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*Update Videos* Nintendo Direct 10/25/2012 Hardware_3dsxl

Today wasn't a good day for Wii U, revealing that Nintendo will be selling at a loss for each system sold and also their decision of releasing 2 more Wii bundles during the holidays. Tomorrow, however, will be a great day for 3DS. Not only will multiple downloadable games will be on the system such as Liberation Maiden, a new Nintendo Direct will be streaming live 2 hours before the eShop weekly update (7:00am PDT). Don't worry, it won't be a Nintendo Direct Mini.

Nintendo tweeted:

Nintendo #3DS fans – want more info on upcoming games? Tune in to #NintendoDirectNA tomorrow at 7AM PT on http://Nintendo.com !

Nintendo Direct from Japan will also be streaming that day (4:00am PDT).

Here's the North America Nintendo Direct

There aren't any new announcements during the streaming. Fortunately, after the 20 minute mark more details and trailer for Fire Emblem: Awakening and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Both titles arriving in early months of 2013.

Here's the Japan Nintendo Direct

There will be a Nintendo version of iTunes (at the 40 minute mark) for the Nintendo 3DS systems. No word yet if North America or Europe be getting the application as well.

Were you satisfied with these two Nintendo Directs? Leave your welcoming thoughts at the comment section below.

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October 24th 2012, 6:38 pmKokorOtaku
I hope for major updates such as DSiWare from memory card, Flipnote memo, more retail downloads, GBA, or wireless link cable support
October 24th 2012, 7:17 pmMegatron2000
I hope that Nintendo announces Super Game Boy support for the 3DS vc. |D
October 24th 2012, 8:07 pmKeAfan7
I'll watch it once it's posted here or on the Wii Nintendo Channel. Wink
October 24th 2012, 8:12 pmKokorOtaku
There's so much I want, why do I always have high standards.... Sad noe of which will happen
October 24th 2012, 8:32 pmNINTENBRO
Megatron2000 wrote:I hope that Nintendo announces Super Game Boy support for the 3DS vc. |D

^THIS! Most definitely!
October 25th 2012, 8:46 amSkywardL
North America (30 minutes) and Japan (over an hour) video of Nintendo Direct is now available above.
October 25th 2012, 1:25 pmShounenMania
Interesting, but I was expecting more.
October 25th 2012, 2:27 pmJnes5
Man... you beat me to it SkywardL ! I was going to post this ! Very Happy
October 25th 2012, 4:12 pmRyanNerdyGamer
iTendo?! I can buy songs from Nintendo software?! Surprised

GamerZack imagines playing Piranha Plant's Lullaby over and over on a bus filled with sleepy commuters on their way to work on Monday...then following up with the loud and dramatic Electrifying Black Yin! Vs. Zekrom! Heheheheh...I 'd never be so cruel. Neutral
Aqua Cherry Blossom
October 25th 2012, 6:33 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
itendo? Will this pose a problem for the legality of online radio stations like Nintyshroom FM?
October 25th 2012, 6:59 pmRyanNerdyGamer
I hope not, Eureka! Nintyshroom's awesome! Surprised
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