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  • 20171209
    Review: Cat Quest (PS4 PSN)
    Cat Quest review for PlayStation 4


    The game begins with you and your sister on a nice little boat ride at sea until this masked villain comes along steals your sister, teleports her to some unknown location, and when you try to reach out to her the masked villain blows up your ship and leaves you for dead.  A strange symbol then appears on the back of your head as you drift unconsciously at sea....
  • 20180312
    Little Adventure on the Prairie


    There is none.


    He's happy he can just beat up monsters all day.

    The gameplay here is barebones. You play as a little boy with a sword that's always smirking no matter what.  The main objective is to beat up all the monsters in the stage to progress onwards...
  • 20180312
    Midnight Deluxe Review for PlayStation 4
    Midnight Deluxe


    Simple. There is none!


    This is a puzzle game with very simplistic gameplay. The main objective is to make the small glowing dice into the light.  In this game, there are some traps and borders that if your dice reaches it will disappear causing the player to lose and restart the stage over. In this title, you have an unlimited amount of tries to complete a stage. Some stages are easy...
  • 20180102
    One More Dungeon Review for PlayStation 4
    One More Dungeon


    The story takes a huge back seat here. There is no Story!


    This an indie first-person rogue like game developed by Staley Snail.  You play as a nameless adventurer who starts in a randomly generated dungeon filled with traps, dangerous animals/monsters, blockages and secret doors.  This game is insanely hard! You start off with two weapons each time, a  dagger which is actually a butterknife and a magic staff of either fire, ice, or wind. The element of your weapon is always random when you start.
  • 20171105
    Review: Rabi-Ribi (PS4)
    Rabi Ribi


    The game story begins with Erina who wakes up in a cardboard box in a dark building. She realizes that something is wrong with her physical and looks nearby for a mirror. Her body has transformed from a cute bunny to a human girl and dresses like a casino bunny girl.  Erin then decides the best course of action is to find her master to answer her questions. On her...
  • 20180106
    Review: Romancing Saga 2 (PS4 PSN)
    Romancing Saga 2


    The whole story begins with the Legend of the Seven Heroes being told. The game begins with SaGa's mysterious bard singing about how Avalon first started with your character having a drink at the bar. The game will then switch to King Leon era which takes place in an expedition with his most trusted soldiers and youngest son Gerald The Kind to purge the monsters near the kingdom and seal it so no evil will threaten the kingdom. As the story continues...
  • 20180312
    Time Recoil Review for PlayStation 4


    The story of this game is really good. I mean good enough to appear on ABC station or probably showtime. This game reloves around time travel, it all begins in the year 1973 a lead scientist named Alexa who's is working on her latest experiment #42   which involves time travel. The experiment goes wrong and explodes around her.  Somehow Alexa survives the failed experiment.

    When her boss Mr. Time finds...

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