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Pac-Man Madness Is Coming To A PS4 Near You!


Hey there my PlayStation gamers, Bre here with another exciting update for you. This one hits close to the heart for me as it deals with one of my favorite games/game characters, none other than Pac-Man himself. Awhile back there was a game released called Pacman Championship it took the game of Pac-Man and upped it with headache inducing game play and bright lights to make an even more fun version for you and me to love.

Well they’re back and with a new version of our favorite fun loving game, called Pac-Man Championship 2 and it’s being released on the PlayStation 4! So for those of you lucky enough to own one, you have a new game to look out for in September. And If you don’t, no worries I’m sure that someday we can all have the chance to experience this game.

Source: Pushsquare.


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on July 26th 2016, 11:53 amTowafan7
@unrealgamergirl The article is now live. Wink
on July 27th 2016, 11:44 amDigiDestined
Yay! Pacman Championship Edition 2 might release on the Wii U as well! =)
on July 27th 2016, 2:40 pmTowafan7
I do like the first game, I wonder if anything has been added to the DX version on the PS3, PSN?
on July 27th 2016, 8:13 pmunrealgamergirl
Surprised @Digidestined YAY I can buy and play it then! Love the name btw!

@ichigofan I guess you'll have to wait and see.
on July 29th 2016, 6:48 pmClαππαd
This is wondrous news!
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