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Who Benefits From Region Loking?

Staff Viewpoint: Why Region Locking Is Bad. Staffviewpointwhyregionlockingisbad_zpsda2a873e

In this discussion we will talk about why region locking a console is not a good thing for gamers or the industry itself.

Staff Viewpoint: Why Region Locking Is Bad. 1-66

I feel that alot of people miss the point when it comes to region locking defending it as if this saves a console maker money, however it doesn't as they actually have to put work and money into disabling games from other regions. Others talk about how people wouldn't understand the language of the games.

Sure there are alot of Japanese games that aren't localized, but what about the European ones that already are translated into English? I would easily be able to play those games and understand them.

Another thing is they claim to want to protect us from culturally inappropriate content, yet that is the very appeal that many have for games created outside their region. I for one am a huge fan of traditional turn based and real-time Japanese RPG's which is something hardly any western developers create and since most Japanese RPG's aren't localized it really irks me.

I don't know enough Japanese to play imported games, but I do understand why some people would be willing to get an import console and games to play games that they're interested in.

There will always be people who like the cultural feel of games from particular regions which is why region locking is always counter-productive. Bottom-line people will buy games from other regions if they truly want a game that won't be localized so region locking = lost sales for game publishers and developers.

Staff Viewpoint: Why Region Locking Is Bad. 189-41

I really dislike the current trend of region locking as it takes away a person's ability to play some of the games he or she may want to play. I know Japanese and like the culture so preventing me from playing games just because they weren't released in my region upsets me very much.

The best games last generation were mostly released in Japan only and thanks to region locking most of the world did not get to enjoy those games. As Rukiafan has stated it costs Nintendo additional money to region lock their systems meaning by a business standpoint it's not a good move.

I do not understand why region locking is around, but it should have disappeared along with the dinosaurs.


What is your stance on this topic? Let us know in our comments!

Staff Viewpoint: Why Region Locking Is Bad. Rukiafan7

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July 23rd 2013, 11:55 amTowafan7
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July 27th 2013, 9:59 amKingreX32
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July 27th 2013, 11:41 amStaroceancrazy
I can't believe how many drones support region locking...
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