Follow Klonoa and Hewpoe on an adventure to stop Ghadius from turning Phantomile, the land of the dreams, into a world of nightmares !

The story is very traditionally great, it starts out very charming and interesting just like in any good adventure game, but then later on it gets a little darker for a type of game like this, and not to mention that the ending is kind of sad too.

Klonoa plays just like a 2D platformer, the controls are very different from any other platformers I've played, however they're simple to control too, you use klonoa's weapon which is a ring called the "wind bullet" in order to grab enemies so that you can throw them at other enemies or jump on them on mid-air to do a double jump, there's also a "wirlwind" move you can do, but to be honest, I really don't know what it does or what is the purpose of it...

The game is a traditional platformer but with a really interesting design, since it has items which you must open by tossing at it with an enemy, like and egg, or a clock which is a checkpoint, or a creature which multiplies the gems you collect by 2x for a short amount of time, and there are also prisoners which are collectible throughout the game which you can unlock a bonus if you collect them all, and later on in the game it includes platformer-based puzzles in order to progress in the game, the gameplay is very interesting and it is fun to play ! and it also supports any type of controler you have, be it the wii remote sideways, with the nunchuck, with the classic controler or even the gamecube controller !

The game is designed in a 2.5D world and, for the most part, looks really great and colorfull ! even though some areas look a little aged, the game still looks very appropriate for it's type, and you can even sometimes reach items from the enviroment around you like it feels like a 3D game !

Music and Sound
The music, even though it's not memorable, it's really good ! mosts levels have their own music, some of them actually don't represent the level, but it's not that bothersome even though that's what makes it not memorable.

The sounds are cutesy and simple, but appropiate for a game like this, and there's also voice acting in the game ! depending on what language do you speak (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.), I thought that the voice acting was really good, but I can see that some people might not like it since the voice acting sounds cheesy and cutesy like it came from a children's cartoon, BUT ! there's also an option which you can change the language to "Phantomile", which is the original language for klonoa, where the characters grumble and don't speak... however I do like the voice acting better though.

Klonoa is actually a remake from a playstation game called "Klonoa: Door to Phantomile", however I haven't played that one so I can't compare this for the other. So even though the game sounds good, there is a problem with it: it's too short, since the game has only 13 levels (14 if you count the extra level), later on the levels get longer, but not by much if you play games in one sitting, but there are some extras unlocked once you beat the game which are costumes, a time attack, a movie viewer, a character viewer, a mirror mode and an extra level in which you must free all prisoners in the game in order to unlock this level and once you beat the extra level you will get a jukebox, and you can also try to collect all the gems in all levels (good luck with that if you're trying to do that...).

The game is very good and fun for a platformer fan like me, however the game is too short and if you don't like those type games but you like platformers, give this a rent if possible, but if any of this interests you and don't mind short games, then go ahead and buy this, as for me, this game gets...

an 8/10

8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!

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on July 22nd 2011, 7:05 pmFuManchu
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Amazing review if wiiwarewave had a rating I would give it a 5/5
on July 26th 2011, 12:40 pmOtaku
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Awesome game and your review does it justice Very Happy
on September 8th 2011, 12:22 pmAkatsuki
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Pichuman wrote:Awesome game and your review does it justice Very Happy
I know Jnes5's reviews are all awesome Very Happy
on January 31st 2012, 1:38 amMarth
Thanks for linking me to the version I can actually read, Jnes. Razz Looking at the screenshots, I'm reminded how improved the visuals are in this one. I still prefer the gameplay and difficulty of the PS1 original, but this version is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played.
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