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Classic Shooting Action

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Neo Geo's Development Team has always done an impressive job at bringing us high quality action games on both retro and modern consoles so it should come as no surprise that the team has started a Indiegogo campaign to fund their upcoming retro style shooter which aims to be on both of Nintendo's current gen consoles.

Each console's release will have unique features, on the 3DS the game will utilise parallax scrolling in stereoscopic 3D, while the Wii U release the game will boast  off TV play and will allow you to add retro style scan lines to the image for an authentic old school look!

Here's a look at the game.

Take a moment to let us know your opinions of the game.
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Wow, what a surprise! It's been a really longtime, since I've seen you post anything around here. So, how've you been doing H_Bogart32, and what games have you been playing lately?
Is there any news of a North American version of Gunlord?
Good looking game.
Neo Geo has been a good supporter of the Wii download services along with SNK Smile
Rena Ryuugu Fanboy
This game looks like it'll be a beast! European Style Neo Geo Shooter Gunlord Is Headed To The 3DS And Wii U 631737971
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