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It's Time To Rock and Roll!

Two New Wii VC Games Have Received An ESRB Rating! Megaman6-title_zps037623c0

Two New Wii VC Games Have Received An ESRB Rating! Lufia2battle_zpsc2ab2ef1

The Wii VC is not dead yet as 2 new games have been ESRB rated for the service! These two games are the much anticipated Megaman VI and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals which is the sequel to Lufia: And The Fortress of Doom that will be released later this month! No specific release dates have been confirmed for either title, but we'll let you know if that changes!

Are you excited about this sudden surge of Wii VC titles? Let us know in our comments!

Two New Wii VC Games Have Received An ESRB Rating! Rukiafan7
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on April 15th 2013, 7:01 amKokorOtaku
That's cool, hopefully they make it to WiiU VC the same time or a little later (although I'll probably get MM6 in July on 3DS)
As much as I like the Wii I think I will just pick up MM6 on the 3DS VC so I can have it portable as well. As for Lufia I have the DS remake that came out a few years ago.
on April 15th 2013, 8:34 amKokorOtaku
I hope the 3DS event tomorrow will announce crossplay so I can play MM1-5 from my WiiU on my 3DS
I just dont get everyone's thing about crossplay. ANd honestly if they were going to do crossplay with the Wii U VC and 3DS VC I think it would come after the big Wii U VC update not before.
on April 15th 2013, 10:10 amKokorOtaku
Well they can announce it since VC is support to come at the end of the month
on April 15th 2013, 11:28 amNINTENBRO
I'll definitely be downloading Mega Man VI on my Wii, since I already downloaded Mega Man 1-5, X1 & X2. I also plan to download Mega Man 9 & 10, so then I'll be able to access all of the original Mega Man titles in one place. Plus, I don't fancy downloading NES titles on my 3DS. That's for downloading 3DSWare, Gameboy/Color & Advance and Game Gear games.

KokorOtaku, for some reason, I highly doubt crossplay is ever coming to the 3DS & WiiU my friend. It just doesn't make any equitable sense for Nintendo to do something like that. In other words, I wouldn't hold your breath buddy. Very Happy
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