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Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on March 26th 2018, 8:44 pm
Hi all, and welcome to a tale that is ACTUALLY based on something Nintendo! (One wonders why I haven't posted a Nintendo fanseries to a Nintendo fan forum before now...)

In this tale, we meet a young Inkling who awakens in the middle of Inkopolis Square with no memory of how he got there, and also no memory of his past. (Okay, before you jump to conclusions, this is NOT a Splatoon version of Crystals of Silveria. But I digress...)

The one thing that he does remember is that he is convinced that he is something called a "human", but only one other Inkling, a girl named Squilma, believes him enough to help him find his place in Inkopolis. (Or maybe she only pretends to believe him so she can find out what REALLY happened to him...)

If you're expecting an in-depth, well-written adventure in the style of Crystals of Silveria, then you've come to the right place! If, on the other hand, you're looking for something absurd, silly and very fan-fiction-y, then you've come to the right place! This is a delicious, squiddy buffet of reading for all! (Ugh, already with the aquatic puns...I've lost half the readers already...)

This series is planned to be told in eight episodes, with one episode each week that's broken up into five daily "webisodes". So, without further ado, I present to you all, the first segment of Squid Rescue Time! (A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon reference...*shakes head*)

Episode 1: Squid Rescue Time!
AKA "The Pilot Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Come on, that turf...
Uh-oh, an opponent! Gyro, don't fail me now...
YES! I splatted that-
What the?! Ugh...always the Dualies...I need to practice more...
Whoa...feeling head is-

Scene 2: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Five more minutes, Mum...
Mum, stop poking me...!

We see a view of someone's field of vision as their eyes open. They are looking at a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.

Someone's thoughts: How did I get outside...? And what keeps poking m-

Suddenly, a round, blue bulbous head with googly eyes comes into view. It holds up a tentacle and waves.

Someone: WAAH!

Someone suddenly sits up and moves back as far as he can. The creature approaches.

Someone: What are you?! Stay away!

A number of individuals stand around the area. They appear human, though their eyes are surrounded by black rings that connect over the tops of their noses, and their hair is brightly-coloured and tentacle-like. A few stare at Someone.

Someone: Could anyone PLEASE tell me what's going on?!

One of the people, a girl with short, pink tentacles and orange eyes, approaches Someone.

Girl: (Are you okay, dude?)

Someone: What...?

Girl: (You're freaking out. You look like you just saw an Octarian or something!)

Someone: I'm sorry...I...

Girl: (Sorry? For what?)

Someone: I don't speak your language.

Girl: (Say what?)

Someone: I can't understand a word you're saying!

Girl: (Well, you sound like you're speaking fluent Inkling to me!)

Someone: I can't...I don't-

The girl sighs.

Girl: (I'm taking you to Ammo Knights. Maybe Sheldon can help you.)

The girl grabs Someone's hand and pulls him to his feet, before pulling him away.

Someone: Hey, wait a minute!

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: Ammo Knights: Inkopolis Square: Morning

The girl drags Someone into Ammo Knights, an emporium that sells a vast selection of weapons. A horseshoe crab sits in the middle of the floor.

Girl: (Sheldon! We need your help!)

Someone: I'm confused and scared and I don't understand ANY of what's going on!

The horseshoe crab pops up into the air, revealing a humanoid figure underneath. Someone begins to panic.

Crab: (Oh, a fresh face! Hello there, friend! My name is Sheldon, and I-)

Someone: Seriously? Does EVERYONE speak this weird language?!

Sheldon scratches his helmet.

Sheldon: (Weird...? I find the intricacies of the Inkling language to be positively fascinating, almost as fascinating as the weapons I create and sell, in fact.)

Someone: I'm sorry, I don't understand you.

Sheldon's eyes widen.

Sheldon: (I didn't think anyone could be so...hurtful.)

Sheldon begins to sob. The girl shakes her head.

Girl: (Don't take it personally, Shelster. This guy claims he can't understand Inkling.)

Someone: This is like a bad HAS to be...

Someone pinches his arm.

Someone: Hm...well, so much for THAT theory...

Sheldon smiles.

Sheldon: (He can't understand your language? Well, why didn't you say so sooner, Squilma? I have JUST the thing to help our new friend!)

Sheldon walks up to the counter and picks up a glass of pink liquid.

Sheldon: (This should do the trick.)

Sheldon walks up to Someone and hands him the glass.

Someone: What's this?

Sheldon: (It's juice, but I imagine you think I said it's one of Aunty Flow's weird potions.)

Someone: Is it some kind of elixir?

Sheldon raises an eyebrow.

Sheldon: (Well...close enough, I suppose. Now, drink up!)

Someone: I guess I should drink this, then?

Squilma: (Wow, he's good at pointing out the obvious, isn't he?)

Someone guzzles the juice in five seconds flat.

Someone: Ooh, fruity!

Sheldon: (Do you feel better, friend?)

Someone: there a way I can understand your language, or do I need to study?

Sheldon appears surprised.

Sheldon: (I was sure he was merely dehydrated. I know I have trouble memorising things when my fluid levels are low!)

Squilma: (So what, he's stuck like this?)

Sheldon: (I'm afraid so.)

Squilma frowns.

Squilma: Well, that's just great! I try to help someone and look what happens!

Someone looks at Squilma.

Squilma: I should've just left him lying in the middle of the square! I mean, he freaked out after seeing a JELLYFISH!

Someone's eyes widen.

Someone: You were gonna LEAVE ME THERE?!

Squilma: No, I-

Squilma stares at Someone.

Squilma: You...can understand me...?

Someone: Yes, I can-

Someone pauses.

Someone: Hey, I can understand you!

Squilma: You can understand me!

Someone: I can understand you!

Squilma: You can understand me!

Someone: I can understa-

Sheldon: Can you understand ME?

Someone looks at Sheldon.

Someone: Yep!

Sheldon: That is wonderful! In that case, allow me to explain what I do. I make and sell weapons for use in the ancient ritual of Turf War.

Someone looks at the shelves.

Someone: You use rituals?

Sheldon: Of course! The most popular is called the Splattershot, which is the most basic of Shooter category weapons. It can shoot ink at a rate that allows for fast coverage of the ground, and is also excellent at taking down targets. Now, the trick to mastering the Splattershot is this: aim well. To allow for easy aiming, a reticle is built into every unit. All it takes is the press of a button and you can target rivals in an easy, simple and user-friendly manner. When it comes to inking turf, however, there is a setting for that, which just so happens to be another button right next to the one for activating the reticle. Be sure to choose the correct button for the task at hand, however, otherwise you'll be splatted and forced to respawn, which will make things easier for the opposing team and harder for yours! Now, back to the technical specifications of the Splattershot...

Two hours later...

Someone stares at Sheldon as he talks about the Splattershot. Squilma looks absolutely bored.

Sheldon: ...and allows for an easy win for your team! Do you have any questions, my friend?

Someone: Uh...could you run that by me one more time?

Squilma's jaw drops.

Sheldon: Certainly! The most popular Weapon is called the Splattershot, which is the most basic of Shooter category weapons. It can shoot ink at a rate that allows for-

Suddenly, loud screams can be heard from outside.

Sheldon: My word, something is happening in Inkopolis Square!

Squilma mutters under her breath.

Squilma: Thank freshness...

Someone: What's going on?!

Squilma: Based on the screams, either there's been a celebrity sighting...or the Octarians are attacking Inkopolis!

Sheldon: The Octarians?! NOOOOOOO!!

Squilma: Come on, kid! Let's help those people!

Someone: What-

Squilma grabs Someone's hand and pulls him outside.


Sheldon stares at the door.

Sheldon: I don't know who he is...but he should pay more attention when people are speaking to him...

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 4: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squilma pulls someone across Inkopolis Square.

Squilma: Where are the Octarians?! I'm gonna ink them into next October!

A nearby Inkling screams. She has a big smile on her face.

Squilma: Uh...that's not the reaction I was expecting from anyone...


Squilma: Huh?

Squilma pulls Someone through the crowd. Two individuals are nearby: a short female Inkling with pearl white tentacles tipped with bubblegum pink, and a girl resembling an Inkling, though with dark-toned, teal-tipped tentacles that look like those of an Octopus.

Squilma: Oh, it's just Pearl and Marina.

Someone: "Pearl and Marina"?

Squilma smiles.

Squilma: Yeah, Off the Hook. They're only the hottest musical act in Inkopolis!

Someone: "Inkopolis"?

Squilma: Yes, Inkopolis, as in the city in which you currently stand. Why do you think there are so many Inklings here?

Someone: "Inklings"?

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Okay, you're just kidding, right? Take a look at your reflection, for crying out loud!

Someone: Okay then...

Someone looks at a nearby reflected surface. His reflection suggests he is also an Inkling.

Squilma: See? You're an Inkling, just like me.

Someone: What? I'm not an Inkling!

Squilma: Say what?

Someone: I'm a human!

Squilma laughs. Her expression becomes serious as she sees Someone's face.

Squilma: Oh, you're serious. You actually believe you're a mythical creature.

Someone: But I AM a least...I THINK I am...

Squilma: Dude, you are SO not a human.

Someone examines his reflection. He touches his fringe of tentacles.

Someone: What happened to my hair? It's all green and tentacle-y.

Squilma: That's because you're an Inkling.

Someone draws circles around and between his eyes with his finger.

Someone: And why do I have black rings around my eyes?

Squilma: Again, you're an Inkling.

Someone examines his fingertips.

Someone: No fingernails...?

Squilma: You keep nails on your fingers?

Someone shakes his head, before running his hands across his torso.

Someone: And why aren't I wearing a shirt?

Squilma: Dude. You. Are. An. Inkling!

Someone scratches his head.

Someone: I guess I AM an Inkling...

Squilma facepalms.

Squilma: NOW he gets it...

Squilma tilts her head as she looks at Someone. She smiles.

Squilma: You know, you're kind of a good way. What's your name?

Someone: Oh, I'm-

Someone pauses.

Someone: I don't remember...

Squilma squints her right eye.

Squilma: What kind of name is that?

Someone: No, I literally can't remember my name!

Squilma frowns.

Squilma: I don't like it when people say "literally" all the time.

Someone: I'm not kidding! I don't remember who I am or where I came from!

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Seriously?

Someone begins to panic.

Someone: This is bad! Wh-What do I do?!

Squilma places her hand on Someone's shoulder.

Squilma: Hey, hey...relax, dude. It'll be okay.

Someone calms down.

Someone: It will?

Squilma: Sure! I'll help you out until you get your memories back.

Someone: And if they DON'T come back?

Squilma grins.

Squilma: Then I guess I'll be stuck with you.

Someone: O-Okay then...

Squilma: You can crash at my pad. I have an extra bed after my roommate left.

Someone smiles.

Someone: Thank you.

Squilma: Don't mention it. Now, to think of a name...

Someone: A name?

Squilma: Well, duh! Everyone needs a name!

Someone: Well...what do you suggest?

Squilma: about "Squigley"?

Someone ponders the idea.

Someone: Yeah...yeah, I like it! Just call me Squigley!

Squilma: Of course.

Squigley sees a purple squid nearby. The squid waves a tentacle at him.

Squigley: What's that thing?

Squilma looks at the squid.

Squilma: Oh, that's Squika. He's also a weird one.

Squigley: In a good way, right?

Squilma: Um...anyway, let's get you fed. I know just the place!

Squigley: Lead on!

Squilma and Squigley begin to walk away.

Squilma's thoughts: This kid really thought he was a human...maybe I should stick with him, at least for now...who knows, maybe we'll learn what happened to him and his memories...

We hear a splashing sound behind Squilma.

Squigley: Uh...Squilma? What happened to me?

Squilma slowly turns around.

Squilma: I'm sure it's nothing, Squig-

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: -ley. Oh, boy...

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 5: Ate & Switch: Afternoon

Squigley and Squilma sit at a table at Ate & Switch, a popular restaurant and video game shop.

Squilma: So? How was your meal?

Squigley: Delicious. I've never had anything like it! Um...what was it?

Squilma: It's called a burger.

Squigley: Oh...

Squilma: I thought you could use a meal after your ordeal.

Squilma's thoughts: Heh...that rhymes. I could be the next Off the Hook!

Squigley: I can't believe I spontaneously transformed into a squid five times on the way here! Uh-oh...

Squigley transforms into a green squid.

Squigley: Make that six, I guess.

Squilma: You probably don't have full control of your transformation ability yet.

Squigley: Makes sense, since I'm a-

Squilma: If you say "human", I'm gonna lose my ink!

Squigley frowns.

Squigley: Sorry...

Squilma: There may be a way to help you, though...

Squigley: Really?

Squilma: Sure! I just...haven't thought of it yet...

Squigley facetentacles.

Squigley: I might've guessed...

Squilma: Well, maybe Sheldon has some advice?

Squigley: It's worth a shot, I guess...

Squilma: Excellent! Then let's proceed back to Sheldon's place!

Squigley: Can do!

Squigley falls off his seat as he tries to stand up.

Squilma: Um...maybe try to stand AFTER changing back to kid form...

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 6: Ammo Knights: Afternoon

Squigley - in kid form - and Squilma walk into Ammo Knights. Sheldon pops up and greets the two Inklings.

Sheldon: Ah, welcome back, Age-

Sheldon pauses.

Sheldon: Ah, welcome back, Squilma and friend! I trust you gave those Octarians what-for?

Squilma: Actually, it was just a mob of fans oogling over an Off the Hook sighting in the square.

Sheldon: Oh, I see. I kind of like the musical stylings of Off the Hook. My favourite song is Color Pulse, which is the theme song for the greatest ritual of all! Would you like to know more, my new friend!

Squigley: Sure, I guess.

Sheldon is delighted.

Sheldon: Wonderful! Now, the Turf War is the most basic of all rituals, and indeed, it provides the foundation for the magnificent wonder that is the Spla-

Squilma: Uh...perhaps you could tell us later, Sheldon?

Sheldon appears glum.

Sheldon: Oh, very well...*sniff*

Squilma: Right now, there's something wrong with Squigley.

Sheldon: Who is Squigley?

Squigley raises his right hand.

Squigley: Right here!

Sheldon: Oh, you have a name! I guess I no longer need to call you "my friend", do I?

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: So we're NOT friends?!

Sheldon panics.

Sheldon: Oh, no no no! I-I...that came out entirely incorrectly, my friend!

Squilma: Squigley keeps changing from kid to-

Squigley changes into squid form.

Squilma: -squid.

Sheldon: Well, of course. That is the signature ability of the common Inkling, isn't it?

Squilma: Yeah, but he's doing it randomly! He's at least 14, so shouldn't he be able to control the transformation?

Squigley: What? I'm not 14! I'm actually-

Squigley changes back to kid form.

Squigley: Wow, this is weird...

Sheldon: Well, it might have something to do with his lack of gear.

Squilma: Um...what?

Sheldon: Aside from his shorts, Squigley is wearing no gear at all! No footwear, no clothing, no headgear, and most importantly-

Squilma: How could THAT be it...?

Sheldon: -no weapon.

Squigley: Weapon? But...why would I need a weapon?

Squilma and Sheldon are both surprised.

Squilma: What? How can you even SAY that, Squiggles?!

Squigley scratches his head.

Squigley: I...thought my name was "Squigley"...?

Sheldon: My friend, EVERY Inkling needs a weapon in order to participate in Turf War!

Squigley: But...why would I want to Turf War?

Squilma and Sheldon collapse to the ground, their legs poking awkwardly in the air.

Squigley: What did I say?

Scene 7: Squilma's Pad: Evening

Squigley - in squid form - and Squilma walk into a nice-looking apartment.

Squilma: Well, here we are, Squigley: my very own pad.

Squigley: It's nice.

Squilma: "Nice"...? Are you kidding? It's the freshest apartment on this floor! EVERYONE loves hanging out here!

Squilma's thoughts: Although..."everyone" may be a little bit of a complete stretch...

Squigley: But can equipping some of this "gear" really stop me from-

Squigley changes back to kid form.

Squigley: -flipping between forms?

Squilma: After 50 return transformations, I just don't know...

Squigley: Well, where do I get some gear, anyway?

Squilma: Hm...I guess I could take you to the Galleria tomorrow.

Squigley: "The Galleria"...?

Squilma: Dude, you were there today! Remember Ammo Knights? That's part of the Galleria, the freshest shopping precinct in Inkopolis!

Squigley: Really? 'Cause I overheard some Inklings mention something called "The Reef"...

Squilma: Anyway, you can use that gear in the corner.

Squigley looks at a corner near a reddish-pink couch. A neatly-folded yellow t-shirt and sweatband rest on top of a black foot-rest, and a pair of beige-coloured shoes sits next to it.

Squigley: Really?

Squilma: Hey, they've been dry-cleaned...

Squilma's thoughts: ...I think...

Squigley: Okay then.

Squilma: Oh, your room's through there. Don't worry, the bed has fresh sheets...

Squilma's thoughts: ...I think...

Squigley: Cool. Thanks.

Squilma: Don't mention it. Oh, and feel free to use that notebook on the table just there.

Squilma points to a blue-covered notebook on top of what resembles a coffee table.

Squigley: Thank you.

Squilma: No prob. Anyway, I'm going out to do some...private things. Make yourself at home. There's juice in the fridge if you're thirsty. It's still safe to drink...

Squilma's thoughts: ...I think...

Squigley: I could use a glass of water instead, if that's okay.

Squilma: Water?! Look, I get that you have amnesia and all, but even YOU should know that water is lethal to us Inklings!

Squigley: It is?

Squilma: Yes! So Don't. Drink. The. Water. Got it?

Squigley: Uh...right.

Squilma: Good. I' back by morning.

Squilma leaves the apartment. Squigley sits on the couch and picks up the notebook and a pen.

Squigley: I guess I could start writing a journal...?

Squigley's thoughts: Eh, I'll do it tomorrow...I'm too tired to...zzz...
Squigley's Journal:
Wow, my first journal...what to write...

Well, yesterday, I woke up in a place called Inkopolis Square with no memory of who I am or where I came from. That jellyfish freaked me out, what with its poking and looking all googly-eyed and squishy - talk about a rude awakening!

Squilma's been a big help. She took me to the Galleria today, but they had to special order my gear, and it won't turn up 'til next Tuesday! How am I gonna wait until then wearing this gear?!

Oh, and Sheldon gave me something called a "Splattershot Jr.". Apparently it's designed for the "freshest of Inklings" looking to get into Turf War. I still don't like the idea, but Squilma assures me it's a lot of fun, and it's a good way to earn Cash, so I'm willing to give it a try. Who knows? I might have a lot of fun!

Squilma even had a photo taken with me, and she said I could "do what I want with it", so I'm gonna put it right here in my journal. I don't know where I'd be without her...well, probably still lying outside Shella Fresh being tormented by jellyfish, I suppose.

I don't know why Squilma's laughing so hard in this photo. My joke wasn't THAT funny...anyway, 'til next time!


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Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on March 26th 2018, 10:45 pm
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
Your stories are always excellent. I give this new series an 11/10! Happy


Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 1st 2018, 9:39 pm
Episode 2: Surf and Turf!
AKA "The Turf War Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squilma leads Squigley through Inkopolis Square.

Squilma: Ah, what a beautiful morning, Squiggles...the perfect time to train you in the art of Turf War!

Squigley rubs his eyes.

Squigley: But it's so early in the the Galleria even open at this hour?

Squilma: Come on, dude. The Galleria is open 24/7!

Squigley: But don't the staff ever sleep?

Squilma: Eh, sleep is overrated. I mean, It's not like we HAVE to sleep!

Squigley yawns.

Squigley: Speak for yourself...

Voice: COO-EE!

Squilma groans.

Squilma: Oh, FRESH no...

Squigley: What's wrong?

A female Inkling with two long, orange tentacles and a pair of stylish headphones walks up to Squigley and Squilma.

Inkling: Well, well...I totes didn't expect to see YOU here this early in the morning, Squilma.

Squilma frowns.

Squilma: What do you want, Inklinda?

The Inkling's eyes widen.

Inklinda: What? Can't an Inkling have a friendly chat with her BFF?

Squilma: "BFF"? Since when are we friends?!

Inklinda laughs.

Inklinda: Friends? Oh, Squilma, you, like, NEED to keep up with the freshest junk!

Squilma: I don't follow.

Inklinda shakes her head.

Inklinda: BFF stands for "Best Frenemone Forever". That's what I like about you! You're, like, always so naïve and clueless!

Squilma: Me? Clueless? I'm pretty sure your boyfriend is WAY more clueless than me!

Inklinda: You wish! And he's NOT my boyfriend! He's just a guy who happens to also be my bestie.

Squilma sees a male Inkling with royal blue tied-back tentacles, a blue hoodie and goggles wandering around aimlessly nearby.

Squilma: Let's test your theory. HEY, INKLEIN! OVER HERE!

The Inkling sees Squilma waving. He grins and walks up to the group.

Inklein: Hey, you're that chick who's always playing that turf thing with Lindie, right?

Squilma: Uh...yeah. I'm Squilma.

Inklein: Wilma?

Squilma's brow flattens.

Squilma:, can you tell me what the best-selling single by the Squid Sisters is called?

Inklein: Uh...Color Pulse?

Squilma giggles.

Squilma: And who owns Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe?


Squilma giggles.

Squilma: And what does a Zapfish do?

Inklein: Uh...zaps fish?

Squilma grins at Inklinda.

Inklinda: Oh, big deal! So you're a LITTLE smarter than Inklein? At least you're not as good as me at Turf War!

Squilma: Are you kidding? WE'RE THE SAME FRESHING LEVEL!

Inklinda: Such colourful language from such a young lady! I expected better!

Inklinda looks at Squigley.

Inklinda: you, like, mind? This is a private conversation.

Squigley blushes.


Squilma grabs Squigley's upper arm with both her hands.

Squilma: Don't be mean to Squigley!

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: You mean you're, like, FRIENDS with this noob? HAHAHAHAHA!

Squilma: He's not a noob! He's actually suffering amnesia, if you must know!

Squigley: I...uh...I feel like I'm causing problems...

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: No you're not!

Inklinda: You really ARE dumb, aren't you?

Squilma's eyes appear to ignite, and her grip on Squigley's arm tightens.


Squigley:'re hurting my...

Inklinda: This kid gets it. He IS causing problems.

Squilma: I'm WARNING you...

Inklinda: Look, just stop helping losers if you want to retain what little cred you've got, 'kay?

Squigley wrestles from Squilma's grip and begins to walk away.

Squilma: Hey, Squigley! Where are you going?

Squigley: I'm just gonna go...I don't want you to be ridiculed because of me.

Squigley walks away.


Squilma glares at Inklinda.

Squilma: We'll settle this ink-to-ink.

Inklinda: my frenemone challenging me to a private Turf War?

Squilma: You just name the time and place.

Inklinda: Okay...two days from now. The Reef. Be there.

Squilma: I'll be ready.

Squilma chases after Squigley. Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: Wait...are we extras in an episode of Crays of our Chives...?

Inklinda sighs and shakes her head.

Inklinda: Oh, Inklein, my simple-minded guy-friend...what am I gonna, like, do with you or whatever?

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 2: Deca Tower: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squilma approaches the entrance to Deca Tower, the hub for all Turf War shenanigans.

Squilma: Now, if I were Squigley, I...probably wouldn't be outside Deca Tower, to be honest...

Squilma sees Squigley sitting nearby.

Squilma: Of course, this isn't the first time I've been wrong about something...

We wipe to a flashback scene. Squilma is giggling.

Squilma: What? That's absurd! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

We wipe back to the present. Squilma approaches Squigley, who looks depressed.

Squilma: Hey, dude. Are you okay?

Squigley looks at his feet and sighs.

Squigley: I feel so useless. I mean...I have no memory of who I am...I thought I was a freaking HUMAN, for crying out loud!

Squilma: Well, you're not the WEIRDEST Inkling in this city...

Squilma notices Squika waving a tentacle at her. She looks away.

Squilma's thoughts: Why is he always in my field of vision...?

Squigley: I just...I don't think it's a good idea for me to be hanging around here. I'm just a dorky dweeb, after all...

Squilma: Nonsense!

A couple of Inklings approach the doors to Deca Tower.

Inkling #1: Hey, get a load of the dweeb!

Squigley sighs. The two Inklings enter the tower. One of them is carrying a plate of fried food.

Inkling #2: No, that's not a dweeb. It's a Crusty Seanwich!

Inkling #1: Oh yeah...I always get those two names mixed up.

We cut back to Squigley and Squilma.

Squilma: Well, there IS a way to fix that, y'know...

Squigley looks up.

Squigley: How?

Squilma: Well...the stores in the Galleria should have your specially-ordered gear, right?

Squigley is delighted.

Squigley: Oh yeah...I forgot! Let's go right now!

Squigley runs from the tower entrance and turns left.

Squilma: No, Squiggles...that's the way to The Shoal!

Squigley awkwardly walks past the tower entrance in the opposite direction.

Squigley: I knew that.

Squilma shakes her head.

Squilma: He has a LOT to learn...

Scene 3: Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe: Morning

Squigley and Squilma enter Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, a retailer that specialises in clothing. A jellyfish with a t-shirt, bowtie and hat greets them.

Jellyfish: Fair morning to thou fair children of ink!

Squilma: 'Sup, Jelfonzo?

Squigley: Uh...hi.

The jellyfish rubs two tentacles together.

Jelfonzo: I doth trust that you are most enthused for your most wondrous of deliveries, Sir Squigley?

Squigley: You know it!

Jelfonzo: Then lo! behold! Your clothing awaiteth!

Jelfonzo holds up a box.

Squigley: Awesome!

Scene 4: Shella Fresh: Morning

Squigley and Squilma enter Shella Fresh, a retailer that specialises in footwear. Squigley is wearing a teal t-shirt over a dark grey long-sleeved shirt. A yellow spider crab wearing sunglasses and shoes on his many pairs of feet greets them.

Crab: Yo, homies! Welcome to Shella Fresh, where we sell only the hottest shoes for dudes and dudettes alike.

Squilma: 'Sup, Bisk?

Squigley: Uh...hi.

The crab grins.

Bisk: Yo, you're that guy who ordered that rad pair of fresh new shoes, right?

Squigley: Uh...I guess so...?

Bisk: Well they're right here, dude! Check it!

Bisk picks up a shoe box marked "Squigley".

Squigley: Awesome!

Scene 5: Headspace: Morning

Squigley and Squilma enter Headspace, a retailer that specialises in headgear. Squigley is wearing a pair of blue slip-on shoes. A sea slug with a tiny shrimp on her head greets them.

Slug: Ah, welcome, my dears, to Headspace. May I say it is a pleasure to welcome you both!

Shrimp: WELCOME!

Squilma: 'Sup, Aunt Flow? Craymond?

Squigley: Uh...hi.

The sea slug smiles at Squigley.

Flow: Ah, your order arrived first thing this morning, my dear.


Squigley: Yes! I can finally take off this headband!

Squilma: Yeah...that thing didn't really suit you, did it, Squiggles?

Flow: Here you go, my dear.

Craymond: TAKE IT!

Flow hands a box to Squigley. One of Flow's frills accidentally brushes Squigley's wrist.

Squigley's thoughts: That felt slimy...eeeeeeew...

Squigley excitedly opens the box.

Squigley: I've been looking forward to receiving my-

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: Wait...this isn't a pair of headphones...

Scene 6: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley and Squilma leave Headspace. Squigley is no longer wearing his headband. In his hands is a Painter's Mask.

Squigley: Didn't I order headphones?

Squilma: Well...perhaps there was a mix-up with the order?

Squigley: Maybe...still, wouldn't I look weird wearing this thing in public?

Squilma: Of course not! See?

Squilma points to a group of seven Inklings who all wear Painter's Masks.

Squigley: Oh.

Squilma: Now, hurry up and put it on. People are staring!

Squigley: Why?

Inklinda's voice: Well, THIS isn't a pretty sight, is it?

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley and Squilma. Inklein's eyes widen.

Inklein: Dude, you're NAKED...

Squigley: What? I'm not naked!

Inklinda: Seriously? You're, like, SO naked it's not even funny. HAHAHAHAHA!

Squilma: Give it a rest, Inklinda!

Inklinda: Look, all I'm saying is that any Inkling who isn't wearing footwear, clothing or headgear is more naked than a-

Inklein: He's not naked anymore!

Inklinda: Hey, don't interrupt me, Inklein! I-

Inklinda looks at Squigley, who is now wearing his mask.

Inklinda: Oh...well, I guess I can't mock you for being naked, then...

Squilma: Awesome! I'm so happy for you. Now, if you don't mind-

Inklinda: he using a Splattershot Jr.? Oh, that is so precious! Widdle Squiggles wants to do Turf War!

Squilma: HEY! Only I'M allowed to call him that!

Inklinda: Well, maybe he'd like to join in our little Turf War? It's only fair that he gets to prove his skills, right?

Squilma: I suppose he could join in our little-

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Hey, wait a're gonna use him for target practice, aren't you?!

Inklinda: I swear by the Turf Warrior's code that I will not solely target Squigley during our private Turf War.

Inklinda winks at Inklein.

Squilma: I saw that!

Inklinda: Saw what?

Squilma: You winked! I saw it!

Inklinda: So? Can't a girl, like, wink at her guy-friend? Anyway, I better let you train. I don't want Inklein and I to have an unfair advantage. Later!

Inklinda waves as she walks away. Inklein grins at Squigley and Squilma.

Inklein: Bye, Wilma and Wiggles.

Inklein walks away. Squilma becomes annoyed.

Squilma: I'll show them! Come on, Squigley!

Squigley: Wh-Where are we going?

Squilma: Ammo Knights. I'm gonna get you some REAL inkpower...

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 7: Ammo Knights: Morning

Squigley and Squilma stand facing Sheldon inside Ammo Knights.

Sheldon: Absolutely not!

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: What? Why not?!

Sheldon: Squigley is by no means ready to be wielding a Splattershot!

Squilma: But...he's gonna be inked alive by Inklinda if he doesn't have one equipped!

Sheldon: Be that as it may, I simply can't let Squigley wield a Splattershot without some basic training.

Squilma: Oh, is that all? Well, why didn't you say so?

Sheldon: You DO remember how intensive the training for these weapons can be, don't you?

Squilma scratches her head.

Squilma: Oh yeah...I guess we

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: What do you want to do, Squigley?

Squigley ponders Squilma's question.

Squigley: Well...I don't like the idea of being "inked alive", whatever that know what? I'll do it!

Squilma is delighted.

Squilma: That's fantastic!

Sheldon: Excellent! I will organise for you both to participate in Turf War shortly!

Squilma: Uh...what are you saying?

Sheldon: Well, what better training could there be than throwing Squigley into the deep end?

Squilma: That sounds like a bad idea, Shelster...

Sheldon: Nonsense! It will give our friend some skills while out in the field!

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: But-

Scene 8: The Reef: Morning

We see four Inklings in dark purple-coloured squid form on a round metal pad that glows dark purple.

Squigley's voice: Oh no...

Squilma's voice: Relax, Squiggles. You'll be fresh, I just know it!

Squigley: Noob-fresh or fresh-fresh?

The Inklings suddenly change into kid form. All four of them, including Squigley and Squilma, have dark purple tentacles. Squigley is wielding a Splattershot, whereas Squilma wields Splat Dualies.

Squilma: Just remember what Sheldon taught you. Focus on splatting the ground with as much ink as possible. If you run low, change into squid form and swim in your own team's colour of ink. Simple as that!

Squigley: But what if an opponent-

A loud whistle sound is heard. A montage sequence begins.

Endolphin Surge
Wet Floor

Splatune Records

We see Squigley and Squilma walking along as they ink the ground. Squigley starts inking a wall, but Squilma places a hand on his shoulder and shakes her head, before pointing to a bare patch of ground. Squigley nods and inks the ground, with Squilma smiling.

Squigley and Squilma continue to move forward, inking the ground as they go. Squilma stops as they reach a large coverage of orange ink, but Squigley steps into it. His movements become sluggish as he struggles to move through, until Squilma inks the ground at his feet, turning the orange ink to dark purple.

Squigley steps up and down, before giving Squilma a thumbs-up...just before he is splatted by an Inkling with orange tentacles wielding a charger, leaving Squilma shocked. A tiny, squid-like ghost floats away from Squigley's spot.

The ghost floats into the dark purple-glowing pad, and a blob of ink emerges from it, which grows into Squigley, whose eyes widen. Squilma suddenly lands next to him, which only adds to his surprise.

Squilma points to her feet, before transforming into squid form and leaping off the ground, far into the sky. Squigley tries the same thing, and manages to also do a super jump in squid form, landing next to an Inkling with dark purple tentacles wielding a Roller...and an Inkling with orange tentacles wielding Splat Dualies, who manages to splat Squigley's teammate, his ghost floating back to the pad.

As Squigley is cornered, Squilma rolls into view and splats the opponent, high-fiving Squigley, and the duo continue to ink turf...until Squilma is splatted by an orange-tentacled Inkling wielding a Slosher, though one of her Dualie shots manages to ink her opponent as well. Squigley drops to his knees and looks into the sky.


All eight Inklings stand on a platform in the centre of The Reef, with the surrounding area currently covered in dark purple and orange ink. Two cats with white fur stand in the middle of the arena. The larger one has black markings resembling a judge's attire, whereas the much smaller one has similarly-styled grey markings.

Squigley: So...what's with the cats?

Squilma: Oh, that's Judd and Lil' Judd. They adjudicate which team won based on total ink coverage. Judd represents the Good Guys, whereas Lil' Judd represents the Bad Guys.

Squigley: Good Guys? Bad Guys?

Squilma: Don't worry. It's just terminology for the Turf War.

Judd: Meow... (Okay, the verdict is in...)

Lil' Judd: Mew... (And the winners are...)

After a moment of anticipation, Judd holds out his flag, whereas Lil' Judd trips and falls flat on his belly.

Judd: Meow! (The Good Guys!)

Squilma and the other two dark purple-tentacled Inklings are frustrated, whereas Squigley cheers.

Squigley: YES! We won!

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: Squiggles, we were the Bad Guys!

Squigley: Wait...we were? But...I'm not bad...oh, then that means...WE LOST?!

Squilma facepalms.

Squilma: NOW he gets it...

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 9: Squilma's Pad: Evening

Squigley and Squilma sit on the couch. Their tentacles are back to their normal colours. Squigley is frowning.

Squigley: Well THAT could've went better...

Squilma: Are you kidding? The coverage of ink was very close. It was only a difference of 0.2%.

Squigley: It was?

Squilma: Sure it was! I'll take our 47.1% coverage with gusto!

Squigley: But that would mean the opposing team got 47.3% coverage.

Squilma: Yup!

Squigley: But there's a whole 5.6% missing...?

Squilma: Oh, that's the percentage of turf that wasn't inked.

Squigley scratches his head.

Squigley: Oh, right...

Squilma: Well, I have...uh...things to do.

Squilma stands and approaches the door.

Squigley: Do you go out EVERY night?

Squilma: No...not EVERY night...

Squilma's thoughts: ...just weeknights, weekends and public holidays...

Squigley: Well, while you go and do whatever-it-is-you-do, I'm gonna write in my journal.

Squilma: Totes fresh. Later!

Squilma leaves the apartment. Squigley picks up his journal and begins to write.

Scene 10: Ammo Knights: Morning

Squilma stands in Ammo Knights. Sheldon is excited.

Sheldon: Wow, Squilma! I simply MUST congratulate you on last night's mi-

Squigley enters the shop.

Squigley: 'Morning, everyone!

Sheldon: Ah, Squigley! I heard you were absolutely noobish during your first Turf War.

Squilma scowls.

Squilma: Who the fresh said THAT?!

Sheldon: Why, Annie, of course! She heard it from Spyke, who heard it from Jelonzo, who heard it from Crusty Sean, who heard it from-

Squilma: I meant who started this rumour!

Sheldon: Right...I believe it was your friend Inklinda.

Squilma scoffs.

Squilma: She is NOT my friend! And I'm gonna ink the fresh out of that sea cow for insulting Squigley!

Squigley:, it's fine...

Squilma wraps her arm around Squigley.

Squilma: Nonsense, Squiggles! Together, you and I are gonna show her just what you can do!

Squigley: Well, based on my performance yesterday...

Squilma: Come on, dude! Haven't you ever heard of beginner's luck?

Squigley: Yeah, I have, but yesterday was my début, and I didn't exactly feel lucky then...

Squilma's left eye squints.

Squilma: Oh...right...

Sheldon: Oh, before I forget: Inklinda has a message for you both. Here, I'll read it out:

Dear Frenemone and Dweeb,

Just letting you know that tomorrow is, like, no good for me for our Turf War, so we're having it this afternoon instead, 'kay?

Thanks, I knew you'd both understand! Hugs and kisses!


Sheldon: Aw, isn't that sweet? Inklinda took the time to write you a letter instead of a text message! Ooh, and I must say her handwriting skill is so exquisite!

Squigley and Squilma's brows are flattened.

Squilma: Squigley?

Squigley: Yeah?

Squilma: Let's show her who's boss.

Scene 11: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We see a silhouette of a huge octopus brooding in a dim room.

Octopus: Yo, I feel as though some peep is talkin' about me!

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 12: Deca Tower: Morning

Squigley and Squilma stand outside the entrance to Deca Tower.

Squigley: Why does everyone meet up outside Deca Tower before a Turf War? Wouldn't it make sense to meet up at the location itself?

Squilma: Well, there's a reason for that, Squiggles.

Squigley: Which is?

Squilma: Well-

Inklinda's voice: Well, well...looks like SOMEONE'S running, like, late or whatever.

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley and Squilma.

Squilma: Does that someone have a name that rhymes with "Stinklinda"?

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: Are you implying that I, Inklinda, am the one who's running late?

Squilma: Well, considering Squigley and I have been standing here since the kraken dawn, the evidence is squarely against you, my dear fren-enemy.

Inklinda flips out.

Inklinda: You are, like, TOTES unbelievable, Squilma! It's pronounced (freh-NEM-uh-nee)!

Squilma: Whatever...

Inklein: Wow, Wilma...uh...your tennacles are all...uh...pretty an' junk...

Squilma blushes.

Squilma: Well...uh...

Inklein: And Lindie's wrong. You don't smell like crudfish. You smell like something nicer, like...uh...a dweeb.

Squilma becomes angry.

Squilma: That's IT! You're BOTH gonna be cooked by Squigley and me!

Squilma stomps inside Deca Tower, with Squigley following closely behind. Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein's thoughts: Wait a minute...I meant "Crusty Seanwich"...I ALWAYS get those two things mixed up...

Scene 13: The Crust Bucket: Morning

A prawn wearing a backwards cap and a coat that looks like fried crumbs stands inside a yellow food truck. He is staring at some Inklings with a puzzled expression on his face.

Prawn: Why do all you squidkids keep tryin' to order "dweebs"? I just don't get it...

Scene 14: The Reef: Afternoon

Rip Entry
Wet Floor

Splatune Records

Squigley and Squilma spray sky-coloured ink on the ground.

Squilma: You're doing awesome, Squiggles!

Squigley: Thanks! I think I have the hang of this...whoa!

A small, triangular object lands next to Squigley and begins to flash. Squigley and Squilma change to squid form and move away just before it bursts into a puddle of gold-yellow ink. Squigley and Squilma emerge in kid form.

Squilma: That was close!

Squigley: I'll say!

An Inkling with gold-yellow tentacles runs toward Squigley and Squilma, a goofy grin on her face...before she is splatted by an Inkling with sky-coloured tentacles.

Squilma: Thanks for the save.

The Inkling nods, before changing into squid form and swimming away.

Squilma: Wow, nearly two minutes in and still no sign of Inklinda...could this be our lucky day?

Inklinda's voice: You wish!

Inklinda and Inklein emerge from some gold-yellow ink. Their tentacles are gold-yellow in colour. Inklinda wields an Inkbrush, whereas Inklein is using a Splat Roller.

Now or Never!
Wet Floor

Splatune Records

Inklinda: Well, looks like I'll be able to, like, splat you after all. HAHAHAHAHA!

Squilma: You wish! Let's show 'em, Squiggles!

Squigley: Uh...right.

Squigley and Squilma aim for Inklinda.

Inklinda: Whoa, whoa, whoa...can't I, like, gloat for a few seconds and junk?

Squilma: Well-

Inklinda: Now, Inklein!

Inklein pushes his Roller toward Squilma. He lifts it, then pauses. Seizing the chance, Squilma splats him.

Inklinda: Ugh...idiot. Oh well, guess it's MY turn, then!

Inklinda swings her brush at Squilma...just as Squigley leaps in front of her, causing HIM to be splatted instead. Squilma's eye twitches, and she splats Inklinda with her Splat Dualies just as the whistle sounds.

Squilma: THAT'S for Squigley!

Both teams stand on the platform in the centre of The Reef. Judd and Lil' Judd hold their flags ready.

Squigley: I can't believe I sucked AGAIN!

Squilma: Well, just remember that it's a TEAM game, Squiggles, and every little bit of ink coverage helps.

Squigley: But I couldn't even splat anyone...

Judd: Meow. (The results are in.)

Lil' Judd: Mew. (It wasn't even close. It was a total inkslide!)

Judd holds out his flag, with Lil' Judd tripping and falling onto his belly.


Squilma and the other two teammates cheer, whereas Squigley flips out.

Squigley: We LOST?! AGAIN?!

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Are you kidding? We were the Good Guys!

Squigley: What? But...I thought we were the Bad Guys!

Squilma: We're not ALWAYS the Bad Guys, Squigley!

Squigley is delighted.

Squigley: Oh...uh...YAY!

Inklinda's voice: I dunno...I thought you were pretty bad there, Squiggles.

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley and Squilma.

Squilma: HEY! I said that only I'M allowed to call him that!

Inklinda: Oh yeah? Well...who's, like, gonna stop me?

Inklein suddenly trips and knocks Inklinda to the ground with his Roller.

Inklinda: OW! Hey, watch what you do with that thing, Inklein!

Inklein: Oh...sorry, Lindie...

Inklein winks at Squilma, who blushes again.

Inklein: So, about earlier...I didn't mean to say you smell like a dweeb.

Squilma smiles.

Squilma: I figured as much, you idiot.

Inklein grins.

Inklein: What I meant to say is that your breath smells like a Crusty Seanwich!

Squilma's left eye squints.


Inklein: Yeah, I ALWAYS get those two things mixed up!

Squilma: I'll mix YOU up, you bottom-feeder!

Squilma chases Inklein away.

Inklinda: Stupid Inklein...just leaving me here, on the ground...

Squigley holds his hand to Inklinda.

Inklinda: What are you, like, doing?

Squigley: Helping you up.


Inklinda takes Squigley's hand, and manages to get to her feet despite his struggling.

Inklinda: Um...thanks...

Squigley: Just being helpful.

Inklinda: Yeah...listen, do you wanna-

Inklinda frowns.

Inklinda: Never mind. I've been so mean to you, and you're being so nice...that you probably wouldn't wanna...

Squigley: What is it?

Inklinda looks at Squigley's face, and she makes a small smile.
Squigley's Journal - Log 5:
Wow, my first official Turf War went...well, while I didn't manage to splat anyone, I apparently managed to cover the turf with more ink than any. Other. Inkling. And I only got splatted once when I was protecting Squilma from Inklinda!

Speaking of Inklinda, she's actually not that bad when you get to know her...AND when she treats you with the kindness and respect that you deserve. She even asked to take a photo with me, so how could I refuse?

Squilma wasn't exactly open to the idea, though...still, frenemones gonna, like, frenemonise and junk...anyway, 'til next time!


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Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 7th 2018, 6:12 pm
Episode 3: Squid Pro, Go!
AKA "The Ranked Battle Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Squigley and Squilma sit at a table, a cup of juice in each of their hands. Squigley lifts his cup, but his mask stops him from being able to sip through the straw.

Squigley's thoughts: How do I...?

Squilma: Wow, that was rough.

Squigley: I'll say.

Squilma: I do those two always seem to get the upper hand on us?

Inklinda's voice: You mean you don't know?

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley and Squilma. Squigley tries pulling his mask forward, but the straw is too short to reach his mouth easily.

Squilma: And I suppose you're gonna tell us, right?

Inklinda: I guess I, like, could or whatever, but then you'd know our secret...

Squilma: Which is?

Inklein: Teamwork!

Inklinda glares at Inklein.

Inklinda: Way to blow the secret, idiot!

Squilma: Your TEAMWORK?!

Squilma laughs.

Inklinda: Hey! I'll have you know that Ink & Swim is the best team of our rank!

Squigley: Rank?

Inklinda: Oh, poor naïve little Squigley...what IS Squilma teaching you?

Squilma: More than you're apparently teaching Inklein!

Inklein finishes writing "1 + 1 = PIE on a wall with blue chalk. He slowly turns to look at Squilma.

Inklein: ...what?

Inklinda: Squigley, you know that your level, like, goes up the more you do Turf War, right?

Squigley: Yeah, I guess so...

Inklinda: Well, once you reach Level 10, you can participate in Ranked Battle.

Squigley: Ranked Battle?

Inklinda: Yeah! Every participant has a different rank in each event, and lemme tell you, Inklein and I are sitting at a steady rank of B- in EVERY event.

Inklein: Except Clam Blitz.

Inklinda: Thank you, Inklein! I was, like, getting to that! Ugh!

Squilma: Well, Squigley and I will show you!

Inklinda: You will? And what are your ranks?

Squilma: Well, I'm B- in EVERY event, INCLUDING Clam Blitz!

Inklinda closes her eyes and nods.

Inklinda: M-hm...m-hm...and Squiggles?

Squigley: I'm...uh...not-

Squilma: He's not ready to unveil HIS rank, because it's a SURPRISE! Heheheh...heh...

Inklinda's brow flattens.

Inklinda: He's never played a Ranked Battle, has he?

Squilma: No, sir.

Inklinda: Well then, if you don't mind, SOME of us have better things to do than speak with a couple of losers. Later!

Inklinda waves as she walks away.

Inklinda: Come along, teammate.

Inklein ignores Inklinda and stares at Squilma, smiling. Inklinda turns around, her left eye squinting.

Inklinda: I meant YOU, Inklein!

Inklein's eyes widen.

Inklein: Oh...uh...I knew that.

Inklein begins following Inklinda. Squilma sighs and shakes her head.

Squilma: Why are weirdos always staring at me?

Squilma sees Squika staring at her. She covers her face with her hand.

Squilma's thoughts: I just HAD to ask, didn't I...?

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: Okay, Squiggles, as soon as you reach Level 10, I'm signing us up as a team!

Squigley: But-

Squilma: Now now, don't object, my green-tentacled friend. Ranked Battle is heaps of fun. I just KNOW you're gonna enjoy it!

Squigley: But Squilma-

Squilma: So let's do some more Turf Wars to catch you up!

Squigley: But I need to tell-

Ten Turf Wars later...

Squigley and Squilma walk away from Deca Tower.

Squilma: I don't believe it...

Squigley: I tried to tell you.

Squilma: How can you be LEVEL 11?! Inklings don't just SKIP ENTIRE LEVELS!

Squigley: I reached Level 10 just before Inklinda told me about that whole Ranked whatsit.

Squilma: Why didn't you tell me BEFORE those ten unnecessary Turf Wars?

Squigley: I tried to tell you, but-

Squilma: Say no more! Let's go and register for our team!

Squigley: But-

Squilma grabs Squigley's hand and begins pulling him away. Squika watches them and rubs both tentacles together.

Squika: appears that Squilma wishes to start a team with her new last, I can hatch my splendiferous master plan...

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 2: Deca Tower: Afternoon

Squigley and Squilma enter Deca Tower. Squika slides in front of the door. He sits up and rubs his tentacles together.

Squika: Excellent...I have them right where I want them.

Squika enters the tower.

Squigley and Squilma stand inside Deca Tower. A receptionist Inkling is taking down their details.

Receptionist: M-hm...and why would you like to form a team?

Squilma's thoughts: Out of spite!

Squilma: Oh...I think teamwork is definitely important in ANY event...yep, no hidden agenda here!

Squilma averts her gaze.

Squigley: What the...?

Receptionist: And it's just the three of you, then?

Squilma: Yep!

Receptionist: Very well, I'll just complete the initial registration of your team...

The receptionist types on a keyboard. He briefly smiles at Squilma, before continuing to type.

Squilma:'s your day going?

Receptionist: Oh, quite fresh, thank you for asking. And you?

Squilma: Good.

Squilma looks around the room for a few seconds, before she suddenly looks at the receptionist, her eyes widened.

Squilma: say "three"?

Receptionist: Of course. I definitely count three Inklings.

Squilma: Are you kidding me?!

We cut to a view of Squigley and Squilma. Squika sits on Squigley's upper back, his tentacle wrapped around his shoulders.

Squilma: There's clearly TWO of us!

The receptionist raises an eyebrow.

Receptionist: Perhaps you need to brush up on your counting skills, miss.

Squilma: Brush up on my-

Squilma growls.

Squilma: I can count just fine, thank you very much! See? One, two, thr-

Squilma's eyes widen as she points at Squika.

Squilma: WAAH!

Squika waves a tentacle at Squilma.

Squika: A most wonderful morning to you, my dear Squilma!


Squika: Why, I heard you talking with your chum about forming a team, and I thought it to be a jolly good idea, so I decided to be the third member.

Squilma: You mean you decided to HIJACK THE TEAM ENROLLMENT?!

Squika rubs the back of his head...body...self...oh, you know what I mean.

Squika: Well...

Receptionist: Okay, team registration is complete.

Squilma's eyes widen as she stares at the receptionist.

Squilma: Complete? But...this weirdo wasn't invited!

Receptionist: Nonetheless, he is officially registered, and must participate in EVERY team event.

Squilma: What?!

Receptionist: Have you decided on a name?

Squilma: Well...SQUIGLEY and I have talked about it, and we've decided to call our team-

Squika: SQUID PRO!

Squilma glares at Squika.

Squilma: Shut up, Squika!

The receptionist finishes typing.

Receptionist: Okay...Squid Pro is locked in.

Squilma: What?! No, I wanted to name our team The Oceanic Duo!

Receptionist: I apologise, but your team's name cannot be changed. Also, The Oceanic Duo is already taken by another team.

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: At least it can't get any worse...

Receptionist: And here are your new team badges.

Squilma takes her badge and examines it. She panics.

Squilma: A C- rank in every event? But...I'm a B- in every event!

Receptionist: I apologise, but your ranks were reset when you formed your team.


To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 3: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Squigley, Squilma and Squika sit at a table in Inkopolis Square. Squilma is moping.

Squilma: This is all your fault...

Squigley: M-Me? What did I do?

Squilma points at Squika with a scowl.

Squilma: I was talking to HIM!

Squika is delighted.

Squika: What can I say except "You're welcome"?

Squilma: Are you KIDDING ME?! It's YOUR FAULT that the team has an extra member, it's YOUR FAULT that the team has a stupid name, and it's YOUR FAULT that I was given the wrong smoothie blend! I mean...carrot and ginger? I HATE GINGER!

Squigley: So do I...

Squigley's thoughts: it's a good thing I can't drink thirsty...

Squika: Oh, wish-wash! I did you an excellent service, my dear Squilma.

Squilma: "Service" implies you helped instead of making things worse!

Squika: didn't even have a team until this afternoon. How could things be worse if they were nonexistent before now?

Squilma's brow flattens.

Squilma: You're one of those stuck-up intellectuals who wears ridiculous-looking glasses, aren't you?

Squika's eyes widen.

Squika: You only realise this NOW? How long have I tried to get to know you, Squilma?

Squilma: Too long...

Squika: Therefore, is it not correct to believe that there is much you do not know about me?

Squilma: I know enough about YOU, Squika. You always hang around Inkopolis Square in squid form, never taking kid form for even a second. Everyone thinks you're a weirdo.

Squika: Well, whilst it is true that I prefer my squid form, I do transform into a kid whenever the need suits.

Squilma: Like during a Turf War?

Squika smiles...or something (it's hard to tell with someone whose only notable facial features are his eyes).

Squika: Don't be absurd! Why would I take kid form during a Turf War when I can swim around in my allies' ink to my heart's content?

Squika holds a tentacle behind his head...body...thing.

Of course there IS the downside of my having taken longer to reach Level 10 than most others, not to mention the above-average number of losses for my allies and I...

Squilma sighs and shakes her head.

Squilma: Unbelievable...

Squika: But rest assured that I will prove to be a strong, helpful member of Team Squid Pro!

Squilma: Stop CALLING IT THAT!

Inklinda's voice: Stop calling what what?

Inklinda walks up to the table.

Squilma: Oh, for the love of freshness!

Inklinda: Nice to see you too, Squillie.

Inklinda looks at Squika.

Inklinda: Um...why is the weirdo, like, sitting with you?

Squilma growls.

Squilma: Inklinda, may I introduce the third member of my team, Squika.

Inklinda laughs.

Inklinda: Wow, you're, like, a loser magnet or whatever, aren't you?

Inklinda looks at Squigley.

Inklinda: No offence, Squigley.

Squigley: A lot taken, Inklinda.

Inklinda: M-hm...whatever, honey.

Inklinda looks at Squika and speaks in a loud, stretched-out tone.


Squilma: Why are you talking like that?

Inklinda: Well he can't be very smart if he always stays in squid form, can he?

Squika crosses both tentacles together.

Squika: On the contrary, my dear, I am one of the most intellectual students at Shellendorf University. I have chosen as my thesis subject "Squid Form: A Year in the Life".


Squilma: Whatchoo call me, punk?! Wait...where's Inklein?

Inklinda: Oh, he had, like, something important to do or whatever.

We cut to a view of Inklein standing in a toy shop. He is holding two action figures.

Inklein: Hm...should I buy Squidkid...or Kidsquid...? Which one would Inklinda pick...?

A ghostly image of Inklinda floats into view above Inklein's head.

Inklinda: Are you, like, kidding me? I'd buy both! Superhero action figures are the BEST or whatever! Also, you should ask Wilma out on a date and junk!

Inklein: I will, imaginary Inklinda!

Inklinda: Anyway, I also have better things to do.

Squilma: Okay, enjoy scrubbing your toilet, Frenemone.

Inklinda: Enjoy drinking your Salmonid juice.

Squilma squints her left eye. Inklinda looks at Squika.


Squika: Likewise, my dear Inklinda. We simply must do it again sometime.

Inklinda smiles at Squilma as she gestures to Squika.

Inklinda: Children, amirite? Okay, later!

Inklinda waves as she walks away. Squilma looks at Squika.

Squilma: say you're a student at Shellendorf University?

Squika: Indeed I did, my dear.

Squilma: old are you?

Squika: 14.

Squilma: can a teenager attend such a prestigious school?!

Squika: Well, I was skipped several levels due to my prodigious mind. Plus, it helps to have a scholarship.

Squilma's thoughts: Maybe having Squika around won't be so bad after all...

Squika stretches his tentacle to pick up his cup, but knocks it over instead, causing his drink to spill. Squigley suddenly stands up.

Squigley: My shorts!

A random Inkling walks past. He snickers as he sees Squigley's shorts.

Inkling: Nice one, kid!

The Inkling begins walking away. Squilma stands up and glares at the Inkling.

Squilma: Oh, grow up, Squam!

Squika: Oopsie!

Squilma's thoughts: Some genius HE is...

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 4: Shellendorf Institute: Morning

We see a view of the inside of a museum. Two teams of Inklings are fighting for control of a tower that slowly moves across the building. Squigley, Squilma and Squika's team has pumpkin-coloured tentacles and ink, whereas their opponents' tentacles and ink are turquoise.

Squika's voice: Our first session as a team was Tower Control, in which two teams of Inklings-

The scene freezes in the style of a VHS tape being paused, complete with screen distortion. Squilma pops into view and looks straight ahead.

Squilma: What the fresh are you doing, Squika?

Squika's voice: Well, I decided to use my charming voice to narrate our exploits in our endeavours, and I must say I'm doing an excellent-

Squilma flips out.


Squika's voice: N-No...

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: least you're making a contribution, I guess...

Squika's voice: Splendid! Then if you don't mind...?

Squilma: Okay then...

Squilma slowly walks off the screen. Squika clears his throat. ( squids even HAVE throats?)

Squika's voice: As I was saying-

The scene unfreezes. Squilma is riding the tower, but is splatted by an opponent, her ghost floating back to the start pad.

Squika's voice: -our first Tower Control as a team wasn't going swimmingly. I, however, was swimming quite a bit, and let me tell you: it was refreshing to be ORANGE for a change!

We cut to a view of Squika. He is leaping out of the pumpkin-orange ink like a dolphin.

Squika: La! Lalala! Lalala! La! La! ORANGE! ORANGE! Usually-I' ORAAAAAAAAAANGE!

We cut to a view of Judd, who holds out a turquoise flag.


We cut to a view of Squigley, Squilma, Squika and Squam, who are frustrated. Squigley throws out his arms.

Squigley: Do the Good Guys ALWAYS win?!

Squam: Only when the Bad Guys lose...duh...

Squilma flips out.

Squilma: Shut up, Squam!

Scene 5: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley, Squilma and Squika sit at a table. Squigley is using his phone to check his stats on SplatNet 2.

Squigley: Well, THAT could've went better...

Squika: Oh, squit-squat, Squigley. The important thing is that you had fun, right?

Squigley: Yeah, if you count one of my rivals constantly targeting me and only me, sure...

Squika: See? EVERYONE had a jolly good time!

Squilma: I'll jolly YOU, Inkan Thorpe!

Squika scratches his head with a tentacle.

Squika: Whom?

Squilma: It...was a reference to Australian swimmers...

Inklinda's voice: Oh, breaking the fourth wall, are we?

Inklinda walks up to Squilma.

Squika: Oh, good morning, my dear Inklinda! How fare you on this day?


Squilma sighs.

Squilma: For the love of freshness...

Inklein walks up to the table. In each of his hands is an action figure. Inklein smiles at Squilma.


Squilma: I'd feel better if you didn't treat me like an idiot, idiot!

Inklein: WHAT?

Inklinda: Oh, don't mind him. He listened to some loud music at a concert yesterday and his hearing hasn't, like, recovered or whatever.

Inklein: WHAT?

The scene wipes to a view of an Off the Hook concert.

Ebb & Flow
Off the Hook

Splatune Records





Squilma: Well, why didn't he use his earplugs?

Inklinda: Oh, he always chews them.

Squilma: What?

Inklinda: Yeah, just last week he was telling me his favourite part of concerts is the free gum they give him.

Squilma: Ew.

Inklein: WHAT?

Squilma sighs and gives Inklein a coupon.

Squilma: Here, sweetie. Go buy yourself a Crusty Seanwich.


Inklein walks over to the Crust Bucket.

Inklinda: did your first sesh go?

Squilma:'re actually interested in someone OTHER than yourself?

Inklinda: What, I can't be a selfless narcissist?

Squika: My dear Inklinda, those two concepts cancel each other out.


Squilma: Well, if you must know, we lost.

Inklinda: Oh well, you'll, like, get 'em next time, champ!

Inklinda playfully punches Squilma in the upper arm. Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Okay, is it Opposite Day or something?

Inklinda: Of course not!

Squilma: Then WHY are you being nice to me?!

Inklinda: Well, Crazy Aunt Flow told me to be nicer to everyone, and I don't, like, want a hex on me or whatever.

Squilma shakes her head.

Squilma: I knew it...

Inklinda: Anyway, have a nice day, Squilma! Hugs and kisses!

Inklinda hugs Squilma and kisses both her cheeks. She then waves as she walks away. Squilma appears terrified.

Squilma: That...was scarier than what happened last night...

Squigley looks up from his phone.

Squigley: Wait...what happened last night?

Squika: Yes, do tell, my dear Squilma.

A bead of sweat begins rolling down Squilma's forehead.

Squilma: Well...thing is-

Squigley looks at his phone screen.

Squigley: Oh, neat! Another Ranked Battle session just opened up!

Squika: What? Allow me to observe!

Squigley shows Squika his phone's screen. Squika is delighted.

Squika: Ooh, Arowana Mall! An enjoyable arena, to be sure!

Squigley: Yeah, and we can go shopping afterwards!

Squika: Excellent! It's a date!

Squigley and Squika begin racing toward Deca Tower. Squilma sighs.

Squilma: PRETTY sure they're forgetting something important...

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 6: Arowana Mall: Afternoon

Squigley, Squilma and Squika are participating in Splat Zones, an event in which two teams compete to control specific areas of turf by covering them with their own team's ink. Squigley, Squilma and Squika all have purple ink.

Squika's voice: Our next event was Splat Zones, which proved to be a much more enjoyable event for everyone involved. Squigley was doing particularly well-

As Squigley is inking a zone, he is splatted by an opponent with mustard-orange tentacles and a Brella, with his ghost floating back to the pad.

which is simply marvellous! As for me, I was having fun in my own-

The scene suddenly freezes in a black-and-white projector film style. A greyscaled Squilma pops up into view.

Squilma: Hey, what about me?! Whoa...what happened to the colour...?

Squika's voice: The palette fairy took it all. Now, run along!

Squilma: But you didn't answer my question, Squika!

Squika's voice: Of course I did! I believe my answer was "the palette fairy took it all".

Squilma: But I-

Squika's voice: I'm not proceeding until you leave, Squilma!

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: Fine, but I'm not letting you do any more of these stupid narrations!

Squilma lifts up an arm.

Squilma: Super Squilma...AWAAAAAAAAY!

Squilma suddenly zips into the air, leaving a jet of neon pink ink behind her. The scene recolours itself.

Squika's voice: Oh, THERE'S the colour! Now where was I...? Oh yes!

The scene unfreezes.

Squika's voice: As for me, I was having fun in my own wade.

We hear a little bit of audience laughter in the background. Squika begins leaping out of the ink like a dolphin.

Squika: La lalala lalala la la! I am PURPLE! I am PURPLE! PURPLLLLLLLLLLE!

We cut to a view of the middle of the arena. Squigley, Squilma, Squika and Squam stand facing Lil' Judd.

Squigley: Wait a minute...last time Judd was judging by himself, and this time it's Lil' Judd...

Squika: I, too, am suspicious...

Lil' Judd holds his flag at Squigley's team.


Squika: We won? WE WON!

Squilma: What?! All you did was swim around!

Squika: Well...that proves I won in my own way!

Squilma: How so?

Squika: I had the most fun. Therefore, I have the distinction of winning the grandest victory of all!

Squigley: Hold on...Lil' Judd usually announces the Bad Guys as having won, right?

Squilma: Yeah? So?

Squigley: And we won...which SHOULD make us the Bad Guys, right?

Squilma:'re if Judd is the only judge present, then the Good Guys must win by default...and the opposite must be true for Lil' Judd...

Squam: What?! HAKES! I CALL HAKES!

Squilma: Enough with the puns, Squam!

Squigley: Then...the Bad Guys sometimes win...meaning Squam was right!

Squam holds his fists to his hips and pulls a superhero pose.

Squam: All in a day's work for...SQUAM MAN!

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: Now EVERYONE'S doing a superhero

Scene 7: Squilma's Pad: Evening

Squigley, Squilma and Squika enter the apartment.

Squigley: good to be home...

Squika: I must say, my dear Squilma, that your apartment is quite exquisite indeed.

Squilma: Nobody invited you, Squeirdo!

Squika: So what do the two of you do for fun in the evenings?

Squigley: Well, I usually play some games, watch some TV and write in my journal.

Squika: Ooh, most excellent!

Squilma: And I fight Oc-

Squilma pauses.

Squilma: I...uh...write octaikus.

Squigley: What's an "octaiku"?

Squilma: It's haiku, except instead of writing syllables in strings of 5-7-5, you write them in strings of 8-8-8.

Squika: I'm not familiar with that style of poetry.

Squilma: It's very obscure...

Squika: I am well-versed in EVERY form of poetry. Here, I'll share one of my favourites. It's called "My True Love, the Salmonid".

Squika clears his throat.

"As I stared into his beautiful, bulging eyes-"

Squilma: Okay, that's enough of THAT. Anyway, I have to go

Squigley: Write octaikus?

Squilma: Yeah.

Squika: Why not simply write them in this gorgeous apartment?

Squilma: It's complicated...

Squigley: Why?

Squigley and Squika stare at Squilma.

Squilma: Um...

After a brief pause, Squilma dashes from the apartment.

Squika: Well, that was...odd.

Squigley stares at the door.

Squigley: Yeah...

Squigley's thoughts: This is getting weird...why does she-

A sound resembling a wet fart is heard.

Squika: Oh dear...

Squigley looks at Squika, who is sitting in a large splatter of purple ink.

Squika: It's one of the side-effects of being in a perpetual squid form.

Squigley: Um...ew.
Squigley's Journal - Log 8:
I am getting VERY suspicious about Squilma. I've lived with her for over a week now, and she disappears EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Frankly, it has me more than a little worried...

So Team Squid Pro is getting better. Rainmaker's fun, but tricky. I managed to carry the fish-cannon...thing all the way to the enemy side, but then I was splatted. Oh well, at least the team won! As for Clam Blitz, we're trying that tomorrow. Inklinda promised to join in, and Inklein...well, he played with his toys.

Oh yeah, Inklein has the same model phone as I do! He took me to his "secret spot", which is the deck of a ship called the Manta Maria. We sat there next to the ocean playing a game he told me about. It was heaps of fun, but I get the impression he plays it nonstop. Kid's got skills, roe!

'Til next time!


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Loving it so far! Keep it going Smile

P.s, Squam Man!!! Hahaha

Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

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This is really funny man! Cool


Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

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Squigley Shorts: Makin' it Rain!
AKA "The Rainmaker Mini-Episode"

Scene 1: Squilma's Pad: Morning

Squigley walks out of his bedroom wearing his clothing and shoes. He yawns and stretches his arms.

Squigley: That was an excellent what to do today...?

Squilma enters the apartment.

Squilma: good to be home...

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: You're only getting home NOW?!

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Dude, why are you naked?!

Squigley: Huh?

Squigley feels around his nose and mouth.

Squigley: Oh, whoops.

Squigley dashes back into his room. After a couple of seconds, he walks casually out of his room wearing his mask.

Squigley: Sorry about that, Squilma.

Squilma: It's fine, dude. Just...don't let it happen again.

Squigley: So...what are we doing today?

Squilma rubs her hands together.

Squilma: I'm glad you asked, Squigley. The weather forecast says it's gonna rain!

Squigley groans.

Squigley: Oh, we'll be stuck inside all day?

Squilma: What do you mean?

Squigley: Well, water's lethal to us, right?

Squilma: Yeah...?

Squigley: So isn't it dangerous to be standing outside when water falls from the sky?

Squilma laughs.

Squilma: That's ridiculous! Water doesn't fall from the sky! Now come on, we're going to Deca Tower.

Squilma leaves the apartment. Squigley scratches his head.

Squigley: But...that's what rain is, though...

Scene 2: The Reef: Morning

Judd and Lil' Judd stand on a platform in the centre of The Reef. Squigley, Squilma, Squika and a random Inkling have true blue tentacles, while their opponents have yellow tentacles. Judd holds out his flag, causing Lil' Judd to fall over.


Squigley's team cheers.

Squika: We won the Rainmaker session!

Squigley: Who would've thought carrying a fish cannon to the opponent's side of the arena would be so difficult?

Squilma: Uh...pretty much anyone, Squiggles.

Teammate: Yeah, that thing is heavy...

Squilma: Darn it, whoever-you-are! You're not supposed to have any lines! You're an EXTRA!

Teammate: But-

Squilma: Zip it!

Teammate: But I-

Squilma: Zip it NOW!

The teammate grumbles, before super jumping away.

Squika: I like the cut of his jib! Er...what was his name again?

Squilma: How the fresh should I know?!

Squika: Well, someone's being touchy today, are they not?

Squilma: Whaddaya expect? I held the Rainmaker for TWO FREAKING SECONDS before that so-and-so splatted me!

Squigley: You mean Squam?

We see a view of the other team. Squam waves at Squigley, Squilma and Squika.

Squilma: YES I mean Squam! Why is he even in this episode anyway?

Squigley rubs his tentacles.

Squika: Indeed...was he not supposed to only appear in the previous full-length episode?

Squilma: Maybe this is his chance to get some extra exposure. He IS based on one of the writer's friends, after all, right?

Squika: Too true.

Squigley's thoughts: Wait...did they just break the fourth wall? And does that make this episode canon or not...?

Squika: Oh, he's walking over here! Let's see what fresh things he has to say in his extended cameo!

Squilma: Indeed, my dear Squika!

Squigley's thoughts: Now they're speaking like each other...maybe it's SEMI-canon...?

Squam walks over to the group.

Squilma: Anything to say, Squam?

Squam nods.

Squam: Yeah, I just want to say that I-

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And the cameo continues! Haha. Thanks for the welcome Smile

Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

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Episode 4: Tako Yucky!
AKA "The Agent 3 Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Squigley, Squilma and Squika walk (and slide) away from Deca Tower.

Squilma: Hoo boy, that Turf War was tougher than an overcooked Squid Ring...

Squigley's eyes widen as a bead of sweat slides down the side of his head.

Squigley's thoughts: Wait...Inklings EAT squid?!

Squika: I admit, that could have went more swimmingly.

Squilma snaps at Squika.

Squilma: Nobody likes re-recycled puns, Squika!

Squika appears embarrassed...or something. (It's hard to tell with someone whose...oh, right, "re-recycled puns"...)

Squika: Apologies, my dear Squilma.

Squilma: It's fine. I'll go and secure us a table.

Squilma walks away.

Squika: Did you enjoy yourself, Squigley?

Squigley doesn't respond.

Squika: Um...Squigley?

Squika turns around and sees Squigley staring at Pearl and Marina through a window from a distance. Two Inklings and a Jellyfish stand right near the window. The two Inklings take a selfie with Marina in clear view of their phone's screen. Squika slides next to Squigley.

Squika: What are you doing?

Squigley: Just thinking...

Squika follows Squigley's field of vision, and realises he's staring at Marina.

Squika: About Marina?

Squika's thoughts: Weird...I didn't think Squigley was the type of Inkling who oogles over people of the opposite gender...

Squika: I suppose she IS beautiful...

Squigley: No, it's not that.

Squika: Then...what is it?

Squigley: I don't remember seeing another Inkling who looks like her...

Squika: You think she's an Inkling?

Squigley looks at Squika.

Squigley: Well...yeah. She looks just like us...well, except for her tentacles and the rings around her eyes.

Squika: Oh, my dear Squigley, Marina isn't an Inkling.

Squigley appears puzzled.

Squigley: Then what is she?

Squika: An Octoling.

Squigley: An Octo-

Squigley panics.

Squigley's thoughts: Marina's one of THEM?!

Squigley: I...uh...I just remembered that I...uh...left my pillow plugged into a wall outlet.

Squika: Pardon?

Squigley: I better go and unplug it before it turns inside out. Bye!

Squigley dashes away. Squika shakes his head...body...thing.

Squika: Oh, that Squigley is the weirdest Inkling I've ever had the pleasure of knowing...

Scene 2: Squilma's Pad: Evening

Squigley is writing in his journal.

Squigley's thoughts: -and now I'm even MORE convinced that Squilma's involved with this whole Octarian rumour that was probably started by Inklinda. I'm tellin' you, girl loves spreading rumours, like that one about Squika and the rubber duck. I mean, what is up with that...?

Anyway, 'til next time!


Squigley closes his journal just as Squilma walks in.

Squilma: 'Sup, Seanwich?

Squigley looks at Squilma.

Squilma: Uh...'sup...Shwaffle?

Squilma snickers.

Squilma: So...Squika said you left him in a hurry.

Squigley panics.

Squigley: What?! Who told you that?!

Squilma's brow flattens.

Squilma: Inklinda.

Squigley: But how did she...oh, NOW I get it.

Squilma sighs.

Squilma's thoughts: He's spending WAY too much time with Inklein...

Squilma: Anyway, why did you leave like that?

Squigley: Oh...I have my reasons.

Squilma sits on the couch next to Squigley.

Squilma: Care to share?

Squigley: Well...

Squilma smiles.

Squilma: You can tell me anything.

Squigley: Well...I know about the Octarians.

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Except that!

Squigley: Then they DO exist?!

Squilma: Sure, if you believe Inklinda's crazy rumours!

Squigley: Well, her rumour about Sheldon's secret stash of fishing magazines turned out to be true!

Squilma: Wow, one of her rumours wasn't fabricated. Big freshing deal! Her track record isn't that impressive, you know!

Squigley points to an open book on the coffee table. The page has a large image of Inklinda, and reads: "Inklinda Squatson holds the record for the largest number of started rumours that turned out to be true."

Squilma: Uh...where did you find that...?

Squigley: I need to know now, Squilma. Are the Octarians really a threat?

Squilma: How should I know? Ask a secret agent!

Squigley: Maybe I will!

Squilma: Maybe you should!

Squigley: Okay then, I will!

Squilma: You do that, then!

Squigley: Fine!

Squilma: Fine!

Squigley and Squilma stare at each other, before they begin to laugh.

Squilma: Oh, whatever did I do without you, Squigley?

Squigley: I'm sure you managed.

Squilma: Yeah, I guess I did...well, time to go to my octaiku class.

Squigley: Have fun!

Squilma: Will do!

Squilma leaves the apartment. Squigley looks through the glass door to the balcony. The scene zooms away from Squilma's apartment to a nearby building rooftop. A shadowy silhouette resembling Inklinda spies on Squigley using binoculars.

"Inklinda": Target, like, acquired or whatever...

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: The Shoal: Evening

Chirpy Chips

Splatune Records

We see a view of The Shoal, a popular Inkling hangout. Various arcade cabinets are scattered around the room, and a number of Inklings are dancing to the beat of a popular song.

A yellow banner marked with the words "HAPPY B'DAY SQUAM" is attached to the ceiling. Inklinda and Inklein are dancing to the beat.

Inklein: This party is jammin', Lindie!

Inklinda: Yeah! Chirpy Chips is, like, my favourite band after Squid Squad and Hightide Era! I just have one question, though...

Inklein: Which is?

Inklinda: Who the fresh is Squam?

Inklein: You know, that guy I met at the Off the Hook concert?

Inklinda: Inklein, I wasn't AT the concert, remember? I was busy planning my rumours for that week. That work is, like, TOO important for any concert!

Inklein shakes his head.

Inklein: No, you were definitely there! I remember it clearly: you had lime green tennacles and black clothing!

Inklinda sighs.

Inklinda's thoughts: Patience, knew what you were getting yourself into when you tried to flirt with him...

Squilma and Squika are sitting at the bar. Squika slams his cup to the counter-top.

Squika: Another guava juice, my good sir!

The bartender, a Jellyfish, makes a "bloop" sound, before pouring juice into a cup.

Squilma: It's weird...I haven't seen him all night.

Squika: I know what you mean. You'd think the birthday kid would be present, but-

Squilma: Not Squam! I'm talking about-

Squika: Oh, Squienna?

Squilma's left eye squints.

Squilma: Squika, Squienna is a GIRL!

Squika: Your point being?

Squilma: Well, I clearly said I haven't seen HIM all night!

Squika: Whom?

Squilma's brow flattens.

Squilma: Inklinda.

Squika: But...Inklinda is right over-

Squika closes his eyes.

Squika: You were just "being fresh" with me, weren't you?

Squilma: NOW he gets it...anyway, I meant Squigley. Where IS he?

Squika: I have no idea. The last I saw, he was walking toward The Shoal, before he veered slightly left...

Squika's eyes widen.

Squika's thoughts: Not again...

Scene 4: Inkopolis Square: Evening

Squigley watches Marina from afar.

Squigley's thoughts: So the Octarians have infiltrated Inkopolis...and their chosen one is masquerading as a DJ...

Unbeknownst to Squigley, a Sea Urchin with one gigantic eye is watching him.

Sea Urchin: Suspicious-looking stalker...check! Diligent observer of stalker...check! Now all I need to do is call the authorities...

The Sea Urchin pulls a phone out of his pocket and proceeds to dial a number. Suddenly, an Inkling resembling Inklinda, though with lime green tentacles and some kind of hero outfit, dashes out of the shadows and grabs Squigley's arm.

Squigley: What the-

The Inkling holds her right index finger in front of her mouth.

Inkling: Ssh! Come with me.

Before Squigley can react, the Inkling pulls Squigley into the shadows. The Sea Urchin's eye widens.

Sea Urchin: Wow, that was fast!

Squilma and Squika race up to the window.

Squika: I was certain that he would be here...

Squilma spots the Sea Urchin and approaches him.

Squilma: 'Sup, Murch?

The Sea Urchin smiles.

Murch: Oh, dudette! Your gear need a good scrub?

Squilma: Not right now, thanks.

Murch: Good, 'cause my shop's closed 'til morning.

Squilma: We're looking for an Inkling with green tentacles. Have you seen him?

Murch: Yeah, he was loiterin' outside that window there.

Squilma looks through the window. Pearl is shoving one marshmallow into her mouth after another and attempting to speak as Marina laughs.

Squika: Ah, it appears that Pearl is attempting the Chubby Juddy challenge on live television. A most splendid result!

Pearl suddenly spits out the marshmallows and begins laughing.

Squika: Oh...never mind.

Squilma: Well, where is he now?

Murch: Oh, I called the cops, and he was taken away by some chick who looked like a S.Q.U.A.T. Agent or somesuch.

Squilma: What?! Not good...not good...

Squika: What is it?

Squilma: I...I have to go!

Squilma races away.

Squika: Squilma!'s supposed to be your night off! what will I do?

Murch: You wanna attempt the Chubby Juddy challenge?

Squika smiles...or something.

Squika: I would, but I do not currently possess a mouth...

Squika's thoughts: how am I able to consume juice...? Hm...

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 5: Unknown Location: Night

The Inklinda lookalike leads Squigley through a number of alleyways.

Squigley: Where exactly are you-

"Inklinda": Ssh!

Squigley: But-

"Inklinda": Ssh!

Squigley: But I-

The scene cuts to black.

Scene 6: Apartment: Night

The scene fades back in. Squigley awakens and sits up, before realising he's on a couch.

Squigley: The heck...?

Voice: Good, you're awake.

Squigley sees the Inklinda lookalike and panics.

Squigley: Inklinda?!

"Inklinda": No! Ugh, why does everyone ALWAYS get me confused with that so-and-so?!

Squigley: Sorry.

"Inklinda": It's fine.

Squigley looks around the room.

Squigley: How did I get here?

"Inklinda": I brought you here.

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: Did you squidnap me?!

"Inklinda": Uh..."squidnap" isn't a word, sweetie.

Squigley: Oh...

"Inklinda": It's fine. I understand you might not know a lot about-

The Inklinda lookalike pauses.

"Inklinda": Never mind.

Squigley: Why don't I remember how I got here?

"Inklinda": I knocked you out.

Squigley: You as-salt-ed me?!

"Inklinda": Do you ALWAYS make sea-based puns?

Squigley: Only in the things I write and conversations with other people.

The Inklinda lookalike sighs.

"Inklinda": I should've guessed. In answer to your question, no, I didn't ASSAULT you.

Squigley: Then how-

"Inklinda": It's better if you don't know.

Squigley: Oh...okay then...?

Squigley examines the Inklinda lookalike.

Squigley: You look familiar...are you sure you're not Inklinda?

The Inklinda lookalike sighs.

"Inklinda": No I'm not!

Squigley: Then...who are you?

"Inklinda": Agent 3.

Squigley: "Agent 3"...?

The Inklinda lookalike nods.

Agent 3: That's all you need to know for now.

Squigley: Noted. So...why am I here?

Agent 3: Because you wouldn't stop talking.

Squigley: Oh...sorry about that. Wait...that doesn't exactly answer my question...

Agent 3: I was leading you to a safe place, but you kept blabbering on and on and on and on and on and-

Squigley: Okay, I get the idea!

Agent: Good. Anyway, I rendered you unconscious using..."a special agent", and then I brought you in here until you woke up, at which point I told you to stop talking.

Squigley: That seems like an unnecessarily convoluted way to tell me to shush...

Agent 3: Well, my FIRST plan wasn't working the way I'd hoped.

The scene wipes to a montage sequence of Agent 3 leading Squigley through dark alleyways.

Squigley: Look, I-

Agent 3: Ssh!

Squigley: Can we-

Agent 3: Ssh!

Squigley lets out a fart.

Squigley: Oop, excuse-

Agent 3: Ssh!

The scene wipes back to the present.

Squigley: Oh.

Agent 3: Now if you don't mind...

Squigley: Right. Safe place. Got it.

A sound of clinking keys is heard.

Agent 3: Uh-oh.

Squigley: Uh-oh...?

Agent 3: I...may have brought you to the closest building I could find without bothering to check if people live here.

Squigley: You mean you broke into this apartment?!

The door opens, revealing two Inklings, one male and one female. The Inklings stare at Agent 3 and Squigley.

Agent 3: Uh-


Scene 7: Police Station: Night

Squilma stands at the counter of a police station. An Inkling in a police uniform is taking down notes.

Officer: Uh-huh...and when was the last time you saw your pet?

Squilma: What do you mean "pet"?! Squigley's an Inkling!

The officer raises an eyebrow.

Officer: Are you sure? Squigley sounds more like a name for a pet if you ask me...

Squilma: I'm not kidding around!

Officer: Okay then...when did you last see him?

Squilma: Roughly three hours ago. We were on our way to The Shoal for a birthday party.

The officer raises an eyebrow.

Officer: Isn't that a hangout for teens an' young adults?

Squilma: Well...yeah, it is.

Officer: And you were taking a child there?

Squilma: What?! Squigley's not a child!

Officer: I see...and how old is he?

Squilma: At least 14...probably older, though. I shouldn't tell you this, but he told me in confidence that he thought he was-

Officer: Whoa, whoa, whoa there, bub! We only need to know whether or not he's older than 14.

Squilma: Fair enough. So...can you find him?

Officer: Sure! I just need to finish setting up my action figures...

The officer arranges a collection of Squidkid and Kidsquid action figures on the counter.

Squilma: wouldn't happen to know Inklein, would you...?

Officer: Know him? He's my twin cousin!

Squilma's left eye squints.

Squilma's thoughts: I knew there was an aura of stupidity surrounding this guy...

Squilma: Uh...I'll leave you to do your job...

Squilma walks to the door.

Squilma: He seems a little underqualified...

Squilma's thoughts: ...though "underqualified" may be a HUGE overstatement...

Squilma leaves the station. The officer picks up two figures and begins playing with them.

Officer: "You'll never stop my evil plan to turn the mayor of Inkopolis into a Shwaffle, Squidkid!" "Never underestimate the tide of justice, Kidsquid!" POW! PEW PEW PEW! SPLAT! "NOOOOOOOOOO! My plans are foiled again!"

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 8: Safe Place: Night

Agent 3 leads Squigley to an empty parking lot surrounded by a wire fence. Agent 3 gestures to the fence.

Agent 3: Okay, Squigley. Let's go.

Squigley: How did you know my-

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: Wait...go where?

Agent 3: Why, through the fence, of course.

Squigley: Huh? Oh, I get's a gate, right?

Agent 3: No.

Squigley: Oh...but it DOES open up, right?

Agent 3: No.

Squigley: do we go through it?

Agent 3: Exactly.

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: You've lost me.

Agent 3 sighs.

Agent 3: We need to go THROUGH the fence.

Squigley: What? Inklings can't pass through solid mesh!

Agent 3: Of course they can!

Squigley: What? But...doesn't it hurt?

Agent 3 shakes her head.

Agent 3: Watch me.

Agent 3 pulls a customised Splattershot seemingly from nowhere and splats ink in front of, and through, the fence. She then changes to squid Form, swims through the ink and...jumps straight through the fence.

Squigley: What the fresh?!

Agent 3 changes back to kid form and looks at Squigley.

Agent 3: See? Easy!

Squigley: But...that looks all kinds of painful, and I'm allergic to pain!

Agent 3: Come on, Squigley, you're being ridiculous.

Squigley:'s a solid fence!

Agent 3: Squigley, it's wire mesh. You'll be fine, honest.

Squigley: Well...okay.

Squigley pulls his Splattershot seemingly from nowhere and splatters over Agent 3's ink, though with less precision. Squigley sighs.

Squigley: can do this, Squigley...

Squigley changes to squid form and leaps into his ink. He swims through the ink and jumps through the fence.

Squigley: OW!

Squigley changes back to kid form. Agent 3 is surprised.

Agent 3: You actually felt pain?!

Squigley: Not exactly.

Agent 3's left eye squints.

Agent 3: Then WHY did you say "OW"?

Squigley: It's kind of an auto-response to anything that I think is gonna hurt.

Agent 3 facepalms.

Agent 3's thoughts: You sure picked a winner, Ally...

Squigley: But why didn't it hurt?

Agent 3: Well, our bodies are liquid.

Agent 3's thoughts: THAT should satisfy his curiosity for now...

Squigley: What? Liquid? is that possible?

Agent 3 mutters under her breath.

Agent 3: So much for THAT theory...

Squigley: What?

Agent 3: I said, "Crusty Sean's food is delicious, isn't it?"

Squigley: Yeah, I guess.

Agent 3: Then it's agreed: tomorrow we will have Shwaffles and Seanwiches for lunch.

Squigley:, I have plans.

Agent 3: Well, your plans are cancelled. I have to keep you safe, Squigley.

Squigley: Why?

Agent 3: Don't argue. Now, welcome to your dome away from home...

Squigley: What, you mean this empty carpark?

Squigley looks around, and realises he's standing under a metal dome, with furniture and other conveniences scattered throughout.

Squigley: Oh. Um...neat.

Agent 3: The carpark is merely a decoy, a hologram that disguises this place from interlopers.

Squigley: Neat.

Agent 3: Oh, you'd better believe it! Entirely self-contained, you'll be safe AND want for nothing. There's even a grate that leads straight to Inkopolis Square for when you feel the itch to venture out and explore.

Squigley: Nice...I could get used to this.

Agent 3: Oh, and don't worry. No-one can see inside the dome, so you'll be able to do whatever you like without fear of anyone spotting you.

We cut to a view of the outside of the dome. An Inkling walks past and sees what appears to be Squigley and Agent 3 standing in an empty parking lot. They are talking, but no words can be heard.

Inkling: The fresh is with those peeps? Standing in a deserted parking lot late at night...that's just ASKIN' for trouble...

We cut back to a view of the dome's inside.

Agent 3: Well, I'll let you get comfortable. Sleep tight.

Squigley: Goodnight.

Agent 3 changes to squid form and leaps into Squigley's ink.

Agent 3: Oh...this isn't my ink...

Agent 3 manages to leap through the fence, which is sealed shut behind her.

Squigley: So...I guess I have my own place, then...but who's gonna clean up that mess?

Squigley watches as the ink disappears with a "munch munch" sound.

Squigley: The heck...?

We cut to a view of the outside of the dome. The Inkling is still staring at Squigley. He watches as Squigley sits down in mid-air and removes his mask and shoes. The Inkling dry-heaves.

Inkling: That is DISGUSTING!

The Inkling watches as Squigley picks up an invisible object and apparently turns on an invisible television. Squigley appears to laugh, but no laughter can be heard.

Inkling: Wow...that's the last time I sleepwalk after eating five Shwaffles before bed!

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 9: Safe Place: Morning

Squigley awakens and sits up, before climbing out of bed.

Squigley's thoughts: That bed was so comfy...

Suddenly, a stream of lime green ink squirts across the ground.

Squigley: What the...?

Agent 3 emerges from the ink and changes to kid form.

Agent 3: We have...a slight problem.

Squigley: We do?

Agent 3 sighs.

Agent 3: Apparently, the projection doesn't disguise anyone inside the dome.

Squigley: Um...what?

Agent 3: Anyone could have witnessed you last night.

Squigley: Like?

Agent 3: Well, there's someone standing outside the dome right now.

The scene cuts to the outside of the dome. The same Inkling from before is still staring inside the dome.

Inkling: How could he just...float in midair all night long...?

The Inkling looks around.

Inkling:'s morning already? I gotta get to my ink-lates class!

The Inkling races away.

The scene cuts to the inside of the dome.

Agent 3: We have to go.

Squigley: Understood.

Scene 10: Squilma's Pad: Morning

Squilma and Squika sit on the couch. Squilma is moping.

Squilma: I've looked everywhere...but I don't know where he could be...

Squika: Oh, wish-wash! I'm sure he'll turn up sooner-or-later.

Squilma: What, you think he's just gonna walk through the balcony door?

Squigley, in squid form, suddenly splats onto the door.

Squigley: Ow.

Squigley slowly slides down the door, leaving a smear of green ink across it.

Squilma: Oh, Squigley!

Squigley changes back to kid form and slides open the balcony door, before stepping inside and smiling.

Squigley: 'Sup, team?

Squilma: You're back! Wait...why did you just splat onto the door?

Squigley: Oh, I Super Jumped here.

Squilma: But how?! This apartment's on the 28th floor!

Squigley: Oh...well...

The scene cuts to the rooftop of the nearby building. Agent 3 watches Squigley through her binoculars.

Agent 3: I think the safest place for Squigley is, like, with his friends or whatever.

Agent 3's thoughts: Ugh...even mocking her fills me with a repulsive feeling...

Squilma: So where were you? It's not like you to stay out all night.

Squigley sits on the couch.

Squigley: I'll tell you another time. Right now, I'm kinda-

Squigley suddenly falls asleep, snoring loudly.

Squilma: Let's let him sleep.

Squika: Agreed. For now, why don't we go and participate in a spiffingly-fun Ranked Battle?

Squilma: Sure! There's just one problem...

Squika: Which is?

Squilma: We need Squigley to do it!

Squika rubs his head with a tentacle.

Squika: that case, how about Shwaffles and Seanwiches for lunch?

Squilma: It's a date!

Squilma and Squika leave the apartment. The scene pans to a view of Squigley, before slightly zooming into his face. He begins to sleep talk.

Squigley:, not the Dualies...ANYTHING but the...zzz...

Scene 11: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Squigley's face slowly transitions to a still frame of him sitting in midair, presumably laughing at the invisible television. The shadowy figure watches the screen.

Figure: Wow, he's PERFECT! I totally gotta get him for my secret project!

The figure scratches two large turntables with what look like large, shadowed-out sprigs of wasabi.

Figure: Go and find out what you can, but be subtle. We don't want no loser Squidkids finding out about our master plan!

The scene cuts to a view of three creatures resembling red, octopus-like tentacles, each with googly yellow eyes and thick purplish-pink lips.

Creatures: (At once, boss!)
Squigley's Journal - Log 14:
Wow, what a weird week...woohoo, multi-alliterations for the WIN! So this Agent 3 person is...kind of weird. And mysterious. Not as weird and mysterious as Squika, but...well, let's just say "differently weird and mysterious". Actually, that could just be the cod calling the cuttle slack...yay for more multi-alliterations!

I'd like to know more, but I haven't seen her since the other morning. I'm sure she knows where to find me if I'm needed...which is a little unsettling when you think about it...anyway, I'm eager to try to solve this whole Octarian puzzle. Maybe it has something to do with why I have no memories...

Oh yeah, Squika and I went to the Shellendorf Institute this morning, but this time to see the exhibits rather than splat other Inklings. We both spotted something on the ceiling, but we couldn't work out if it was an exhibit or just a part of the décor.

We soon found out what it was after it fell onto Squika's face. That Shwaffle looked like it was stuck there for weeks,

Anyway, 'til next time!


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