We Learn A Little More About The Most Anticipated Indie JRPG of 2014!

 photo soulsaga_goblintown_concept_zpsfd2f56ae.jpg

Disastercake has released some more artwork and details regarding Soul Saga Episode 1 on their blog and there are some nice new tidbits of information to be had!

First off a new location known as Goblin Village has been confirmed "shown above". A little bit of information regarding the Goblins in the game was also detailed in the blog entry:

"The goblins are clever enough to create and repair their houses, but they lack any sophistication and settle for sloppy patchwork jobs."

 photo soulsaga_goblin_model_draft_zps4b0ad12b.jpg

The Goblin model "shown above" is just temporary and will be improved once an artist can be found to model these rowdy monsters!

 photo soulsaga_mithos_modelsheet_zps295735b1.jpg

Mithos has been completely revamped to look older since Mithos looked far too young to be in his 20's originally. "shown above" While Elise has been redesigned from the ground up to fit her personality. "shown below" Elise will now use gloves in close range combat rather than being a gun weilding character that fights from a distance.

 photo soulsaga_elise_modelsheet_zpsc54f4f0e.jpg

New enemy models have been designed as well and are varied in design, here are the images along with descriptions of the monsters quoted from Disastercake's blog!

 photo soulsaga_cukyu_concept_zps76a18ba3.jpg

The Dodo:

"The Dodos are a beast of burden similar to the bird mounts in the classics we love. Their small pupils give them a lot of personality, making them seem a little more on the unintelligent side, and their bodies have a very cute shape to them."

 photo soulsaga_plant_monster_concept_zps9200ccbb.jpg

Snap Peas:

" This plant is very mobile and likes to capture its prey in it’s vice-like alligator jaws."

 photo soulsaga_torne_concept_zps22f8720a.jpg

The Torne:

"Though they are mammals, the Torne lay eggs in their nests that they keep high in the trees. They can reach these by utilizing their powerful vertical leap abilities. They also tend to slap things with their surprisingly powerful large tails. The locals find the Torne eggs to be delicious."

 photo soulsaga_goblintown_concept_zpsfd2f56ae.jpg

And lastly Disastercake has stated that the game's concept phase should be finished in december so the alpha version of the game shouldn't be too far off! What do you think of the new details? Let us know in our comments below!

Source: Disastercake

Disastercake Updates Their Soul Saga Blog With New Artwork And Details! Rukiafan7
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It may just be me, but the concept art for Goblin Village appears to be very uninspired in it's scale and design. Even the name "Goblin Village" is very unoriginal, and it sounds like something a 1rst grader could devise.
Um...the game sounds really fun. Smile
@Nintenbro this simplicity actually reminds me of the earlier Final Fantasy games from the NES and SNES era which isn't necessarily a bad thing to go for. Disastercake Updates Their Soul Saga Blog With New Artwork And Details! 631737971
I can't wait until the first gameplay trailers are shown Smile
I like the new enemy models they look rather cool. Cool
Will Soul Saga come to Japan or is a NA and Pal exclusive? Look like might be fun game. Smile
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