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007 Legends for 3DS! Empty 007 Legends for 3DS!

on October 16th 2012, 3:09 pm
I'll want to play this just as much as any other WiiU owner definitely will. There were three James Bond related titles available for the DS in it's lifetime, and this would be an awesome opportunity for the 3DS to receive it's first. I'd just like to know how the rest of our 3DS owner's feel about this topic, so please participate in this poll. The more attention that is brought to this subject, the better the chances are that we the consumer will have an influence over this decision. Also, be sure to voice your opinion's in the comment's section below.

Rukiafan, could you or another staff member please add the following poll question and option's to this thread? Also, could you please set the poll to last for 60 days, since that's exactly how long I set the same poll to last for @ http://fallenangels.forumotions.net/

Poll Question: Should Activision or another third-party developer produce a 3DS version of 007 Legends?

Poll Option's:

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