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More Stability?


Nintendo Network: Extended Maintenance Set To Occur On January 11th. 630x10

Nintendo and scheduled maintenance occur quite frequently so normally when it is announced we don't think much of it, but next week's maintenance is slightly different. Normally the maintenance only lasts 1-5 hours, but next week some of Nintendo's online services will be down for 10+ hours.

The maintenance will last from Monday, January 11 at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern until Tuesday, January 12 at 3am Pacific / 6am Eastern.

For Europe the maintenance will last from Tuesday, 12 January at 1am UK / 2am CET to Tuesday, 12 January 11am UK / 12pm CET.

Do you think that it might have something to do with Nintendo's upcoming rewards service? We'd love to see your thoughts in our comments below!

Source: Nintendo Life.


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Ten hours?! I'd be very surprised if it turns out to be merely for stability reasons! Surprised
I hope its at bare minimum WiiWare on eShop finally
Minato wrote:I hope its at bare minimum WiiWare on eShop finally
That's almost exactly what I'd like, with just one major difference:

GeekyGamerZack wrote:I hope it's at bare minimum GCN on eShop finally. Happy
Something is clearly going to come of next week's maintenance. Smile
The maintenance times have changed, now the NNID features will be down for 13 hours on January 11th! Surprised
Okay, now I'm convinced something's up...
hmm... I hope VC crossbuy will happen this year, the diagram they showed back in Oct. hinted to that, it would be great if that came from this maintenance
@Ichigofan Th-thirteen hours of maintenance! Surprised
Yeah, I think something really big is on the way! Wink
The eshop was down for a short while this morning, but otherwise Nintendo's online components remained online during the entirety of the maintenance.
So nothing huge, then... Bored/What the...?
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