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Miiverse to include photo attachment in the near future ? Ga

It has been recently discovered that one of Nintendo's team have posted a Miiverse post that, while saying who was with him on the trip to LA, also included a photo taken form a camera attached along with it, along with a confirmation that mentions that this feature is still in it's testing phases.

What does this mean for the future of Miiverse ? it seems that Nintendo wants to take Miiverse go beyond from being a simple "twitter for gamers" to a whole new social media site... or it could be just another neat feature that will be put in the list of neat features that Miiverse can do.

But what do you guys think ? would you love a feature like this for Miiverse ? or you don't see the point in it ?

Source: GoNintendo

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It would be a nice new feature for sure! Wink
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