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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on May 9th 2018, 7:57 am
Hi all, and welcome to Ally-Squinn no Shinwa, the long-awaited prequel to Squigley no Densetsu! (Pretty sure "long-awaited" is a LITTLE inaccurate...)

In this chapter of the Squidkid Saga, we meet Ally, an Inkling girl who is new to Inkopolis, having only just moved there from her childhood home in Calamari County. No sooner does our protagonist arrive than she is suddenly swept up in a mission to save Inkopolis from an apparent threat. (Okay, it MIGHT be obvious to Splatoon fans and readers of Squigley's chapter just what this threat could be...)

As this is a prequel, you can expect a lot of backstory explored for some of your favourite characters from the original chapter, with examples including Inklinda, Inklein and even Agent 3 herself! (In case it wasn't already obvious that this chapter focuses on Agent 3...)

If you have yet to read Squigley no Densetsu, I suggest you give it a little look-see before getting too involved in this series, as there may be potential spoilers, a bit like how the prequel Star Wars films have blatant spoilers for anyone who didn't watch the originals first. (If you have no interest in Star Wars...well, that comparison might not have been that helpful. But hey, at least I didn't spoil that Darth Vader is really-)

So with that out of the way, I present a preview of the first episode, Back to the Beginn-ink! I hope you enjoy! (Oh, brother...already with the puns...)

Episode 1: Back to the Beginn-ink!
AKA "The Origin Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day



Inkopolis needs a hero, one upon whom its citizens can rely! My granddaughters are reliable enough, but they're busy with their pop idol business.

No...we need a fresh face...someone who'll stand up t' this threat without a second thought...and darn tootin', I know just the gal for the job!

Her tentacles may be long, and her experience may be more lackin' than a roll o' sushi durin' a wasabi shortage, but by the freshest seas o' Calamari County, I want her to be mah Agent 3!

Scene 2: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

We see a black-and-white view of Inkopolis Plaza. An Inkling girl with long tentacles and the gear of a newbie wanders through the area.

Girl: So THIS is Inkopolis could get used to this place.

The girl walks near a drain with an elderly Inkling poking his head out.

Girl: That must be the guy who sent me that mysterious note...

The girl unfolds a piece of paper.

Hey there, Girlie!

Come t' this part o' the city, an' ALL yer dreams'll come true! See ya soon!

Oh, an' keep yer eyes peeled fer signs of activity of an Octopussy kind! Never trust somethin' with less than 10 tentacles, y'hear?

-The Cap'n

Girl: I'm not sure if he looks trustworthy...and he's a little fidgety...but he said he'd make all my dreams come true, so I trust him.

The girl approaches the drain. The gentleman sees her and pops down the drain. The girl sighs.

Girl: I guess he's not gonna make it easy, I guess I'll follow him down this icky sewer drain to who-knows-where.

The girl changes to squid form and leaps into the drain.

Scene 3: Octo Valley: Morning

The girl leaps out of another drain and changes back to kid form. She looks around and sees the gentleman standing nearby.

Gentleman: You came! We have no time to waste!

Girl: Um...where am I?

Gentleman: This is Octo Valley, the home of a bottom-feedin' collective known as the Octarians!

Girl: Octarians?

Gentleman: That's what I said, innit? Anyway, the Octarians have stolen our city's pride an' joy, the Great Zapfish!

The girl laughs.

Girl: What? That's ridiculous! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

The gentleman laughs.

Gentleman: That's what YOU think! My agency is beamin' a holographic doohickey o' the Great Zapfish over Inkopolis Tower so as none o' ya knows it's missin'!

Girl: M-hm...

Gentleman: Anyway, I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, an' you have been chosen t' be Agent 3 in the New Squidbeak Splatoon!

Girl: Um...what?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: You heard me, missy! You're more than qualified t' help us rescue the Great Zapfish and stop them evil Octarians from causin' Inkopolis t' lose its power!

Girl: But...why me?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: 'Cause yer the whole package! You gots the skills AND the looks! I swear, yer PERFECT fer the job!

Girl: Yeah...look, I have better things to do than listen to the ravings of a madman. So if you'll excuse me, I'll just be going. Later!

The girl changes back into squid form and leaps into the drain. The scene fills with colour.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Dang it, I was sure I'd recruit her! An' after I made everythin' all black-an'-white to show the seriousness of this mission, too...but who am I gonna find that's good enough t' replace that girl?

Scene 4: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

The girl leaps out of the drain and changes back to kid form. We see that her tentacles are orange, revealing her to be Inklinda.

Inklinda walks toward Booyah Base. Inklein walks up to her.

Inklein: Hey, Lindie! Where have you been?

Inklinda: Oh, just getting a lecture from some old geezer or, it's time to raise my rank in Turf War so I can FINALLY buy myself an Inkbrush!

Inklein: Ooh, can I join you?

Inklinda: Sure, whatever...

Inklein: YAY!

Scene 5: Train: Morning

We fade to a view of the inside of a train car. We see an Inkling who looks identical to Inklinda, though with lime green tentacles and pink eyes. She is looking out the window.

Voice: Ally-Squinn?

The girl looks at the source of the voice, the train's conductor, and nods.

Ally-Squinn: Yes, that's me.

Conductor: We will be arriving in Inkopolis Station soon.

Ally-Squinn: Oh...thank you for letting me know.

Conductor: Your father wanted me to make sure your journey is a safe one.

Ally-Squinn closes her eyes for a brief moment.

Ally-Squinn: That is considerate of him.

Ally-Squinn looks back out the window and sighs.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: My I miss him...

A purple squid suddenly splats onto the window.

Ally-Squinn: What the fresh?!

Conductor: Oh, that's just Squika Udon. Yeah, he's kind of a weird one...

Ally-Squinn: Isn't anyone going to help him?!

Conductor: Nope.

Ally-Squinn: Why not?!

Conductor: Well, he's kind of...weird. Any Inkling worth their freshness level knows not to interact with him.

Ally-Squinn: Well...SOMEONE has to help him!

Ally-Squinn opens the window and pulls in the squid.

Ally-Squinn: Oh dear...are you okay?

The squid stammers with a deep voice.

Squid: Buh...whuh...muh...?

Conductor: Told you he was weird. And helping him won't help your freshness rating.

The conductor walks away.

Ally-Squinn: Oh yeah?'re not a very nice person, you dweeb!

Ally-Squinn razzes at the conductor. She looks at the squid.

Ally-Squinn: Don't worry, I'll look after you...

Squid: Muh...muh...?

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 6: Inkopolis Station: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn steps off the train, the purple squid in her arms. A number of other people stare at her, some with left eye squinted, others with eyes widened, and yet others with blank expressions. A bead of sweat forms on Ally-Squinn's brow.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: Why is everyone staring at me like that...? It's kind of creepy...

Ally-Squinn stands facing an Inkling who is dressed like a security officer.

Officer: Name?

Ally-Squinn: Oh, I'm Ally-Squinn-

We hear a jackhammer sound as Ally-Squinn says her last name. The officer raises an eyebrow.

Officer: Of the Calamari County-

We hear another jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn laughs nervously.

Ally-Squinn: Yeah...that's right...heheh...

Officer: Isn't your father-

We hear a third jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn sighs.

Ally-Squinn: Yes, sir...

Officer: And your mother, is she-

We hear yet another jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn's eyes widen.

Ally-Squinn: I hope not!

Officer: You...hope your mother isn't-

We know what? You've probably already figured out the pattern by now.

Ally-Squinn: Well, of COURSE I do! I'm not a monster, am I?

The officer sees the purple squid in Ally-Squinn's arms.

Officer: Hm...perhaps not...

Officer's thoughts: ...although you'd HAVE to be if you carry around a weirdo like HIM...

The officer checks some notes on a clipboard.

Officer: Okay, this all seems to be in order...enjoy your visit to Inkopolis, Miss-

Jackhammer sound, blah blah blah...

Ally-Squinn: What? But...I've moved here!

The officer's left eye squints.

Officer: Really? You SURE you wanna do that?

Ally-Squinn: Well...I can't live back home. Not anymore.

Officer's thoughts: Once everyone finds out you've been helping Mr. Udon, Missie, you won't be able to frytail it outta here fast enough...

Officer: Well then, I can't legally stop you from crossing the border. Enjoy your new life in Inkopolis, Miss-

Yep, you know the drill...uh...excuse the pun.

Ally-Squinn: Thank you.

Squid: Muh...muh...?

Ally-Squinn carries the squid through the security gate. The officer shakes his head.

Officer: Helping out Squika Udon...I never would've expected THAT from a rich girl...and ESPECIALLY not from the daughter of-

Jackhammer sound number eight.

Officer's thoughts: All this jackhammer noise is REALLY annoying...I WISH those lousy workers'd just hurry up and finish building that new video game shop...or is it a restaurant...? Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there'll be backlash about naming it "Ate & Wee You"...

Scene 7: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn carries the squid through Inkopolis Plaza.

Ally-Squinn: You recognise any of this, my friend?

Squid: Guh...

Ally-Squinn sighs.

Ally-Squinn: I guess I'm asking too much...well, what do Inklings do for fun around here?

Squid: Tuh...fwuh...

Ally-Squinn: "Tuh Fwuh"...? What's that? Hm?

Ally-Squinn notices the drain closing.

Ally-Squinn: That was...weird.

Ally-Squinn slowly approaches the drain.

Ally-Squinn: I feel as though this is kind of a dumb idea, my friend.

Squid: Duh...duh...

Ally-Squinn: What was that old saying? Curiosity gilled the cat?

Ally-Squinn sees Judd sleeping on a cushion nearby.

Ally-Squinn: And that, I'm guessing, is said cat.

Ally-Squinn steps up to the drain.

Ally-Squinn: Hm...looks like an ordinary drain to-

Suddenly, a green squid tentacle stretches out of the drain and grabs Ally-Squinn's left shin.

Ally-Squinn: What the fresh?!

The tentacle pulls Ally-Squinn into the drain.

Ally-Squinn: YAAH!

The squid lands on the ground near the drain.

Squid: Wuh...?

Another purple squid slides next to the squid. He speaks with Squika's voice, revealing him to be the REAL Squika.

Squika: Ah, I see you've found my secret thinking spot. Oh well, I suppose I'll go and find another one...I hear the back alley near Inkopolis Tower is a nice spot for "scrubbing"...I suppose that's what all the squidkids in the know call "thinking"...

Squika slides away.

Squid: Scruh...?

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 8: Octo Valley: Afternoon

Cap'n Cuttlefish stands near the drain.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Oh, deary me...NOW what'll I do...?

Ally-Squinn suddenly pops out of the drain.

Ally-Squinn: That...was scary...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Ah, so ya decided to-

Cap'n Cuttlefish looks at Ally-Squinn. His eyes widen.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Okay, I have jus' two questions fer ya. One: Who the fresh are YOU?! Two: What the fresh are y'all doin' here?!

Ally-Squinn: I was kind of hoping you could tell me...

Cap'n Cuttlefish raises an eyebrow.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Okay, I can sorta unnerstan' ya not knowing how ya got here, but ya seriously don't know who ya ARE?!

Ally-Squinn: Oh...I'm...Ally-Squinn.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well then, Ally-Squinn, it's real nice ta meet...uh...d-did ya say yer name's Ally-Squinn...?

Ally-Squinn: Technically, you did as

Cap'n Cuttlefish: As in Ally-Squinn, the daughter o' ol' Mr.-

We hear a jackhammer sound...again. Ally-Squinn nods.

Ally-Squinn: Yessum.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Yeah, I remember ya good.

Ally-Squinn: Y-You do?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: 'Course I do! EVERYONE back home knows ya!

Ally-Squinn sighs.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Aw, now what's eatin' yer tennacles, Missy?

Ally-Squinn: It seems as though I can't escape my home...even here, in Inkopolis...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, TECHNICALLY, this ain't-

Ally-Squinn looks at Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Look, runnin' from yer problems won't fix 'em! Y'all need ta take 'em on, sever them limb from limb from limb from limb from limb from-

Cap'n Cuttlefish pauses.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Say, I know just the thing t' take yer mind off all yer problems. How'd you like ta join my secret organisation?

Ally-Squinn's left eye squints.

Ally-Squinn: What kind of "secret organisation"...?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, we secretly protect the citizens of Inkopolis in secret from a dangerous group o' secret. Whaddya say, Missy?

Ally-Squinn smiles.

Ally-Squinn: You had me at "protect the citizens".

Cap'n Cuttlefish starts to dance.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: HOO-HOO! I've found mah Agent 3 at LAST!

Ally-Squinn laughs nervously.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: He seems a LITTLE overly-excited that I said "yes"...still, it's nice to make an elderly Inkling happy...

Cap'n Cuttlefish stops dancing.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's thoughts: I'm so PLEASED that a genuinely-helpful squidkid's joined my organisation...but I think she could use just a teensy spritz o' deodorant...PEE-YEW!

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 9: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn pops out of the drain in squid form, before returning to kid form. She looks around.

Ally-Squinn: I guess I'm back...but did that really happen? Am I really a member of the-

Squid's voice: Nngh...

Ally-Squinn looks at the squid. He is rubbing his head...body...thing with his left tentacle.

Squid: ...I feel like I was splatted by a train...

Ally-Squinn: Well, TECHNICALLY the opposite is true...

Squid: Hm?

The squid looks up at Ally-Squinn.

Squid: You look familiar...have we met?

Ally-Squinn: You could say that. I'm Ally-Squinn, but most people just call me Ally.

The squid returns to kid form. He has dark skin and purple hair in the same style as Inklein's. He wears the standard Turf War newbie attire.

"Squid": Nice to meetcha. Seth-Inkley, but my friends call me Seth.

Ally smiles.

Ally: It's very nice to meet you too, Seth-Inkley.

Seth: So...I see you're wearing newbie attire.

Ally: Oh...uh...yeah, I guess I am.

Seth: Have you played a round of Turf War before?

Ally: Not exactly. I've only just arrived from Ca-

Ally pauses.

Ally: Uh...from far away, so I haven't had a chance to complete my registration yet. How about you?

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Oh, well...I've played my fair share of Turf War, and...well, I'm the MASTER of-

Ally: You haven't played either, have you?

Seth: Nope. Wait...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: could you tell?

Ally: Oh, I just know when someone isn't being honest. It's my talent. Well, that and Psy-pod powers.

Seth: Really? You're a Psy-pod?

Ally: Well...TECHNICALLY, yes, although not a very good one.

Seth makes an excited face.

Seth: Wow, I've never met a real Psy-pod before! Show me one of your powers!

Ally: But you basically saw the one power that's worth mentioning...

Seth: Oh, come on, Ally! You never know unless you try!

Ally sighs.

Ally: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you...

Ally raises her hand at Seth's tentacles. Her left eye squints as she concentrates. Seth's tentacles are surrounded by a lime green aura. They wobble slightly for a few seconds. Ally lowers her hand, apparently exhausted from her effort. Seth touches his tentacles.

Seth: Wow...

Ally: I warned you, didn't I?

Seth smiles.

Seth: That was AMAZING!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: It was...?

Seth: I can't believe I've met a real Psy-pod!

Ally: Well, it runs in the family.

Seth: No way...

Ally: Yep, eight whole generations of Psyphalopods. Too bad I'm the least powerful of them.

Seth: I'm sure you just need practice or somethin'.

Ally: My grandmother can lift a SEMI-TRAILER with her powers.

Seth: Oh...well, it might've skipped a generation, then.

Ally: Uh...I'm TWO generations after, though.

Seth scratches his head.

Seth: Oh, right...

Ally looks away.

Ally: And my aunts are all WAY more skilled...and my cousins...even, ESPECIALLY Max...

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: I'm sorry for rambling like this. I just feel really comfortable talking about all this stuff with you...which is weird, since I don't like talking about anything private with anyone.

Seth: It's fine.

Ally: R-Really?

Seth: Sure! I mean, what can I say? I love meeting new people, having conversations, that sort of thing.

Ally smiles.

Ally: You know, you're kind of a friendly guy.

Seth grins.

Seth: Just treating someone the way I'd expect to be treated myself.

Ally giggles.

Ally: I know what you mean. So...where do we register for Turf War?

Seth: Oh, Inkopolis Tower. C'mon, I'll show you the way.

Ally: Lead on, Seth-Inkley!

Ally and Seth walk past Inklinda and Inklein. They are wearing their trademark gear from Squigley no Densetsu.

Inklein: Hey, Lindie, you think those two look just like us?

Inklinda: Inklein, EVERY Inkling looks just like us.

Inklein: Wow...that really makes you think, doesn't it?

Inklinda: Think about what? There's, like, only ONE hairstyle option for each gender or whatever. What do you think this is, Splatoon 2? It's time to get with the program before you say something unbelievably, idiotically-

Yep, you guessed it, another jackhammer sound.

Inklein: Huh...I think I just heard a wall breaking.

Voice: For the love of freshness, Gary! You just jackhammered right through that wall! Now it's gonna take LONGER before Ate & Wee You can officially open! Oh, just wait'll our supervisor finds out!

Inklinda shakes her head.

Inklinda: You probably imagined it, sweetie.

Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: Yeah...I guess you're right.

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 10: Urchin Underpass: Afternoon

We see a spawn pad with four pink-coloured squid form Inklings on it.

Ally's voice: Wow...I can't believe we're already being thrust into our first Turf War!

Seth's voice: I know what you mean, Ally! I mean, we only just registered!

All four Inklings change to kid form. The Inkling at the front looks back at Ally and Seth and grins.

Inkling: You ready, scrubs?

Seth: Ready? For what?

A horn sounds out. The two Inklings at the front run into the fray. Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: Are you ready, partner?

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Uh...y-yes, I am.

Ally: Let's go then.

Ally winks at Seth and runs into the fray, splatting pink ink on the ground with her Splattershot Jr. Seth blushes as he watches Ally.

Seth's thoughts: I...think I have a crush or somethin'...

Scene 11: Seth's Pad: Evening

Eight days later...

The door to an apartment much like Squilma's from Squigley no Densetsu opens. Seth walks inside, followed by Ally.

Ally is now wearing a cap-and-sunglasses combo, as well as a black t-shirt over a green-and-white striped long-sleeve tee and a pair of green-and-yellow sneakers.

Seth, meanwhile, wears an outfit that makes him look like a swimmer wearing a yellow life jacket.

Seth: Well, here we are!

Ally: Wow, nice place, Seth-Inkley.

Seth grins.

Seth: Ally, please, call me Seth!

Ally: Oh...right.

Seth: So we could hang out here for a while, if you want, play some games, watch a movie or two...

Ally: Sounds like fun.

Seth: So where's your pad, anyway?

Ally: don't exactly have one...

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Seriously?!

Ally: Yeah, I know it sounds weird...

Seth: So what, you've been living on the streets?!

Ally: No, I've been staying in a hotel...

Seth: A hotel?

Ally: That's what I said.

Seth: Well...which one?

Ally: Oh, the Th-

Ally pauses.

Ally: It's not important.

Seth: Uh...right...well then, I absolutely insist that you stay here!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Oh, no...I couldn't ask you to do that, Seth-Inkley!

Seth: C'mon, Ally! It'll be fun! Besides, I've always wanted a roommate.

Ally: Well...I'll think about it.

Seth: Awesome! So whaddaya wanna play? I've got Marie Party 10, Super Splash Bros.-

We hear beeping that sounds like part of Calamari Inkantation.

Ally: Actually, I have to go and...uh...

Seth: Answer your squidphone?

Ally: Uh...yes! Th-That's EXACTLY what I have to do!

Seth: Okay then, go and answer it.

Ally: Thank you.

Seth: And then we can play Splash Bros. when you come back! I just mastered the new Splatroid stage, and I wanna test my skills on a REAL opponent!

Ally: Actually, this could take a while. Some other time?

Ally smiles.

Seth: Sure.

Ally: Great. I'll see you at the Ate & Wee You grand opening tomorrow, then.

Ally leaves the apartment. Seth grins.

Seth: She is SO into me!

Ally walks away from the apartment. She detaches a walkie-talkie from her belt and talks into it.

Ally: Agent 3 here.

Voice #1: ¡ƃuᴉɟǝᴉɹq uoᴉssᴉɯ ʇsɹᴉɟ ɹnoʎ ɥʇᴉʍ ǝɹǝɥ Ɩ ʇuǝƃ∀ ¡ʎll∀ 'ᴉH

Ally: Um...I'm sorry?

Voice #2: Darn it, Agent 1! You're holding your walkie-talkie upside down!

Voice #1: ˙˙˙ɔǝs ɐ uo ploH ¡ʎɹɹos 'ɥO ¡¿ɯɐ I

Ally waits for a response.

Agent 1: Sorry about that, Agents 2 and 3! Anyway, as I was saying before SOMEONE so rudely interrupted me-

Agent 2 groans.

Agent 1: -you're being given your first real assignment, Agent 3! Isn't that fantastic?

Ally: Yeah, I guess so...

Agent 1: Great! Gra- I mean...the Cap'n is waiting just past the drain for you, so see him for your mission briefing!

Agent 3: Will do. Agent 3 over and out!

Ally lowers her walkie-talkie.

Agent 1: ¡¿ʇɐɥʍ ɹo ɹnopo ʎpoq ɟo ʞǝǝɹ ǝɥs pᴉp 'ǝᴉɹɐW 'ʍoM

Agent 2: Uh...Agent 1? She can still hear you.

Agent 1: ˙sdooɥʍ 'ɥO

Agent 2: And hold your walkie talkie the right way up, will you?

Agent 1: ¡uᴉsnoɔ 'op llᴉM

The walkie-talkie clicks off. Ally sniffs her armpit, before pulling her face away with her left eye squinted.

Ally: Wow...okay, I see her point...but how could she smell me through the walkie-talkie?

Scene 12: Inkopolis Plaza: Night

Ally proceeds to the drain. She sees a figure watching her from the shadows.

Ally's thoughts: Who's that...?

Ally steps forward to get a closer look. His hair is of a different style than the other male Inklings, and has a green highlight in the light of the full moon.

Ally looks around for a moment, before looking back at the spot in which the Inkling was standing, but he is nowhere to be found.

Ally: Weird...okay, time to head for the drain.

Ally proceeds to the drain. The scene pans to a view of the alleyway near Inkopolis Tower. Squika is sitting next to a tall, lanky person resembling a humanoid sea urchin. He has orange skin and spiky purple quills that cover part of his face's right side.

Squika: Y'know, Spyke, I must say I've been enjoying our time "hanging out" with one another. It reminds me of the time I got my scholarship to Shellendorf word, it only seems like yesterday...oh wait, it WAS yesterday...oh well, never mind, then! So maybe next week, we could go to...

Spyke's thoughts: When's this bloke gonna stop tawkin' and go 'ome awready...? No, no, Spyke...keep it togever...'e could be a potential future customer...

Spyke sighs.

Squika: ...and finish up with an all-you-can-eat buffet at Ate & Wee You! I have a feeling that it will become the most popular destination for every gamer...
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 01:
Hi! So I've decided to start a log of the Turf War beginners I meet, as a little something to show how far I proceed through the rankings.

My first photo is with my new friend, Seth-Inkley...I mean "Seth". He and I are now both Level 4, which means we can buy new gear and weapons! I was eyeing a weapon in Sheldon's place called the "Splat Charger", but I don't know if I'd be any good at ranged splatting.

As for Seth, he's decided to focus on honing his skills with the Splat Roller, just like our teammate today...what was his name...Inkleene? Well, whatever he's called, I think he'd perform a LOT better if he just threw a bucket of ink everywhere. THAT could be a real weapon! Anyway, here's my photo with Seth:

Stay fresh!

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