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Pocket Keyboard!


Breaking News: Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Is Set To Hit The 3DS eShop On February 18th In North America! Check-11

According to a listing on Nintendo of America's website Abylight Games will be releasing a new music software app on the 3DS titled Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard. The software will allow players to compose and share their music via social media and Miiverse. Users will also be able to download songs from other players which is a fantastic feature! Here's an overview of the software:

Official Overview wrote:Share your musical genius using Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard!

Record the melody stuck in your head wherever you are and show it to the world, no limits with Miiverse™, Facebook and Twitter!

Listen and play the creations of Miko in Japan, John in Canada and Magnus in Europe... Everyone just a note away!

Both if you are an expert or the first time playing, Musicverse guides you easily through all the possibilities just at your fingertips in your Nintendo 3DS™.


◆ Store up to 128 creations.

◆ Share your music trough Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter.

◆ Import other user's music from Miiverse or QR Code patterns.

◆ Export your creations in AAC format to the SD card.

◆ Included video tutorials.

◆ Left handed mode.

◆ Chord scale visualization.

◆ Key zoom function.

◆ Real time quantization.

◆ Automatic accompaniment with 14 musical styles and 4 variations.

◆ 8 programmable chords.

◆ 32 instruments.

◆ Integrated sequencer with independent chord and melody tracks.

◆ Metronome.

What do you think of this upcoming app? Will you be downloading Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard when it launches on the 3DS eShop next week? Be sure to let us know in our comments section below!

Source: Nintendo.


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Breaking News: Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Is Set To Hit The 3DS eShop On February 18th In North America! Rukiafan7

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Himawari Chan
This sounds like a nice music app. Smile
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