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The "Tales of the Avatar Above You" Forum Storytelling Game Empty The "Tales of the Avatar Above You" Forum Storytelling Game

on October 31st 2012, 9:22 pm
Here's an idea I came up with while posting in the Avatar thread. Basically, you post about the avatar of the person above you as normal, but your post forms part of a story. Here's an example using my current avatar as the post above:

Rukiafan: GamerZack woke up and found himself surrounded by presents. He was delighted and opened them!

HarmoKnight: The first present was a kawaii Rukia poster which he put on his wall and showed HarmoKnight

GamerZack: Later, he invited some friends over for an anime and game party. HarmoKnight, dressed as the Sakura Samurai, brought his kawaii girlfriend, who was dressed as Konata, and some baseball gear, so they all played Kawaiiball for two hours. Very Happy

That's the gist of how this game goes. Happy storytelling! Very Happy

Chromaicora Adventures - "It starts with a Zed..."

What happens when you take an animé series written by some random dude from Down Underland and abridge the Brocc out of it until it's a hilarious, muddvak cheesy, spoiler-fuelled self-parody that puts even the Butt Mode Super-Shorts to shame?

Well, you get... whatever the Brocc this mess calls itself... The "Tales of the Avatar Above You" Forum Storytelling Game 1625187496

Crystals of Silveria Abridged
: Now "broadcasting in syndication" right here on WiiWareWave! The "Tales of the Avatar Above You" Forum Storytelling Game 631737971

The writer takes no responsibility for any split sides, tear shortages and lack of walls of the fourth kind. Seriously, the entire thing is one giant SPOILER WARNING, so click the above link with caution. Razz
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