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I added a rewards system to earn awesome rewards with your coins it can be found in the Members Lounge and I changed our rank system!
We now currently have about 16 ranks and all but the beginning rank 0-4 posts have nintendo themed badges,plus I added 3 new Smileys
All 3 are Dragonball Z themed

#1 Piccollo------code pic Envy
#2 Goku---------code goku Goku
#3 Super Saiyen-code ssj Super Saiyen

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Our upgrade rewards are ready and I did a major update! Rukiafan7

Funniest WiiWareQuote of August 2020!

GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?
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Awesome,now I can be a Super Saiyen Laughing
edit:nooooo.....I've got the daisy rank..........Neutral
edit:now I got the awesome koopa troops rank!
Yeah it's awesome Cool
Woot the first major update for wiiwarewave!
I'm not sure about the shop idea,it's cool and I personally like it,but I don't know how popular it'll be,free upgrades just for posting and being nice sounds great though :3
and the other new features are a great edition Envy Goku Super Saiyen
I changed the shop into a rewards system as certain restrictions in the points widgets don't allow me to take away points.........

Also I did some more updates

I changed the amount of topics per page to its limit of 50 to make sure to minimise on those irritating unanswered topics that you took your time creating only to get lost in a sea of new posts Wink

Another change I did was changing the amount of posts per page in individual topics from 10 to 15 posts I also changed the popular threshold of topics from 7 to 10 posts,because it looked silly with so many "popular" topics xD

I changed our review sections too as 50 reviews are posted per page on the review selection pages and the reviews are now listed in alphabetical order to make older reviews accessible to those who haven't read them yet Wink

Whew....I think that's everything Wink
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