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A List 90's TV Actor Voices The Game!

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The hard as nails platformer Cloudberry Kingdom that we reported would be headed to the Wii U eshop awhile back is going to be released in North America and Europe on August 1st and will cost $9.99/€9.99!

The game will provide an infinite amount of levels as each stage will be randomly generated every time meaning that each playthrough will be unique! You will also be able to save any level you enjoyed for future gameplay sessions and send them to your friends!

The game will feature more than 10 heroes and you will be able to unlock additional characters, you will be able to create your own hero as well in the game's hero factory. Depending on the hero's size and weight the physics of the character will differ.

There will be many different game modes including multiplayer modes. The first person to beat the game will win $ according to the developer!

A list 90's television star Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), (Andromeda) will provide the voice acting in the game.

Are you pleased with the announced features and the possibility of earning money for being the first to finish the game? Let us know in our comments!

Cloudberry Kingdom Arrives On The Wii U On August 1st Will Star Kevin Sorbo! Rukiafan7
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The game looks so fun! I love you
The game looks like it could be extremely frustrating, but I'll probably get the game anyways.
Heres a fun Fact Kevin Sorbo was the voice of Prometheus in the first Conduit game.

That being said this game would make for some hilarious Gamer Rage videos. No sir i wont be buying this. WiiU gamepads are too expensive to replace.

I do enjoy a difficult platformer. Well, as long as it has responsive controls. Some of the most difficult NES platformers were only as difficult as they were, because the controls were so horribly implemented.

I believe I was informed at NLife that this game might come to the 3DS eventually too. I hope so, because I think this game's certain visual style and gameplay mechanics would be a perfect match for 3D.
This is awesome I can't wait! Very Happy
I absolutely love challenging platformers if this comes to Japan I'll download it day one. Smile
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