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November 29th 2012, 3:53 am
this is a top list. every week there is a new subject for a top list. so this weak its bands that are once the bomb then they just poof. so this is the top 5 list of bands that should come back

#5 lets start off with style and to be honest europe has style. sure mostly think of the final countdown whenever they think of europe but come on. they have made more great songs and it would be great to see them make a comeback. not to mention they are swedish so its a big treat for me ^^

#4 what has happened to the offspring? why havent we heard something from them. in the 90 they were definely the bomb. they made a super sucess and made rock keep its shine all the way to 2000 era. so why not seeing them back again

#3 guns n roses need to come back. i refuse to let them just quit after a shitty album like chinese democrazy just just .. arghhh. it was a disappointmen in everyway. i wanna see gnr back again. let me see axl rose, slash, izzy. the old group. just get back to the basic that is all

#2 some people are still pissed over the weak, insulting and disgraceful album ST ANGER but the latest album takes the cake of shittyness. i never thought they would sink that low but they did so from now on i will never complain about st anger. seriously their latest album destroys their reputation. but you know what would make them awesome again? that would be seeing metallica revisit their old days. im talking making newer versions of the albums kill em all, ride the lightning, master of puppets, black album. they can afford one last great album

#1 if there is one band i trully wanna see come back then its none other than the socialist orchester awesome demented or in short soad. system of a down is a band that has totally changed the world when it comes to music. their music is so stinking great. how/why did they stop? soad has potentials and also overall band. seeing them back again would the biggest bomb and that is a statement. how can you not wanna have them back after a album that has this in the song?

clearly we missing the good soad

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