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Your 4K TV's Are Ready!


PSNEO: Devs and PS4K Timing 630x10

Hello my fellow PlayStation gamers, Bre here with some awesome new PlayStation news. The PS4K has been said to be coming to us soon via Sony, but what we have just been told is that soon developers will be able to submit their games to be onto the PS4K. In fact, we know from some leaked data that developers may be able to submit their games for the PS4K as soon as next month.

This came from the news that Sony gave us soon after the PS4 release that they were excited, and planned to release the PS4K soon after. The one thing we have not heard anything about though is the PlayStation VR which makes us wonder rather or not it will be a part of the new PS4K or not. Some fun facts I have managed to find about the PS4K is:

-It will be referred to as PS Neo or PS4.5

-It will cost around $399

-Sony is excited about the release, and withheld it from E3.

-There will be no PS4K exclusive games as far as we’ve found games will work both on the PS4 and the PS4K.

As for now, guess we’ll wait and see what the future holds for this system.

Sources: Digitalspy , Pushsquare.


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on July 18th 2016, 11:05 amTowafan7
Awesome article! Thanks for joining our team @unrealgamergirl. Wink
on July 18th 2016, 12:18 pmStaroceancrazy
Awesome job @unrealgamergirl! Very Happy
I can't wait for the #PS4K!
on July 19th 2016, 12:35 pmGekkouga-Senpai
I'll stick with my #PS4 since I don't have a 4K TV and there won't be any exclusives on the #PSNEO
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on July 20th 2016, 3:20 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
@Gekkouga-Senpai Likewise lol. Smile
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