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Hi there PlayStation gamers, it’s gamer Bre here with some big news for you! So, I know it’s been a bit since I’ve wrote to you guys, but this is worth it. I got for you the list of games coming to you via PlayStation plus for July 2017! That’s right new free games just for those of you that have PlayStation plus! The best part is there’s something for everyone from PS4 owners, to PS3 owners, and even a little something for PS Vita owners! So first on our list of games is PS4!

PS4 Games coming to PlayStation plus July 2017 include:
-Until Dawn (one of the best exclusive games released for PS4 yet)
-Game of Thrones (I can hear GOT fans screaming now!)
- That’s You (party game time!)
Oh, and a bonus is the Orcs Must Die Unchained Beta with $20 free in game content!!
You really got spoiled PS4 Gamers!

PS3 Games coming to PlayStation Plus July 2017:
-Tokyo Jungle (rogue like!)
- Darkstalkers Resurrection
Still pretty two awesome games!!

And lastly, we didn’t forget you PS Vita players:
-Don’t Die Mr. Robot by Element4l!

I think this goes without saying but if you haven’t got PlayStation plus yet I highly advise doing so! Until next time gamers, keep on gaming! Squirtle Snorlax Pikachu
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on July 8th 2017, 11:05 amTowafan7
@UnrealGamerGirl Don't Die Mr. Robot and Element4l are two games though! Suspect
on July 18th 2017, 11:51 amTowafan7
Anyways I downloaded all of the PS3 and Vita goodies! Wink
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