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eShop: New Details Emerge Regarding Fast Racing NEO! Empty eShop: New Details Emerge Regarding Fast Racing NEO!

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Racing By Fast!

eShop: New Details Emerge Regarding Fast Racing NEO! Fast-r10

Nintendo World Report released a ton of new details of Fast Racing NEO when they recently previewed the game! Here's a list of the new details regarding the game:

Nintendo World Report wrote:~ Sunhara Plains is among the game’s courses ~

~ This level has flame torches everywhere and being hit by one of these is brutal ~

~ Daitoshi Station is another track, set in space ~

~ There is an open area where you have to fly between various asteroids and there is a very little room for error ~

~ At another point in that same course, asteroids are also trying to crush you and that stuns players ~

~ Storm Coast and Kamagori City are other new tracks ~

~ Storm Coast makes hefty use of the switching mechanics and took place in the pouring rain ~

~ Kamagori City is very short ~

~ Every lap here is over in roughly 35 seconds ~

~ Kamagori City has an old Nanostray boss in the background ~

~ Other references can be found in the final version ~

~ The stages shown so far aren’t how the final cups will be ~

~ The design is nearly done, but there will be a lot of internal testing before submitting the game for release ~

~ The full game will also feature a variety of modes including the Championships, Multi Player, Online Play and a harsher Hero Mode ~

~ No smaller challenge levels like the previous game, but there will be other options will keep players engaged ~

What do you think of the details that we currently know about this upcoming futuristic racing title?! Will you be downloading the game when it hits the Wii U eShop later this year? Let us know in our comments below!

Source: Nintendo Everything.

eShop: New Details Emerge Regarding Fast Racing NEO! Rukiafan7
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on August 12th 2015, 11:32 amClαππαd
Fast Racing NEO looks like it will be a very fun game, but I don't know if it will fill the void of F-Zero not being on Wii U.
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