


First to the kill screen: $5000* (Winner is only eligible for this prize)

Highest Score (other than the "Kill Screen" contestant): $1250

2nd Highest Score: $1000

3rd Highest Score: $500

4th-9th Highest Scores: $250

To enter and post your score


Nintendo News: Castle Kong Releases on Nintendo Switch on July 4th! Image_10

Anyways what do you think of this upcoming title? Will you enter the contest or will you pass or wait until the Switch version launches in July? As always be sure to leave us your comments below!


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Nintendo News: Castle Kong Releases on Nintendo Switch on July 4th! Rukiafan7

Funniest WiiWareQuote of August 2020!

GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?
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Wait...is this real? scratch

What in the name of 50m...? Is this one o' those "imaginative retellings" that pays tribute to gaming's finest installments? Well, it's about time someone showed Ol' Grandpappy CRANKY some love! Kudos to you, PR Hound, for respectin' yer elder primates, AND for coaxin' the younger genwinners to play with the promise of a cruel king's ransom. You have my respect! Mad

('Cept for one "pro-gamo" tip: You'd "prob-a-lobz" win over more "playas" with the promise of a hoard of 5,000 blueberry muffins "lolmo"...did I "do leet" right? Leave a "subscribblenought" and post a "retweddit" if I did! ~Love, Cranky)
I love you
@GeekyGamerJack Indeed it IS real. Wink
This sounds pretty interesting. Smile
Aqua Cherry Blossom
That is a superb prize pool lol. Smile
What an odd aesthetic this Donkey Kong clone adopted. Laughing
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