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The Future Is Fast!

In this Latest Developer Interview Ichigofan talks to Shin'en Multimedia about Fast Racing Neo.


Developer's Interview: Fast Racing Neo Discussion With Shin'en Games!  Dev%20Interview%20shinen_zpsfchpwbzl

How long did it take your team to develop Fast Racing Neo?

[Shinen]: We worked for three years on the game.

What challenges did you face when developing the game?

[Shinen]: There were many. First of all we had a lot of R&D how to get the look and feel of the game. Then getting all these visions into a solid 60fps game was very challenging.

Developer's Interview: Fast Racing Neo Discussion With Shin'en Games!  FRNS2_zpshcgqwdrx

What was your inspiration for creating the Fast Racing series?

[Shinen]: There have been a few other good scifi racers in the past. We tried to deliver with FRN a new experience that delivers something you didn't experienced with any game before. I think the impression of speed is where FRN really shines.

What does your team think of the Wii U console?

[Shinen]: It was really fun to develop FRN for the Wii U and the game is a perfect fit for its possibilities.

In some ways Fast Racing Neo looks better than many retail Wii U
titles! How long did it take your designers to make the visuals as
good as they are?

[Shinen]: Well, we worked everyday on the visuals and we would still continue if we had not decided to stop at one day. You know, you can always improve something.

Developer's Interview: Fast Racing Neo Discussion With Shin'en Games!  FRNS1_zpstdqt0jqi

Are there any plans for software updates or dlc for Fast Racing Neo?

[Shinen]: We are currently happy that we launched the game on the eShop. Now we have some holidays and lets see what happens in the the future.

What's next? If the game sells well could we, perhaps see one more
"swan song" title from your team on the Wii U eShop in the next few

[Shinen]: Never say never.

Thanks for answering our questions, hopefully we can do this again sometime!

[Shinen]: Thanks for asking!



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Developer's Interview: Fast Racing Neo Discussion With Shin'en Games!  Captaincanucksigcopy
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Awesome interview dino-milkdud Exclamation
It was actually Rukiafan that did the interview. I accidentally deleted the post though so I had to repost and reformat everything to get it back on the site.
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Nice interview. Smile
Awesome interview! Very Happy
Great feature! WiiWareWave needs more features like this one!
This was an excellent read @Ichigofan!
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