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Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on July 5th 2017, 12:22 am
Hi all, and welcome to The Silver Dragon Blade, the second chapter of Zed's origin story. Picking up where The Water Pendulum left off, we find our young protagonist in the world of Metaligon, where a quicksilver drachomus named Crynock takes him in and helps him adjust to his new life. New webisodes are uploaded every now and then, so be sure to follow this thread for each new part. Anyway, without further ado, I present The Silver Dragon Blade!
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 1:
Scene: Crynock's House: Soranius City: Morning
It happened over three decades ago...they began to sprout, mere seedlings within the vast naturescape...yet now they are still seedlings...for one prevents the rest from blossoming...denying the birthright given to them...

The dragon-like being practices his sword techniques in his front yard. After a moment, he stops, closes his eyes and slides his sword into its sheath.

Drachomus: Ah, you have awakened.

The scene pans to the left, revealing Zander, who is walking towards the drachomus.

Zander: How did you know?!

The drachomus opens his eyes and spins to face Zander, a smile on his face.

Drachomus: When trained in the art of the sword, one must always remain alert.

Zander: That makes sense.

Drachomus: Indeed.

The drachomus tilts his head slightly.

Drachomus: Have your memories returned?

Zander: No, which DOESN'T make sense!

Drachomus: Hm...

Zander: What is it?

Drachomus: Zed, are you familiar with the art of the spellsword?

Zander: Not really. Why do you ask?

Drachomus: It is said that one with a strong connection to magic is able to harness it in many ways. One such way is by using a blade as a conduit for one's own potential.

Zander: Whoa...

Drachomus: I myself am a spellsword.

Zander: Really?!

Drachomus: Indeed. Observe...

The drachomus draws his sword and looks ahead. He leaps into the air and spins while swinging his blade, which releases a frosty blue arc of cold.

Zander: That's amazing! I had no idea magic existed!

Voice: Well, that's not surprising, is it? Haha!

A heavily-armoured gold drachomus woman and a male gnome with bright purplish-pink hair walk up to Crynock.

Drachomus: Ah, yes. Zed, this is Ocre, one of the finest marshals from the Nation of Akanius.

The woman appears chuffed.

Ocre: Oh, stop it, Crynock...but you're right.

Gnome: And I'm...uh...

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: I expect Zed to not remember his name, Furb, but you should know yours!

The gnome becomes agitated.

Furb: And what's that supposed to mean?!

Ocre: Well, you ARE an esper. Figure it out!

Furb: Just because I'm an esper doesn't make me smart. All it means is that I can use psi magic. Hey, imagine if Amy was an esper instead of me. Now, THAT would be a bizarre twist, amirite?

Furb looks around.

Furb: Hey, where is she, anyway?

Crynock: She had to consult with her druidic order about a matter of importance. Something about a "pendulum".

Furb: What?!

Ocre: What's got you worked up, Freaky-niku?

Furb: For the last time, it's YAKIniku!

Zander: Uh...

Crynock: What is it, Zed?

Zander: I'm pretty hungry.

Furb: Then have I got a treat for you, Zed! Follow me!

Furb begins walking away.

Ocre: You should follow him, Zed. Furb may be a freak, but he sure knows his cuisine! Haha!

Zander: Uh...okay then.

Zander begins to follow Furb. Unbeknownst to him, a figure in a green robe watches as Zander follows Furb.

Figure: Target acquired.

Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on July 5th 2017, 7:15 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 2:
Scene: Shopping District: Soranius City: Afternoon

Zander follows Furb through a busy street.

Furb: Okay, Zed, next I'll take you to this quaint little Pikunian place that serves THE best-

Zander lets out an enormous burp.

Zander: Oop...sorry about that.

Furb: Hey, no need to apologise, Zander. Belches are the language of someone who's enjoying their food! Now as I was saying, this Pikunian bakery-

Zander: I don't know if I can fit in any more food...

Furb: What?! But...your metabolism's supposed to be-

Zander stares at Furb.

Furb: Oh, right. You're not like me, are you? You're

Zander: Human?

Furb: Yeah, I guess.

Zander: What else could I be?

Furb: Well, the way I see it-


The green-robed woman stands behind Furb.

Furb (whisper): There's a woman in a green robe standing behind me, isn't there...?

Zander nods. Furb slowly turns to face the woman, a huge grin on his face.

Furb: Amanda! What...uh...what are YOU doing here? Heheheh...

The woman pulls down her hood. Her face is identical to Amy's from Mask of Akanius, though her fringe is braided and wraps around to the back of her head.

Amanda: You told me you WOULDN'T take him on a food binge!

Furb: That's right!

Amanda: Then what do you call...this?!

Furb: If you must know, I call it a culinary tour of Metaligon. We were on our way to a Pikunian bakery for cake.

Zander: Cake?!

Amanda: Well at least introduce me, why don't you?

Furb: Huh? Oh, right. Zed, this is Amanda Mitchell, one of the finest druids in the worlds.

Amanda walks up to Zander.

Amanda: Delighted to meet you. Please, call me "Amy".

Zander: Uh...sure.

Amy examines Zander's face.

Amy's thoughts: His is...

Furb: Uh...Amy?

Amy: Yes?

Furb: What are you doing?

Amy: There is something...unusual about Zed.

Furb: I know. His memory is-

Amy takes Zander's hand.

Amy: Come with me.

Amy begins leading Zander away.

Furb: Wait! What am I supposed to do? You expect me to eat an entire chocolate cake by myself?! Well, I AM able to do that, but that's not the point! Oh...can Zander even EAT chocolate cake? I should've asked...

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on July 10th 2017, 5:32 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 3:
Scene: Armoury: Shopping District: Soranius City: Afternoon

Amy brings Zander into an armoury. Weapons and armour of every description line the walls and shelves.

Zander: Whoa...look at this place! It's like something out of-

The scene shifts into Zander's mind.

We see Zander and Tad walking along a busy street.

Zander: Well, THAT was disappointing...

Tad: What was?

Zander: All that effort for nothing. My ears are STILL waterlogged!

Zander wipes the outside of his ear canals with his index fingers' largest knuckles.

Tad: Well, we DID go to another realm...

Zander: That's true. So, where are we headed?

Tad: My local game shop. You ever done fantasy roleplaying, Zander?

Zander: Uh...

Tad: Oh, right. My bad...

Zander: Sounds like fun!

Tad: It doesn't compare to the fantastic realm, but it's a close 2nd!

Zander: Let's do it!

The scene shifts out of Zander's mind.

Zander: I...think I blacked out for a second...

Amy stares at Zander.

Zander: What?

Amy: Uh...nothing. It is nothing. Now, Crynock wishes to train you in the ways of the spellsword.

Zander: He does?

Amy: Oh yes. And he commissioned me to help you choose a focus.

Zander: What kind of focus?

Amy: A longsword.

Zander's eyes widen.

Zander: But...I don't know how to use a sword!

Amy: That's the point of training, Zed...

Zander: Oh, right...

Amy: Anyway, feel free to choose any longsword you like.

Zander: But...where's the shopkeeper?

Amy: Didn't Crynock tell you? Ocre's the owner!

Zander: Really?

Amy: Yes! And she said you may choose any longsword, free of charge.

Zander: That's good, because I don't have a single dollar.

Amy appears puzzled.

Amy: What is a "dollar"?

Zander: A form of currency...I think.

Amy: Well, the main currency of Soranius is the Soran.

Zander: I see...

Zander walks over to the swords.

Zander's thoughts: Any longsword I

Zander notices the shimmer of a blade on a nearby rack. Its hilt is wrapped in what appears to be silver scales, and its sheath is adorned with an image of a dragon breathing electricity.

Zander: Whoa...

Amy: You've spotted one, haven't you?

Zander: I guess so.

Amy: You guess so? Crynock said that you would no doubt find the perfect blade after a mere glance.

Zander: Oh...uh...

Amy: Pick up the one you noticed.

Zander gently takes the sword from the rack. Almost immediately, the mark of the multiverse begins glowing on the back of Zander's right hand with cyan light, causing him to nearly drop the sword.

Zander: What the?!

Amy: Again...?

Zander: Again?! What do you mean "again"?!

Amy: This happened just moments ago.

Zander: WHAT?!

Amy: When you claim you "blacked out".

Zander: Uh...

The mark disappears.

Zander: It's gone!

Amy: Perhaps Crynock knows something about it.

Voice: About what?

Furb is suddenly standing nearby.

Zander: WHOA! Where did you come from?!

Amy: was nothing, Furb.

Furb: Okay then...?

Amy: We were just on our way back to Crynock's house.

Furb: Good, cause I need to pee. Like, REEEEEEEALLY bad.

Amy: Too much information...

Furb: Follow me!

Amy: I do know the wa-

Amy sighs.

Amy's thoughts: Patience, Amanda...

The trio leaves the shop.

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on July 12th 2017, 11:31 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 04:
Scene: Crynock's House: Soranius City: Late Morning

Zander and Amy walk up to Crynock's house.

Zander: Hey...where did Furb go...?

Crynock stands outside his house. Furb dashes past him.

Furb: Gottapeegottapeegottapee!

Furb races past Ocre, who quickly dodges him.

Ocre: Whoa! Where's HE off to in such a hurry?

Crynock: The lavatory, I believe.

Ocre: Ah, say no more.

Crynock: He does have a nervous bladder, you know.

Ocre: No really, shut it.

Crynock: Just last week, he drank litres of lemonade, and then he-

Ocre covers her ears with her hands.


Ocre walks away. Zander and Amy reach Crynock.

Crynock: Ah, Zander and Amanda.

Amy: We have a bit of a situa-

Amy pauses.

Amy: Hey, our names rhyme! How about that?

Amy giggles.

Amy: What were we discussing again...?

Zander: The...icon on my hand?

Crynock: Icon?

Zander: Yeah! An icon...pictograph...some kind of mark, anyway.

Crynock looks at Zander's hands.

Crynock: All I see is-

Suddenly, the mark begins glowing on the back of Zander's hand with cyan light.

Crynock: Oh...

Zander: I know, it's weird.

The mark disappears.

Zander: It first appeared when I blacked out in Ocre's shop, and then again when I tulit gladium.

Crynock: Pardon?

Zander: I said it first appeared when I-

Crynock: No, the second part.

Zander: Huh? Oh, when I picked up my sword.

Crynock: Hm...I see.

Zander: Is it significant?

Crynock: Possibly. Now, I detect a strong magical force around you, Zed.

Zander: You do?

Crynock: Indeed. I think, with months of training, you could become a most skilled spellsword.

Zander: Okay, what do I do?

Crynock: Watch me as I do a simple technique.

Crynock closes his eyes.

Crynock: "Pyxel, Spirit of the Fae, answer my request..."

Crynock opens his eyes.

Crynock: "...prestidigitation!"

Crynock points his sword at Amy. Almost immediately, her hair turns blue.

Zander: Whoa...

Amy: What...?

Zander: Y-Your hair is blue!

Amy: WHAT?!

Crynock: Relax, Amy, the prestidigitation cantrip wears off after a couple of hours.

Amy: It better!

Crynock: Now you try it, Zed.

Zander: Uh...right.

Zander draws his sword from its sheath, which is next to his left thigh.

Zander: I go...

Zander closes his eyes. His voice becomes distorted.

Zander: "Axis...World in a Bubble..."

Amy: that supposed to happen...?

The mark begins to glow on the back of Zander's right hand.

Zander: "...grant me a glimpse of my true self..."

Crynock: No...this is-

Zander opens his eyes, which glow with cyan light.

Zander: "Puer de Chromaicora!"

Suddenly, a beacon of cyan light emerges from Zander's sword, connecting with Crynock's sword. Crynock's eyes begin to glow with cyan light.


Crynock doesn't respond. The beacon begins drawing pulses of multicoloured energy from Crynock's sword.

Amy: Zed, please! STOP!

Zander doesn't respond. We suddenly hear a toilet flushing, followed by Furb walking outside.


We cut to a view of Zander.

Zander: The fruit...seedlings...Penduli...Aqua...

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on July 17th 2017, 8:17 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 05:
Scene: Unknown Location: Morning

We see Zander sleeping in a bed, which is inside a tent. His eyes suddenly open.

Zander: Whoa, that was weird...huh?

Zander looks around.

Zander: I?

Zander emerges from his tent. Ocre, Crynock and Furb sit around a campfire.

Zander: I'm REALLY confused...

Furb: 'Morning, Zed!

Zander: Uh...good morning.

Ocre, Crynock and Furb stare at Zander.

Zander: did we get out here, anyway?

Crynock: We travelled, of course. We left shortly after you passed out.

Zander: Passed out...?

Ocre: You've been unconscious since yesterday afternoon!

Zander: Why does that seem familiar...?

Zander closes his eyes. The scene shifts into his mind.

Zander, in his original mundane realm outfit, and Tad walk through Umbel Plaza.

Tad: We really need to organise an outfit that'll help you blend into the fantastic realm, Zander.

Zander: Where's Verdann?

Tad: Oh, he's still at the Umbel Guardian's home, trying to question her as to why she was rude to him.

Zander: Will it work?

Tad: If I know the Umbel Guardian - and I do - she won't tell him ANYTHING.

Zander: Fair enough.

Zander looks at Tad.

Zander: Thanks for looking after me, Tad.

Tad: Hey, don't mention it. You're trapped in an unfamiliar place with no way home, so it's only natural that I-

Tad facepalms.

Tad: Sorry, my mouth doesn't really have a thought blocker. I usually just blurt out whatever pops into my head, no matter how potentially-insensitive it may be...

Zander: It's fine. I think I'm the same way...well, a little bit.

Tad: But fourteen hours must be a new record.

The scene zooms out of Zander's mind. Zander opens his eyes.

Furb: -and so I said to him, "I don't CARE if you hate yummy food, because I don't CARE for you!"

Ocre: Furb, you've told me this story, like, a THOUSAND times...

Furb: Oh, don't exaggerate, Ocre! It's only been 297. Three more times and I get a free dumpling!

Ocre: Of course you do...

Zander: long was I unconscious?

Crynock: Precisely seventeen hours, Zed.

Zander: Wow, that long?!

Ocre: That's what the man said, Zed! HAHA!

Zander scratches the back of his head.

Zander: Weird...I wonder if I've been unconscious for hours at a time before...

Crynock: Well then, Zed, shall we practice your sword skills?

Zander: After what happened yesterday?

Crynock: Of course! I want to measure your basic skills.

Zander: Well, okay then...

Zander and Crynock stand facing each other, their swords drawn.

Crynock: Now, try to cast prestidigitation, like you did yesterday.

Zander: Okay, here I go...

Zander closes his eyes.

Zander: Pyxel, Spirit of the Fae, answer my request...

Zander opens his eyes and points his sword at Furb.

Zander: Prestidigitation!

Nothing happens.

Zander: Oh...

Crynock: That's fine. Not everyone gets it right on the first attempt. Now, try again.

Zander: Okay...

Zander closes his eyes.

Zander: Pyxel, Spirit of the Fae, answer my request...

Zander opens his eyes and points his sword at Furb.

Zander: Prestidigitation!

Nothing happens.

Zander: What?!

Ocre: Wow...uh...

Crynock: I was certain that you'd be a natural, Zander...

Tears begin to well in Zander's eyes.

Zander: First I lose my past...then I start having mini-blackouts while this weird mark glows on my hand...and now I apparently can't use magic, even though I'm supposed to have a strong connection with it?!

Voice: Try again...without the command request...

Zander: Huh...?

Zander looks around. He then points his sword at Furb.

Zander: "Prestidigitation!"

Almost immediately, Furb's hair turns orange.

Ocre: What the...?

Crynock: Remarkable...

Furb: What? What?

Zander: I-I...did it! I DID IT!

Furb: Did what?

Ocre: Look into the mirror in my tent.

Furb: Oh, okay then.

Furb walks into Ocre's tent.


Furb runs out of the tent and races down a nearby dirt path.


Ocre bursts into laughter.

Ocre: Zed, you are now my favourite human! HAHA!


Zander's thoughts: I can use magic...this is awesome!

Zander beams with delight.

Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on July 19th 2017, 7:31 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 06:
Scene: En Route to Soranius Skyport: Afternoon

Zander, Crynock, Ocre and Furb continue their journey. Ocre stares at Zander.

Ocre's thoughts: Such...unusual attire, even for a human...

Zander: I haven't asked yet...

Crynock: Asked what, Zed?

Zander: Where...exactly are we going?

Furb: To be exact, we are exactly going to the skyport...specifically.

Ocre: Now, now, Furb, there's no need to be condescending.

Furb: Huh? I was just explaining to Zander where we're going. What does "condescending" mean?

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Never mind...

Zed: What's a skyport? Is it the same as an airport?

Furb: Yep!

Crynock: A skyport is a docking area for commercial airships. Many people use them to travel across the world.

Zed: So it IS just like an airport!

Furb: Again, yes.

Ocre: Furb? Do me a favour and stop harrassing Zed.

Furb: Huh? I was just noting that Zander is correct about skyports. What does "harrassing" mean?

Ocre facepalms.

Ocre: I hope someone annoys you as much as you annoy me, Furbendink...

The party reaches a stream.

Crynock: Well, now's a good time to replenish our waterskins.

Zander: Oh...uh...

Ocre: What is it, Zed?

Zander: My waterskin's still nearly full.

Furb: WHAT?!

Zander: Yeah, I'm not really that thirsty.

Ocre: Okay, that's...weird.

Crynock: Perhaps Zed simply doesn't need to drink as much as the rest of us.

Furb: No, that's not it.

Ocre becomes puzzled.

Ocre: And just how do you know that, Furbendink?

Furb: Have you SEEN how much cold tea he drinks?! I feel as though he's retaining water, which might explain his belly-bulge...

Crynock: Furb! Don't be rude!

Furb: Huh? I was just mentioning that Zander drinks a lot of tea. What does "rude" mean?

Ocre's jaw drops as she suppresses a scream.

Zander: Well, actually, my belly's just a little chubby is all.

Crynock: Hm...well, you may need to train extra hard, then, Zed.

Zander: I suppose you're right. Still, I wonder if-

Suddenly, the Water Pendulum appears before Zander. The azure-coloured orb on the right is currently the largest. A tiny white glowing orb emerges from the azure-coloured orb and goes into the cyan-coloured one, which causes the aqua orb to shrink and the cyan one to grow.

Crynock: What the...?

Ocre: What the...?

Ocre looks at Furb, whose face is expressionless.

Ocre: Uh...Furb? You're supposed to be surprised!

Furb: I am?

Ocre collapses to the ground in a comical fashion. Zander suddenly begins to dance.

Furb: Oh, you seem happy, Zander!

Zander: I HAVE TO PEE!

Zander races into the trees.

Furb: Well...uh...too much information, right, Ocre?

Ocre's voice: Just...shut up, Furb...

The party sits on rocks waiting for Zander to return.

Ocre: Zed's still not back yet!

Crynock: It's only been three minutes, Ocre.

Furb: Yeah, Ocre! Give the kid some privacy, why don't you?

Ocre: You little-

Zander's voice: All finished!

Crynock, Ocre and Furb's eyes widen.

Crynock: What...

Ocre: ...the...

Furb: ...ONIGIRI!

A big smile appears on Furb's face.

Zander's voice: What?

We cut to a view of Zander, who has lost his belly-bulge.

Crynock: Then the bulge...

Ocre: ...actually WAS water?!

Furb: Well, it's just a theory, but I theorise that those glowing orbs caused the built-up energy within Zander to be released, thus shrinking him to an appropriate size.

Zander pulls his pants further up his waist.

Zander: Sorry, my clothes are a little loose now.

Crynock: Well, we can fix that when we arrive at the skyport.

Furb: YAY! Skyport shopping!

Ocre: But Furb, the skyport boutiques are expensive!

Furb: Well, I AM from a wealthy family, so I can pay for Zed's new clothes!

Crynock: Well, we should arrive within the hour.

Zander: Awesome! Let's go, then!

The party continues onward. Zander pulls up his pants again.

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on July 24th 2017, 8:18 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 07:
Scene: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Ceruleus and Crimsona are standing in the room of rainbow energy, and are speaking to one another.

Ceruleus: I have detected the Penduli Aqua in the Soranian Highlands of-

Ceruleus is interrupted as Erik approaches.

Crimsona: Ah, Hippocamp.

Erik: You wished to see me?

Crimsona: Indeed, Icon.

Ceruleus: We have found your protégé.

Erik: You have?! Where?!

Ceruleus' eyes flash once with cyan light. Erik appears surprised.

Erik: But...why is he there...?

Ceruleus: It appears that he was accidentally transported there after some people of Terra Neos' mundane realm unknowingly intervened.

Erik becomes determined.

Erik: Who are they?! I must remove their memories! I must...protect Zander!

Crimsona: Do not fret, Hippocamp, for they have no memory of him.

Erik: But...that means-

Ceruleus: Indeed. Everyone who is not like us has forgotten him.

Erik: No...he had...another false awakening?

Ceruleus: Indeed.

Erik: So that's how he ended up there...

Crimsona: There is yet more to tell.

Erik: Oh?

Ceruleus: Our contacts within the inner ring detected a transport beacon on Terra Neos shortly after your protégé was sent to Soranius.

Erik: What was the origin point of the beacon...?

Crimsona: We cannot yet confirm with precision, but...

Ceruleus: It is possible it was created within the universe of-

Erik: No.

Crimsona: ...Hippocamp?

Erik: I couldn't bear the thought of...

Ceruleus: As we said, we cannot accurately confirm.

Erik: But if one DID manage to escape?

Ceruleus and Crimsona look at one another, then back at Erik.

Ceruleus: Then we will rescue them. You have our word.

Erik sighs.

Erik: Many thanks to you both. Now, I must be going. Good day to you both.

Erik bows, then walks out of the room. After a brief pause, Ceruleus speaks.

Ceruleus: The Penduli Aqua...

Crimsona: ...and the Ignis Penduli.

Ceruleus: Soon, they will awaken...the seedlings...

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on August 24th 2017, 1:24 am
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 08:
Scene 1: Airship: Skies over Soranius: Morning

Zander stands on the deck of a large airship; he is wearing a new outfit, which includes a cyan neckerchief. Crynock approaches him.

Crynock: You're up early, Zed.

Zander: Oh!

Zander turns to face Crynock.

Zander: Good morning.

Crynock: Why are you on deck by yourself?

Zander: I...had another dream.

Furb's voice: Really?

Furb is suddenly standing there.

Zander: AAH! Oh, it's you, Furb.

Crynock: What was your dream, Zed?

Furb: Yeah, Zander! Tell us!


A loud "ding-dong" sounds out across the deck.

Voice: Now approaching Highlands Skyport. Passengers switching to flights to Akanius City must disembark here.

Crynock: Hold that thought until we land.

Zander: O-Okay then...

Scene 2: Highlands Skyport: Soranius: Morning

Zander, Crynock, Ocre and Furb wander through the skyport. Zander is amazed by the various boutiques.

Zander: Wow, this place is amazing! Ooh, Drake's Supreme Pies is busy. Is it good?

Ocre: By the plains, yes! Although their chicken pie doesn't compare to the super-secret recipe chicken pie from Gleaming Curie's All-You-Can-Eat! HAHA!

Crynock: Amanda also makes a delicious chicken pie.

Ocre: Yeah...I guess...

Crynock: She gets her ingredients from merchants who specialise in Hitorelmian cuisine.

Zander: Hitorelm...that's where humans originated, right?

Furb: METALIN humans, yes.

Ocre: But Furb, ALL humans are Metalin.

Furb: Huh?

Crynock: Well actually, it seems that Zed may not be from Metaligon at all.

Ocre: he's from another plane?

Crynock: Actually...

Furb: Zander's been having dreams of other worlds.

Ocre: He has?!

Zander: Yeah.

Ocre: Then your old, that explains so much.

Zander: There's more.

Ocre: Oh?

Zander: Remember when you told me that my sword was linked with Crynock's?

Furb: Vaguely...

Zander: What are the chances that I may have taken his spellsword abilities?

Furb: Taken? Unlikely. Replicated? Plausible.

Crynock: What makes you ask that, Zed?

Zander draws his sword, holding it in front of him. He spins on one foot, swinging it with precision that startles Crynock and Ocre, and also releasing a wave of cyan-tinged energy.

Zander: I woke up this morning with knowledge of swordplay.

Ocre: By the plains...

Zander: There's more. I dreamed of someone who apparently is a spellsword as well. And...I'm pretty sure I knew him before I lost my past.

Crynock: Well, do you remember his name?

Zander: All I can recall is that his title is "Horse-Fish".

Furb: What? Like a hippocampus?

Zander: Hippo...campus? Oh yeah! He's also a university lecturer.

Ocre: I don't know, Zed...this all seems strange.

Zander: There's one last thing I dreamt.

Furb: Which is?

Zander: A green carrot with a sprig of pink vegetable growing on top. It had your face, Furb.

Furb: It did?

Zander: Yeah! It said "Far...something".

Furb: Well...uh...yeah, Ocre's right. That IS strange!

Furb's left eye twitches slightly.

Furb: I'm gonna go look for...a drake sandwich.

Furb walks away.

Ocre: What's got HIS pants in a twist?

Crynock: I have no idea...

Zander: Anyway, that's the latest dream-wise.

Zander's thoughts: Apart from that name...what was it again...? "Argent" or something...

Scene 3: Terra: Afternoon

Siren stands behind the counter in the surf and dive shop.

Siren: Typical. Tad works in the morning and gets five customers every hour. I work in the afternoon and only get the delivery guy. I could be diving right about now...

The dark figure walks into the shop and approaches the counter.

Siren: Welcome! How may I help you?

Figure: Where is the Pendulum?

Siren: The what?

Figure: Do not play dumb. The Pendulum. You have seen it.

Siren: Uh...I have no idea what you-

Siren's eyes widen.

Siren's thoughts: This is no ordinary guy...and what's THAT?!

Siren: Uh...

Erik's voice: Ah, Siren. Good morning.

The figure turns around and sees Erik standing there.

Figure: You...

Erik: Is this...person bothering you?

Siren: A little.

Erik: I see...

Erik places his hand on the figure's head and closes his eyes, then exhales through his nose. His eyes open and glow with rainbow light. After a moment, Erik's eyes return to normal, and the figure slinks to the ground, unconscious.

Erik: Now then...

Siren: Uh...

Erik: Oh! He will be fine.

Siren: Yeah, but...

Erik: What is it?

Siren: Look, I get that you're a mysterious guy and all, but...won't that show up on the security footage?

Erik: Twelve Stars, no!

Siren: Good.

Erik: Well then, I must be going.

Erik looks down. His eyes widen.

Erik: Oh dear...

Siren: What is it?

Erik: Uh...would you like to come with me, Siren?

Siren: Yeah, I suppose so...

Erik: Very well. We will collect Tad and Lissi on the way.

Siren: Hold on a minute! Just what is going on?

Erik: I cannot say.

Siren sighs.

Siren: I figured as much.

Erik's thoughts: I had it for a moment! How could it have escaped so soon?!

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 14th 2017, 9:30 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 09:

Scene 1: Soranius Highlands: Late Afternoon

Zander, Furb, Crynock and Ocre walk across a range of hills. The wind whips through Furb's hair and, for a moment, reveals a tiny bit of azure and orange as it parts.

Furb: So remind us again why we missed our flight to Akanius City, Crynock?

Crynock: We need to figure out what-

Crynock briefly pauses.

Crynock: -I mean "who" Zed is.

Furb: But we already KNOW who Zander is, you big blue dummy!

Crynock: You mean YOU know who he is, Farshot.

Furb: Um...what?

Crynock: I said, "No, we DON'T know who he is, Furbendink."

Furb: No you didn't.

Ocre: Of course he did! Back me up, Zed.

Zander: Yeah, she's right...I think...

Zander scratches his head.

Furb: But I, never mind.

Furb's thoughts: Whew, for a moment I thought...

Crynock: Here we are.

The party stops outside a large temple atop a hill. Its walls are comprised of faded cyan-coloured bricks. The entrance is marked with the same symbol as the one that periodically glows on Zander's hand.

Furb: Wait...why is Zander's hand-symbol on the door?

Crynock: You know full well, Farshot.

Furb: Excuse me?

Ocre: He said, "I have no idea, Furbendink". Uh...right?

Crynock: That is correct.

Ocre: See?

Furb: Huh...oh well, how do we get inside?

Zander: Maybe if I touch the symbol...?

Ocre: Why do you say that, Zed?

Zander: Because the icon is glowing on my hand again.

Everyone looks at Zander's right hand. The mark glows brightly on it.

Crynock: Okay then, Zed. Try opening the doorway.

Zander: Uh...right.

Zander approaches the door. He slowly stretches his right hand to the symbol. As Zander's fingertips make contact, the symbol begins to glow with cyan light, as do his eyes.

Ocre: Is it working...?

Both halves of the door open inward. The symbol, as well as Zander's eyes and mark, stop glowing. Zander stares into the temple.

Zander: Whoa...

Furb: You did it, Zander!

Ocre: Okay, I've had enough!

Crynock: Whatever do you mean, Ocre?

Ocre: You haven't noticed, Crynock?

Crynock: Noticed what?

Ocre: We've been calling our new friend Zed because he can't remember his name, right?

Crynock: That's correct.

Ocre: Well, FURBENDINK has been referring to him as "Zander" this whole time!

Furb: I...I-

Ocre: Tell us, Furb! Why have you been calling him Zander?

Zander: Because that's my name.

Crynock and Ocre look at Zander, who stares into the temple.

Crynock: You remember your name?

Zander: Yeah...just then, when I opened the door.

Furb: At last, some progress! Way to go, buddy!

Ocre: But how did Furbendink know?

Furb: Uh-

Crynock: Furb IS an esper, Ocre.

Furb: Yeah, what he said!

Ocre: Then why not simply tell us, Furb?

Zander: Furbendink Rashfoot...if that's your name, then...where does "Farshot" come from?

Furb: Far-whuh?

Crynock: Farshot? I've heard that name before, somewhere...

Furb: Don't ask me! I'm just the gnome, after all!

Zander: But Furb, I-

Zander looks at Furb. His eyes widen.

Zander: Uh...

Crynock and Ocre look at Furb. Ocre laughs loudly.

Ocre: I knew it! You dye your hair magenta! HAHA!

Furb: Of course I don't!

Zander: Then...why is your hair green?

Furb: Huh?

We cut to a view of Furb, whose hair has become green. Furb whips out a mirror and looks into it. Both his and Ocre's eyes widen.

Ocre: What are you doing with my mirror, you little-

Furb: HOW COULD THE POTION HAVE WORN OFF ALREADY?! I bet SVEN brewed it, didn't he?! Ooh, that Sven! When I see him at the next family meetup, I'm gonna-

Scene 2: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We see an orange-haired male gnome wandering through a misty forest. We cut to a view of his orange eyes.

Gnome: ears are burning...

We cut to a full-body view of the gnome. His hair appears to be on fire.

Gnome: Wait a minute...AAAAAAAAHH!!

A raincloud suddenly forms over the gnome's head. Rain pours from it, dousing the flame.

Gnome: Stupid Dreamscape...

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 16th 2017, 8:23 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 10:
Scene: Highlands Temple: Unknown Time of Day

Zander, "Furb", Crynock and Ocre venture through a corridor. Crynock leads the way, holding up a lit torch.

"Furb": Wow, this place is amazing...

Ocre: What do you mean? It's a dusty, boring old corridor inside an ancient temple!

"Furb": You seriously can't see the lines of cyan luminescence running along the walls and ceiling?

Crynock: I believe you are imagining it, Furbendink.

Ocre: Or whatever your name is! HAHA!

"Furb": Well, I'm sure that Zander can see it! Right, buddy?

Zander doesn't respond.

"Furb": Uh...Zander?

Zander: Hm?

Zander snaps back to reality.

Zander: Sorry, I kind of spaced out a little...

"Furb": I was asking if you see the bluish lines of light on the walls and ceiling.

Zander: Yeah, I guess so.

Ocre: You guess so? You don't sound sure, Ze- I mean..."Zander".

Crynock: That name will take some adjustment.

Zander: No, I definitely see it. I just get the impression that only certain folks can see it.

Crynock: Well they sound amazing.

Ocre: But why can only you two see them? Is it because you're not drachomi? Because if that's the case...well, I take offense! For both Crynock AND I!

"Furb": No, that's not the reason, Ocre.

Ocre: Then enlighten us, whoever-you-are. Why can only you two see the lights?

"Furb": Because we-

"Furb" pauses.

"Furb": Why do I have to be the one to explain everything?!

Ocre: Because frankly, I'm finding it hard to trust you as of recently.

"Furb": Now Ocre, come on! How long have we known each other?

Crynock: Five days.

"Furb": Five long days of nothing but your best interests at heart!

Ocre: But you've been using a fake alias!

Crynock: And you've magically altered your appearance.

"Furb": Hey! Furbendink and I are IDENTICAL, alright?!

Ocre: Then you're an identity thief!

"Furb": Of COURSE I'm not! Furbendink is-

Crynock: Wait...where is Zander?

The others look around. Zander is nowhere to be seen.

"Furb": Oh no...don't tell me-

Ocre: Don't tell you what, "Farshot"?

"Furb": I...I think

Zander's voice: Hey, Crynock! Over here!

Crynock: Where is "here", Zander?

Zander's voice: Down the corridor!

"Furb": did you get in front of us?!

Zander's voice: No, back the way you came!

"Furb": Oh, right...

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Idiot.

"Furb", Crynock and Ocre reach Zander, who is staring at the wall.

Ocre: Why are you staring at the wall, Zander?

Zander: The's on the wall.

Crynock: I see no image, Zander.

"Furb": I do.

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Of course you do.

"Furb": Go ahead, Zander! Touch it!

Zander: O-Okay then...

Zander touches the wall. Suddenly, the walls of the corridor ripple away, revealing a large chamber with cyan-coloured brick walls and a pedestal in the centre with a large, turquoise-carved dragon atop it.

Zander: Whoa...

Ocre: Wait...why is there a statue of one of the Fifteen in the centre of the room?

Crynock: That is not just any dragon, Ocre. It is my people's patron, Soranius.

"Furb": The Cyan Dragon himself...

Crynock lets out a chuckle.

Crynock: I believe you mean "QUICKSILVER Dragon", Furbendink.

"Furb": Oh, right.

Ocre: Do not call him that, Crynock!

Crynock: What else am I MEANT to call him, Ocre?

Ocre shrugs.

Ocre: I don't know! Apparently his name is Farshot, so...that?

"Furb": Actually, "Farshot" is my surname.

Crynock: Then what is your given name?

"Furb": I'm not supposed to tell Zander my names.

Ocre: Whyever not?

"Furb": I'm not supposed to say why, either.

Crynock: Then is Farshot fine for now?

"Furb": I guess so...

Crynock: Very well, Farshot. Now, Zander-

Crynock looks at Zander, who stands staring at a sealed doorway at the far end of the chamber.

Crynock: Zander? What are you doing?

Zander: That's weird...

Ocre: What's weird?

Zander: This door has a weird symbol on it.

Zander pulls out a notebook bound with teal leather. He opens the cover and places his hand over the first page, which is blank.

Ocre: How long have you had THAT?

Zander: Since the skyport. Fur- I mean "Farshot"...bought it for me.

Crynock: Why?

Farshot: He said he likes to do writing and drawing, so I thought I'd surprise him.

Zander's palm glows with cyan light. We cut to a view that obscures the page. Zander pulls his hand away and closes the book.

Farshot: Alhough that is a VERY unconventional means of doing either thing.

Zander: Well, I figured out my own spell. I call it "Zander's freehand artistry".

Farshot: Catchy! Is it a cantrip?

Zander: Yep!

Farshot: Neat! You HAVE to teach it to m-

Farshot pauses.

Farshot's thoughts: Not again...

Suddenly, the mark begins to glow on the back of Zander's right hand with cyan light.

Zander: feels-

Farshot: ZANDER! You have to keep us in your thoughts! Don't forget!

Zander: Forget what? What an odd request...

Farshot: No, I said DON'T forget!

Zander spins around. His eyes glow with cyan light.

Farshot: NO! ZANDER!

Ocre: What is it? What's happening?!

Crynock: Please, Farshot! Tell us now!

Farshot sighs.

Farshot: I...I can't.

Crynock: What? Why not?!

Farshot: Look, you just have to trust me on this one!

Ocre: You expect us to trust you NOW?!

Farshot: Yes!

The mark appears beneath Zander's feet with cyan light.

Farshot: Oh, not good not good not good-

Farshot's thoughts: I have to stay with him no matter what!

Farshot runs towards Zander.


Farshot doesn't look back.

Farshot: Later, drachomies!

Farshot makes it inside the symbol just as a column of cyan light erupts from the ground around it.

Crynock: What...what is happening?!

Farshot's voice: Ocre! My name! It's-

The column of light recedes into the ground, and the symbol disappears. Crynock and Ocre are dumbfounded.

Ocre: What the...?

Crynock: Are they...?


Ocre is met with nothing but silence.

Ocre: I'm sure he's fine! Sure! Why wouldn't he be? HAHA!

Crynock: Come on. There is nothing else for the two of us here.

Crynock's thoughts: Zander...wherever you are...stay safe, please...

Crynock and Ocre head for the exit. The scene pans to a view of Zander's closed notebook, which rests on the ground next to the still-sealed door.

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