Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive of Activision Publishing has told Industry Gamers that he believes the controversial second Circle Pad attachment for the Nintendo 3DS is a good idea claiming that it opens up the platform to different styles of games.

“Your thinking is very similar to mine. It does make the hardware more relevant and compatible to the style of games we make,” Hirshberg responded. “I don’t have anything to announce in relation to that, but I think it was a great move and it opens up that platform to more styles of games.”

Source: My nintendo news

Activision: Circle Pad attachment for the 3DS a good idea Kero_s10
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Uhhhh....crikey your article title makes no sense mate Laughing
What does this have to do with Halliburton and British Petroleum Surprised
It looks neat,but it looks so big,so how in the world will we be able to play our 3DS's without setting it on a table or something while the add on accessory is hooked to the system Question
@ #1 and #2 wait what!?
what did I miss Laughing
Does anyone know what this article was originally called Surprised
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