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Which colours of Joy-Con would you like to see?

on January 18th 2017, 3:47 am
As soon as the Neon-coloured Joy-Con were unveiled during the Nintendo Switch presentation, I knew that I preferred them to the standard grey ones, and it got me thinking about other possible colours.

The Nintendo 64 had a wide variety of colour options, as did the Game Boy series, so having multiple colour choices of Joy-Con would be a welcome throwback to the decade I first got into gaming. Here are the Joy-Con colours that are confirmed for release so far (my favourites are marked with a *):

-Grey (default)
-Neon Blue*
-Neon Red*
-Neon Yellow*

I'd also like to see these options become available at some point (my favourites are marked with a *):

-Neon Green*
-Neon Purple*
-Neon Pink*
-Neon Orange*
-Neon Indigo*

These are ideas I have for some special edition options (my favourites are marked with a *):

-Diamond Blue* (Pokémon tie-in)
-Pearl Pink (Pokémon tie-in)
-Atomic Purple* (GBC throwback)

Which ideas do you have?
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