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The Hunting Season Is Over For The Wii!

Monster Hunter Tri Servers Will Be Shutdown At the End of April! Mht10

As new consoles are released, it's almost a given that most games with online components will have their support taken away. Unfortunately that time is near for Monster Hunter Tri, with the servers for the online co-op in the Wii title being taken down on 30th April.

Being described as "transitioning off" by Capcom man Yuri (Dubindoh), the inclusion of this message as part of a blog promoting launch dates for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on both Wii U and 3DS is far from coincidental.

What do you think about one of the best online Wii games having its servers removed a mere 3 years after they opened?

Monster Hunter Tri Servers Will Be Shutdown At the End of April! Rukiafan7
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I thought this game was published by Capcom, not EA. Very Happy
It's always sad to see online communities shut down. Sad
indeed, when the online goes, i will be getting rid of my Wii version. Im gonna preorder the WiiU version Soon.
You should wait to hear if Capcom will release a data transfer tool. Smile
thank would be great, but i highly doubt that will happen
I'm quite upset that they couldn't keep the servers around for another year considering that at least 10,000 players play the game during the course of a single day.
I need to say goodbye to all my hunting buddies who won't upgrade to Ultimate. Crying or Very sad
i was online today. Man im gonna miss this game.
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