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Nintendo: “Dedicated platforms will not die out” Empty Nintendo: “Dedicated platforms will not die out”

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Written by KingreX32

Nintendo: “Dedicated platforms will not die out” Consoles2_zps7ac2b818

Amid all the rumors that this generation of home video game consoles will be the last, due to stiff competition from the handheld, smartphone markets, and upcoming indie consoles, Nintendo holds out hope for consoles. In a recent investors meeting Nintendo President Satoru Iwata defended dedicated home console stating

"Naturally, our stance is that dedicated gaming platforms will not die out and we are determined to create a future where they will not"

When asked by and investor, What the companies (Nintendo`s) strategy would be for the future of gaming and whether or not Cloud gaming would be a part of that future, Mr. Iwata had this to say.

Nintendo: “Dedicated platforms will not die out” Cloudbody2_zps0f74d7fd

The term "cloud gaming" is one of the words we have lately heard so often, but I would like people to understand that there are certain things that cloud gaming cannot achieve. A cloud is an attempt to process information online on a server, as opposed to doing so on individual machines in the hands of the users. What this implies is, since the time to transmit data over an Internet connection is never negligible, there is always some latency before you receive the result of your input"

While it is true what Iwata is saying; Cloud technology has progressed a lot since its introduction in early 2000s, so much so that latency is no longer an issues. But that isn’t the problem, its consistent internet speed. In some parts of the world the internet speed or bandwidth just isn’t fast enough to accommodate those games. For now is seems that Nintendo isn’t ready to jump on the bandwagon.


The full interview can be read here

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Nintendo: “Dedicated platforms will not die out” Captaincanucksigcopy
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on February 7th 2013, 5:29 pmStaroceancrazy
The day home consoles are gone is the day I'll stop being an avid gamer Twisted Evil
on February 7th 2013, 5:32 pmKingreX32
well, I kinda halfway agree with you.
on February 7th 2013, 5:52 pmKokorOtaku
I hope they don't die out, I'm all for an all handheld system, but it needs buttons as well, no dumbphone, or blehblets
on February 12th 2013, 6:50 amKingreX32
I kinda agree.
I honestly dont think home console will go away. They may evolve into a multimedia device like your common PC nowadays but for them to go away. Even if the Big 3 were to go away someone will come around with a home console even if its cloud based like OUYA or Onlive.

Just look at the crash of 83 for example so many people thought that video games were over and the was no future for them I mean sure Atari or Colecovision didnt recover from that but someone else brought it back and look at it now.
on February 12th 2013, 12:29 pmShounenMania
Movie theatres would disappear before video games do, they are in most cases cheap to develop compared to other forms of media and have many consumers. Nintendo: “Dedicated platforms will not die out” 631737971
Rena Ryuugu Fanboy
on February 12th 2013, 12:50 pmRena Ryuugu Fanboy
No way that game consoles will ever die out, they'll just change as pc's once did.
on February 12th 2013, 1:10 pmAmufungal
Nintendo will live forever! Smile
on February 12th 2013, 2:00 pmKingreX32
it was nintendo that saved the gaming industry in 83 with the NES.
on February 12th 2013, 2:02 pmTowafan7
What an enjoyable feature dude, nice work KingreX32. Wink
on February 12th 2013, 2:09 pmShanaNoShakugan
Feature was fun read. Smile
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