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Camouflage And Platforming What Is This Sorcery?!

Thanks to a listing on Nintendo of America's official website we now know that OXiAB Game Studio's latest title Canvaleon is coming to the Wii U eShop in North America on July 23rd for $11.95! Here is the official overview of the game:

Game Overview wrote:Canvaleon is a platform and stealth game in which you will step into the shoes of Canvas, a friendly white chameleon, and help him using your abilities and the environment in order to overcome some really dangerous enemies and threats.

To do so, you will have to use camouflages to blend Canvas with the environment. If your camouflages are similar to the background colors your possibilities to overcome the enemies will increase.

There are two ways to obtain those camouflages: you can buy them at Doodle's shop, or you can paint them using the painting tool. You will have to collect lots of butterflies from every stage to paint or buy those camouflages!

Help Canvas get rid of the enemy threat and successfully overcome more than 30 stages from this great adventure full of dangers and emotions that will make you thrill for sure!

Fun is guaranteed!

What do you think of this upcoming Wii U eShop title? Be sure to let us know in our comments below!


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How did I miss this?
This looks really awesome! Very Happy
This is on my radar, but I'll wait for some reviews to be released before I decide whether or not to get this game. Smile
If this game gets a 7 or better on this website then I will take the plunge! victory
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