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A new Nintendo Direct in Japan will broadcast in just a few hours from now at 8:00 pm PDT / 11:00 pm EDT. North American version will broadcast soon after, possible not tonight, and Europe will have to wait until 4:00 am PDT / 7:00 am EST.

Japan Nintendo Direct Update

It's very strange that there is no link to the stream. What's even stranger is that the 6 minute event is already available on YouTube.

North America and Europe 3DS news may or may not be Nintendo Direct after all. I'm so confuse.

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It seems I'm never able to watch Nintendo Direct when they aire. I just hope it will be available to view on the eShop tomorrow. Which is how I usually watch them.


So is it just for the DLC or will we see more?


I can see the video on my Wii! Surprised

@Digidestined Indeed! |D
@SkywardL I don't know what code you used to embed this video, but you should keep doing so to maximise your views. |D

Holy $#!#! it's a giant floating Iwata head with giant hands! Laughing

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