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We roadtest the newest title in the Wii U library

Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s11

After much anticipation, the superb Super Mario Maker is finally here, and it promises to be the ultimate Mario level-creation tool. In this exclusive feature, our very own GamerZack87 gets to learn the ropes of the software. Stay tuned to this thread as he updates with new screenshots and info throughout the day!

After a brief tutorial in how to build a basic course, I'm ready to try making a stage from scratch! With this blank canvas, I will...

Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s12

...assemble a course with a few nice surprises for the players. Aren't I nice?

Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s13

Ooh, I wonder what's in here...?

Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s14


Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s15

Run away! RUN AWAY!

Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s16

I think I'll name this course...

Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s17

I think what we can take away from this is:

A. I don't think I'll ever see mushrooms the same way again

B. Always expect the unexpected, especially in this game

C. Creating and saving stages is as easy as making a sandwich...mmm...

Feature: Super Mario Maker Day 1 Impressions Wiiu_s18

Stay tuned for further updates throughout the week!

Bowser's up to his old tricks, but this time the Toad Brigade has discovered his plot before he can fully implement it! Can Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Toadette stop the Koopa King's half-finished conquest?

Find out in Super Mario Mini DX, an all-new, volume based story built using Super Mario Maker 2!

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on September 12th 2015, 4:01 pmKokorOtaku
I've made a couple levels I'm proud of: Easy, Quick! Lava, and Tricky see if you can beat these
on September 13th 2015, 5:45 amGeekyGamerJack
I'm having so much fun making simple, short-but-sweet stages. Some of my highlights include One Lakitu After Another...; Bowser Jr's Bone-Dry Castle; and Spelunking with Yoshi. I'm putting a fair amount of work into making a series of themed "mini-adventures", each one with twelve stages spread across three worlds, which collectively form one large super-adventure containing 48+ stages! victory
on September 13th 2015, 5:46 pmTowafan7
Great article @GamerZack87! I look forward to your next Super Mario Maker feature. Wink
on September 13th 2015, 5:47 pmGeekyGamerJack
Thanks, @Ichigofan! victory
on September 14th 2015, 7:01 pmGekkouga-Senpai
Awesome feature! Very Happy
on September 14th 2015, 7:58 pmGeekyGamerJack
Thank you, @Pokefreak! Happy
on September 15th 2015, 4:10 pmKain
Nice feature @GamerZack87. Smile
on September 15th 2015, 4:34 pmGeekyGamerJack
Thanks, @Kain! Very Happy
on September 16th 2015, 2:06 amGeekyGamerJack
My first mini-adventure, which uses the Super Mario Bros. theme, is nearly complete! All I need to create is a Bowser's Castle stage, and then I can write an article showcasing each stage in the adventure. Let me know if that interests you! victory
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