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Feature: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: European Wii U eShop TOP 80  1OmuiK6

Do you think there are any essential, exceptionally fun titles missing?

Note that this is a list of games available in PAL regions (EU/AUS/NZ) so unfortunately no 1001 Spikes, A World of Keflings, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Ballpoint Universe Infinite, Lucadian Chronicles, etc.

If the picture doesn't show correctly on your browser here's the link:

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This has been turned into a new feature @SKTTR! I'd actually like to see you create more images like this with top lists for this new @SKTTR exclusive feature. Wink
Cool, I sent you another pic. Did you receive the Puzzle Monkeys review? Check your PM's! Mad


EDIT: Oh, nevermind. I see you're adding it right now Smile
I spy five games at the top of my list of most wanted games to play on my Wii U. Smile
I'm missing 12(!) games from this list.

A few new ones like The Fall (1), Trine Enchanted Edition (2), and Suspension Railroad Simulator (3).
The Fall is definately going to be one of my next purchases. And probably Trine. Undecided if the "Schwebebahn-Simulator" is my kind of game.

Still hurts that I cannot buy Gravity Badgers (4) in my region. Shocked
I loved Master Reboot, and I need this other Wales Interactive game in my collection!

And I really have to get Pier Solar (5), Alphadia Genesis (6), Chariot (7), How To Survive ( 8 ), and Cities of Gold (9) some day. I know they are all great games but I didn't have time for them. I'll definately grab them when they're on sale.

I want Gaiabreaker (10) too because I still collect games with Miis, but it's a little expensive, so waiting for a sale.

The last ones are Family Tennis SP (11) and Pure Chess (12) which are supposedly good for the Price range they are in, but I already have Wii Sports Club Tennis (Wii U), Wii Sports Resort Tabletennis (Wii), Wii Sports Tennis (Wii), New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (Wii), Rockstar Tabletennis (Wii), Wii Chess (Wii) and Chess Challenge (WiiWare) which I can all play on my Wii U.
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