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Squidkid Shorts: A Fanfic-Spinoff Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 15th 2018, 7:55 pm
Hi all, and welcome to Squidkid Shorts, a spinoff of my Splatoon 2 fanfic in the style of the popular Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts. (Great...they probably think I'm just rehashing the same concepts all over again...)

In this mostly-kind-of-semi-canon-ish collection of squeird and squonderful tales, we see stories focused on many of the characters you know and love, from Squilma to Squika, Inklinda to Inklein, and everyone in-between. (Well, except the protagonists, who have, like, MORE than enough spotlight in their respective series or whatever...)

So, without further ado, I present the first Squidkid Short, A Hard Cray's Knight. Enjoy! (Or don't. I can't dictate what you do and don't like, can I?)

Squilma Shorts: A Hard Cray's Knight
AKA "The "I thought these were called SQUIDKID Shorts" Mini-Episode"

Scene 1: Ammo Knights: Morning

Squilma stands in Ammo Knights. Sheldon is speaking to her.

Sheldon: ...and so I'm now stocking Brellas for your convenience, Age-

Inklinda walks in.

Inklinda: Good morning, all!

Squilma groans.

Squilma: It WAS good...until about five seconds ago.

Inklinda: Sheldon giving another of his boring speeches?

Sheldon: Boring...?

Squilma: Inklinda, Sheldon is standing RIGHT THERE!

Inklinda: I care. So what are you, like, doing here, anyway?

Squilma: I thought you said you didn't care.

Inklinda: Oh, I don't. Now spill me the deets!

Sheldon is delighted.

Sheldon: Well, I was just about to sell Squilma one of my excellent, top-of-the-range Brellas!

Inklinda laughs.

Inklinda: A BRELLA?! Are you totes cray?

Squilma: No, I'm SQUILMA Cray!

Inklinda: Like...what?

Squilma: That's my name: Squilma Cray.

Inklinda: Oh. Um...that's nice...

Inklinda's thoughts: Yes! I, like, have a way to tease her 'til I'm bored or whatever!

Inklinda: Well then, have fun with your new toy. Later!

Inklinda leaves the shop. Squilma shouts at the door.

Squilma: I'm not buying a stupid Brella!

Sheldon: But I already charged your cred-ink card!

Squilma stares at Sheldon.

Squilma: You did WHAT?!

Sheldon grins.

Sheldon: You are a Brella MASTER, Squilma! Show that Inklinda who's boss!

Squilma frowns and grins.

Squilma: Yeah! I'll show HER!

Scene 2: Shellendorf Institute: Afternoon

Inklinda, who has neon pink ink and tentacles, stands in a secluded area. She holds a tentacle in front of her face for a few seconds, then lets go of it, letting it flop to the side of her face.

Inklinda: Ugh, this colour makes me look just like Squilma...

Squilma, who has neon green tentacles and ink, spots Inklinda by herself.

Squilma: Perfect...while Inklinda's distracted, I'll sneak up behind her and open my Brella. Not even her Inkbrush can stop me!

Inklinda stares over the edge.

Inklinda: I'd hate it if someone, like, backed me over this platform or whatever.

Squilma lands behind Inklinda.


Inklinda: Huh?

Squilma opens her Brella and attempts to push Inklinda over the edge.

Squilma: There is no escape! AHAHAHAHAAH!

The shield portion detaches, but Inklinda steps aside as it moves past her...and over the edge.


Inklinda waves her Inkbrush in a frenzy, splatting Squilma and causing her ghost to float back to the pad. Inklinda grins.

Inklinda: You are totes cray if you think an umbrella's gonna, like, stop me or whatever, Squillie...

Scene 3: Ammo Knights: Afternoon

Squilma mic-drops the Brella in front of Sheldon.

Squilma: I want a refund!

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Re: Squidkid Shorts: A Fanfic-Spinoff Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 15th 2018, 8:30 pm
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Awww Squilma, and now we know her last name, or like, whatever
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Re: Squidkid Shorts: A Fanfic-Spinoff Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 19th 2018, 12:56 am
Funny one, this is. Wink


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