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Review: Asdivine Hearts II (PS4 PSN) Hqdefa10

developed by Exe Create Inc. and published by KEMCO, Asdivine Hearts II is a direct sequel to the original Asdivine Hearts that takes place a couple of years after the events of the first game and is every bit as enjoyable! Continue reading our review to find out why we think this is on par with KEMCO's best release on home consoles to date!

Review: Asdivine Hearts II (PS4 PSN) Asdivi10

The story in Asdivine Hearts II is quite hilarious at times, but can take itself seriously when necessary as well. The character development is top-notch especially if you count how the characters grow and change across both games in the series. The gameplay is more-or-less the same, although there are some pretty good tweaks that have been made to the game.

The added buddy system is the biggests change and adds more depth to the battles. These buddies aid you in battle and act as support units, boosting power, healing you, etc. The gem system also returns from the first game and it allows you to gain use of spells, boost stats, and add effects to your weapons and defense. Overall it's mostly unchanged, however it feels a bit less important this time around which is somewhat disappointing.

Review: Asdivine Hearts II (PS4 PSN) Asdivi11

Asdivine Hearts II, much like its predecessor is split between multiple worlds, however the worlds are actually MUCH more expansive this time around! The game is also quite a bit longer than most KEMCO published JRPG's clocking in at over 50 hours in length so don't expect to beat the game in a few days time!

The audio-visual presentation is fantastic. It still has a decidedly retro feel to it, but there are much more unique assets and the character models and cutscenes are more detailed. The soundtrack is also quite catchy and fits the game perfectly! Overall the audio-visual presentation is most certainly really good!

Review: Asdivine Hearts II (PS4 PSN) Asdvii10

Bottom-Line: With great gameplay, a superb story, and a great retro-style audio-visual presentation, Asdivine Hearts II is an amazing budget JRPG that will knock your socks off! And the impressive amount of content will keep you coming back for more! And lastly the game is also PSTV compatible which is always a good thing in our opinions! Overeall we give Asdivine Hearts II for the PS4 and Vita a nearly perfect level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★★¾ 9.75/10



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Review: Asdivine Hearts II (PS4 PSN) Rukiafan7
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Sounds great however I’m probably gonna pass since I have too many RPGs on Switch with plenty more a commen (Especially in April)
Our review is now officially live. Enjoy! Wink
Aqua Cherry Blossom
I just finished this and was surprised by how good it was lol. Smile
How did @KokorOtaku leave a comment before the article was published? Surprised

Nice review as always. =)
Good review.
on February 16th 2019, 10:51 pmKain
@Digidestined because he's an admin. @Towafan7 nice review man!
Awesome review rukks!
Awesome review @Rukiafan Exclamation
Thanks for the comments! You guys rock! king
Kenshin A-Go-Go
Good review Towa!
Such nice review. Smile
@Kenshin A-Go-Go @ShanaNoShakugan As always thank you kindly for commenting on my review! Wink
What a nicely written review! ^-^
Nice review @Towafan7!
@Anime_Gurl @Neptune Thanks for the comments you guys! king
I like JRPGs that don't take themselves too seriously. Those are perhaps some of the most enjoyable of the entire genre.

Also, this made me lol!: "Totally Twobular!"
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