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More Nintendo Hate...

PETA has launched a new campaign against Nintendo, this time it's against Pokemon Black and White 2. This campaign is named PETA's Pokemon Black and Blue and was created to fight against the principal of forcing animals to fight against each-other.
This isn't the first time recently that PETA has created a campaign against a Nintendo game. Last year PETA created an anti-Super Mario Bros. 3D Land campaign because they felt that the game's Tanooki suit promoted the hunting and skinning of the endangered Japanese animal of the same name.

What do you think about these anti-Nintendo campaigns that are being created to protect animal rights?


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Next is Pikmin 3 for making Kamakazis of alien plant creatures
I say Nintendo should sue them, for the unauthorized use of a Nintendo trademark and the likeness of Pikachu. Evil or Very Mad

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These frivolous campaigns PETA keeps creating are becoming annoying. Sad
PETA needs to stop these campaigns Mad
on October 8th 2012, 4:17 pmGeekyGamerZack
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Pokemon aren't even strictly animals anyway. Sure, some may resemble real-world creatures, but now we're apparently being told that boulders, clouds of gas and refrigerators have rights, amongst other things. Pokemon aren't even animals by origin; their origin is (in some parts of canon, at least) decidedly extraterrestrial. I'm the type of guy who can't bear to see animals being mistreated, but Pokemon is just pretend. Neutral

And besides, anybody who knows a lot about Pokemon canon knows that they enjoy battling, seeing it as a test of their skills and purely for fun, not to try and annihilate each other.
the hell is wrong with these people. Goodness.
Just when you think PETA is done with their frivolous campaigns a new one is started.
HarmoKnight wrote:Next is Pikmin 3 for making Kamakazis of alien plant creatures

I wouldn't be too surprised if they actually do that...
Why does PETA keep attacking Nintendo? Sad
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